If you are interested in computer graphics and Java programming, you may take a look at
the following book, by Leen Ammeraal and Kang Zhang, published by Springer:

You may also be interested in two related programs and a set of data files to display 3D objects.

Some other books by Leen Ammeraal, published by Wiley:

Publisher's webpage

All my books published by Wiley (including older ones), along with foreign translations

My Android app FuncXY to visualize functions of two variables

See also my webpage

My chess programs

App for Android tablet or phone

If you have an Android tablet or smartphone, you may try my app Sudoku Help, available for free at Google Play Store, or have a look at this video.

My sudoku applet

To show the solution of 3D puzzles, I made some animation videos, using Blender:

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