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- A program for altering the Driver line-up in the Papyrus Grand Prix Legends Game -

What does GPLMixDrivers?

Why was it created?

Installation off GPLMixDrivers.exe

Starting the program, there are 2 possibilities:

Dependancy files:

Possible Future Changes




Version 1.0 - Released June 2003


What does GPLMixDrivers?


In the GPL folder there's a Driver.ini file which contain the AI Driver settings along with their startnumbers.

This program creates new starting numbers for the AI drivers, it mixes them up =)


Why was it created?


If you set the number off players to less then 19 for Offline races you will always have the same driver line-up.

This can get a little boring, especially if the number off drivers is low (5-10) So now you will be able to race against a mixed field instead of always Jim Clark etc..


Installation off GPLMixDrivers.exe


  • A. First back-up your driver.ini in your GPL folder if case you have a different one then the basic file
    (you can offcourse copy the original off the CD-Rom back if something is going wrong)

  • B. Copy the programfile in the folder where GPL is installed
    Mine is for example: D:\SIERRA\gpl

  • C. Create a shortcut for the program in the gpl folder (if you use the batchfile option)



Starting the program, there are 2 possibilities:


1. With use off the shortcut:

(just cut the one you created, or make a new one in the gpl folder to your desktop)

Doubleclick it and the driver.ini will be mixed up and saved as a new one.

(pressing to fast will however cause the program to run twice or more simultaneously and creates a runtime error 53!)

You can now fire up GPL and you have a mixed up driver field

2. By means off a batchfile: (i prefer this one, less hassle)

Open notepad and add these lines:

Start D:\SIERRA\gpl\MixDrivers.lnk /w

Start D:\SIERRA\gpl\gpl.exe

Save the file as Gplstart.bat (just an example) and you can make a shortcut off it on your Desktop if you prefer.

* The first line is the link to the shortcut.

The reason i don't start the executable here is that the system will not set the current directory to

the gpl folder. With a shortcut it will.

The "/w" switch is to let the system wait till this programm is finished before starting GPL

(doesn't work on all systems though, if it won't work remove the switch)

* The secondline will fire up GPL

Note: if you have directory names with spaces in it use the quotations otherwise the batchfile won't work i.e. Start "D:\SIERRA\gpl\MixDrivers.lnk" /w & Start "D:\SIERRA\gpl\gpl.exe"

Important: Remember to start the normal shorcut when your in the middle off a Championship otherwise the race results might be added to other drivers totals. This happens due to the fact that the numbers get mixed up and the results off previous races will now be added to another driver.


Dependancy files:


All Vbasic program use .dll files to work properly.

The more simpler programms use the basic .dll's

Which you'll probably already have if you've installed some Vbasic programms earlier.

Here's a list off the .dll files you need to have in the windows\system folder on your drive

to have my program to function properly:







If one off them is missing you need to do a search on the net or your Windows CD-Rom to get them

(just copy them in the C:\Windows\System folder)

The reason i'm not supplying the utility with a setup executable is that

in former program releases people got problems after installing or deinstalling the program.

This was caused by version conflicts in the supplied setup-files and the existing files

on their systems who were related to the updated files.

And i don't wanna be held responsable for those problems ;-)


Possible Future Changes


* None




* None so far.




This program is freeware as long as you use it for non-commercial use. The program may not be distributed on a media (such as a CD-Rom or a diskette) for which money is charged OR on a media distributed with for example a magazine for which money is charged without the author's permission.



This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Use it at your own risk. Always remember to have a backup copy of your game. The writer of this program can not be held responsible for improper use of this program.