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- A program for altering the Records in the Papyrus Grand Prix Legends Game -

  What does GPLRecord?

Why was GPLRecord created?

How does GPLRecord work?

Installation of GPLRecord

Command-line support

Download GPLRecord

Dependancy Files


Version 1.0 - Released Januari 2003

What does GPLRecord?

It is a simple program to overwrite the record.ini files that can be found in your Grand Prix Legends Tracks folder
These record.ini files are used by the Game to display the best laptimes in the Info map of a specific Track. The program requires the file GPLLaptimes.ini produced by GPLReplayanalyzer. Whithout this file (and so whithout GPLRA) you can't use this program.


Why was GPLRecord created?

In the beginning of your driving career the AI is much quicker (normally ;) and tends to overwrite your best laptimes with their records. Thus by entering a specific track it's not possible to see your best laptimes. Other disadvantage is you can't see with which car and which type of race (Race or Practice) the best lap was made. All and all not very useful if your trying to improve your ranking (for GPLRank, Monsters of GPLRank, ChallengeRank etc..)

In occassion of a harddisk crash where GPL needs a fresh install and you still have your replays you can restore your records in the info screens on the track(since GPLRA can create a new file with your records by extracting them out the replays)

When your Playing the game with more players the recordholder on a track will still be the quickest driver e.g. AI,player 1, player 2 etc.. So if someone wants to see only their records now it's possible.


How does GPLRecord work?

At start there are no initial settings to use for the program. This means all the changes you make in the menus should(or can) be saved for future use.

1. Specify where the program can find the GPLLaptimes.ini file (select drive - Folder - and finally the file itself)

2. Specify where the program can find the GPL Track folder (select drive - GPL Folder - GPL Track folder)

3. Specify for which car you want the records to be overwritten

All = not a specific car just the car that is the fastest = normal mode but no AI

specific car = just the records for this specific car (if you didn't set a record for this car the records will not be displayed (reset)

4. Specify where the altered settings should be saved (is for command line support, see below for explanation)
If you specify the C:\ (=root folder) this file will be used on startup and is usefully if your the only one who uses GPL

5. Set the checkbox to Read Only if you want to prevent GPL to overwrite your best laptime
This prevents GPL to alter your best laptime if the AI made a quicker laptime then you did during a game.

Note. When in the game the AI is quicker the Info will change the bestlap time on the screen but not the file itself
If you exit the Race and enter again your record will be the same as before. To update with a new best laptime you have to exit GPL, run the GPLRA for the GPLLaptimes.ini to be created and start this program again.

6. Press the Save button to store the settings. This box will pop-up:

  If you type in a longer name (max 13 Positions) the info of the Racetype and Cartype won't be displayed. The program saves a configuration file called: GPLRecord.grf in the folder you specified.

7. Press the Proces New Records button to change the Record laptimes.

After overwriting the record.ini files your best laptimes will be displayed by GPL like this:

Track Record: 1:25.59
PLayername Racetype Cartype

 PLayername = The name you typed in or which was saved the last time. 
Racetype = T for Training, R for Race and P for Practice.         
  Cartype = Brabham, BRM, Cooper, Eagle, Ferrari, Honda or Lotus.    


Installation of GPLRecord

Unzip all files included in this zipfile to a directory of your choice.
Doubleclick on "setup.exe" to start the program.

Command-line support

This means you can doubleclick on a configuration file produced by the Save button of this program and directly press the Proces New Records button to update the records. Downside is the .grf extention should be linked to this program.
For Windows XP users the normal linking to a file extention might not work(runtime error 52 will be displayed after double click) If this is the case there's a solution: Remove or change the link of GPLRecord. Add a new(or change) link by pressing advanced.Type in the action field:open. Fill the checkboxes: Confirm opening after download & Always show extention.Click on change and fill the checkbox for:use DDE. Now it should work!
if you don't want to implement this read further.

Next to that it is possible to save a shortcut of this program. If you append in the Path the folder where the program can find the configuration file you will be able to make different record processing possible e.g. for every car a different shortcut.

It works like this:
make a shortcut of this program
Select it with the right mouse button and select properties
Select the Tab Shortcut
Set the mousepointer at the end of the line in the section Path and append the folder where the GPLRecord.grf is saved.
So if you saved it in for example in: C:\GPLRecord\Playername\Ferrari then the append should be
C:\GPLRecord\Playername\Ferrari\GPLRecord.grf do not use the " or it will not work

Now it's possible to make a configuration file for all the cars and for different players(select the player in GPLRA for the GPLLaptimes.ini export!)

Possible Future Changes

* None yet


Full setup with dll files removed



This program is freeware as long as you use it for non-commercial use. This program may not be distributed on media (such as a CD-Rom or a diskette) for which money is charged OR on media distributed with for example a magazine for which money is charged without the author's permission.


This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Use it at your own risk. Always remember to have a backup copy of your game. The writer of this program can not be held responsible for improper use of this program.





Windows XP/98

GPLRecord no dll files

Dependancy Files


All Vbasic program use .dll files to work properly.

The more simpler programms use the basic .dll's

Which you'll probably already have if you've installed some Vbasic programms earlier.

Here's a list off the .dll files you need to have in the windows\system folder on your drive

to have my program to function properly:







If one off them is missing you need to do a search on the net or on your Windows CD-Rom to get them

(just copy them in the C:\Windows\System folder)

The reason i'm not supplying the utility with a setup executable is that

in former program releases people got problems after installing or deinstalling the program.

This was caused by version conflicts in the supplied setup-files and the existing files.

And i don't wanna be held responsable for those problems ;-)

Once you used this program it is not possible to overwrite the records to set them to all-time records for multiple players since GPLRA does not provide an export for multiple players. If you remove the record.ini files in all the track folders GPL will write a new record.ini file the next time you race on this track.