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Although the name Griep/Grijp/Gryp/Grip/Gripp has been written throughout the years in different ways, it is in fact one and the same name.
Apart from that, there are quite some names who seems to look similar, or names in which Griep/Grip/Gryp is a part of a sentence. On this page they are listed and discussed.


Greif (Gryphius)


The famous poet Andreas Greif, born in 1616 in Glogau, Silezien, studied law from 1638 to 1643 at Leiden.

He 'Latinized' his name into Gryphius, and became the ancestor of a family by that name.

Grieb (Gribius)


At first look the names Griep and Grieb seem to be related, because they differ only one character. According to linguists however, the origin of both names is quite different. The German word 'Grieb' can be translated as 'crackling' and appears to originate from the Oberhessen region, where was derived from 'Grebe'. The name Grieb was first mentioned in the 14th century at Worms. The names 'Griebe' and 'Griefe' are closely related.
Although their origin is different, it is almost certain that the names 'Griep' and 'Grieb' are sometimes mixed up or garbled.
One members of the Grieb-family, Johan Pieter Grieb, was born about 1595 in the German Palts region. He became a minister and settled at Middelburg in the Netherlands. He 'Latinized' his name into Gribius, and became the ancestor of a family by that name.

Le Griep


Jean Pierre le Griep, born in Beaumont in Normandy, married around 1800 to Maria van Os in the Netherlands. He is the ancestor of a family Le Griep, that since then lived in and around The Hague. The origin of this surname seems to be in France.


Greiffe: 1479; Greiffenklau: 1192, Grieffen: at Plese 1377; Grif: around 1230; at Greifswald in 1320; Grife: in 1394; (zum) Grifen: in 1297, at Speyer in 1308; Grifevoyl: in 1396; le Griep: Beaumont, Normandy; vom Griep: Wulfrath 1686, Heiligenhaus 1686; Griepeadrach: Frankfurt am Oder 1580; (van) Griepekoven: Erkelenz 1642, Beeck in Nordrhein-Westfalia 1666; Griepen: Stolp in Pomerania; Griepenburg: Langholt in Lower Saxonia 1832; Griepenkerl: Uelzen 1538, Littel 1598, Wardenburg 1675, Bremen 1718; Griepentrog: ...; van der Grijp: IJsselmonde 1580; Grijpin(c)k/Griepink: 1657; Gripon/Gripay/Gripoix/Gripier: Normandy; de Grippa: Tiel 1298; Grippe: Acquoy 1330; Gryfe: in 1444; Gryfoyl: in 1391; van Grype en van de Gryepe: in Tiel (Netherlands) around 1300; Gryphiswald: Greifenberg 1277.

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