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Pomeranian Griep's found a familiar place to live in the South of Brazil

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When Brazil became an independent state, in 1824, the new government needed to populate uninhabited regions that were disputed by neighboring countries. Immigration was stimulated, and as a result a lot of settlers from Germany came to the southern states Santa Caterina and Rio Grande do Sul. In some regions a strong German influence can still be found: villages and houses that look like the Heimat old customs that are kept and the speaking of the own language.

In Sao Paulo das Missoes a Griep family is living, that originated from Pomerania. A fifth generation is already being born in Brazil.



  Heinrich August Gottlieb Griep
Emigrated from Pomerania in Germany to Brazil

August Friedrich Wilhelm Griep and his wife Joanna, living in Pomerania, had a son on August 26, 1867: Heinrich August Gottlieb Griep.
Whether he already married in Pomerania or emigrated as a single man is yet not known, but around the turn of the century this son was living in Brazil, in the coastal city of Pelotas in Rio Grande do Sul. He was married to Ulrike Albertina Henke, also from Pomerania.

This couple, Henrique Augusto Gottlieb Griep and Ulrike Albertina Henke, had eight children: Gustavo Henrique Emílio, Alberto Carlos Germano, Frederico Germano Augusto, Ida, Anna, Elsa, Emma and Willy Griep.
Henrique died on July 2, 1920, and his wife Ulrike on July 27, 1953, at Linha Lavina, Sao Paulo das Missoes.

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Willy Griep (1913-1948)

Willy Griep was born on April 2, 1913, in Picada near the coastal city of Pelotas.
He married Berta Lina Scheunemann, also born in Rio Grande do Sul on September 15, 1914. They had 7 children: Blondina, Verno, Nicolina, Alfredo, Arlindo, Adolfo and Rudolfo Griep.
Willy died on February 3, 1948, and his wife on December 17, 1961, both at Linha Lavina, Sao Paulo das Missoes.
There is the following information about their son Alfredo:

  Alfredo Griep (1940-2000)

Alfredo Griep was born on February 11, 1940, at Linha Lavina, Sao Paulo das Missoes, Rio Grande do Sul. He married Maria Schmechel, also born at Linha Lavina on March 28, 1940. They had eight children: Jurací, Marlene, Marli, Melita, Levino, Ernani, Willy and Rosane Griep.Alfredo Griep died on February 11, 2000.




Alfredo his oldest son Jurací Griep wrote that the old Pomeranian dialect is still used in his family:
"I speak Pomeranian with my wife, my mother,
brothers, uncles and other people."
He adds that, because of the similarity of both languages, he is also able to read much of the Dutch version on this webpa

Modelo, Santa Catarina, the town where Jurací works >
 as a vicar in the Evangelical Lutheran Church >


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