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Two Griep families from the Netherlands moved to Holland, Michigan

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  Around the previous turn of the century, several members of the Griep family, originating from Hoedekenskerke in the Dutch province of Zeeland, decided to migrate to America. Most of them, especially those from Yerseke, settled in New Jersey.

There were two families that choose to live in Holland, Michigan. The first one was Jan Griep and his daughter, who left Krabbendijke in 1892. The other one was Nicolaas Griep and his wife, leaving Yerseke in 1910.



In 1666 at
Hoedekenskerke, a coastal village in the province of Zeeland, Jan Adriaenszoon Griep was born. His parents: Adriaen Griep and Neeltje Pauw.
Jan married in 1694 to Cornelia Abrams Verschure. A few weeks later she gave birth to the first of their six children.

Their fourth child, Abram Griep, was born in 1697. In 1727 he married
Johanna de Bats. Johanna was a shopkeeper and Abram a bargeman. They had eight children.

The third son of Abram, Adriaan Griep, born in 1736, married Neeltje Remeijn and had two sons before she died. Adriaan remarried in 1768 to Johanna Wissekerke, they moved to Yerseke and had eight more children.

Their seventh child, Jan Griep (1803-1875), married at Wemeldinge to Adriana Schouwenaar. They also went to live there and they had five children. Jan earned his living as a barge hand.

Geerard Griep (1835-1861) was born at Wemeldinge. He married to Jannetje Karstanje and they had three children.

Adriaan Griep, born at Wemeldinge in 1860, married to Cornelia Duivewaarde. He earned his living as an oyster fisher. They had two daughters and two sons. His oldest son Nicolaas Griep migrated
to America.


Son number four was Cornelis Griep, born in 1737. He married the widow Jacoba Steketee from Borssele. Around 1770 the family moved to
Hansweert. There he operated the regular boat service to Middelburg. In 1793 his 24-year old son Janus died. When in 1797 also his wife died, Cornelis drowned himself in despair.

Abraham Griep
, their oldest son, was born in 1764, and married to Maria Goossen. They had seven children. After the death of his first wife he remarried to Helena Stevense and moved to

His son Marinus Griep, (1800-1875) became bargeman at Waarde. In 1823 he married to Geertruida Blok. They had 11 children.

Abraham Griep (1824-1891) married in 1855 Anna Kommejan of Kruiningen. They both are laborers, living at Waarde until 1883. They had 7 children; one of them, Jan Griep, migrated to America.




  Nicolaas Griep (1884-1973)
Born at Yerseke; migrated to America

Nicolaas Griep (Klaas) was born on January 21, 1884.
He married Catharine Katte and
migrated to America. On April 5, 1910 they arrived with the ship Noordam from Rotterdam at New York and settled in Holland, Michigan, on West 27th Street 121, close to Jan Griep from Krabbendijke. They had four children: Cornelia (1913), Dina (1915), Adrian (1916) and Janet Griep (1919).
Catherine (Katrina) died July 11, 1966 in Holland, Michigan and Nicolaas at Holland, Michigan in 1973. More information about him and his descendants on page:
Nicolaas Griep

Jan Griep (1861-1943)
Labourer at Krabbendijke; migrated to America

Jan Griep was born on October 10, 1861 at Waarde. In 1886 he married at Krabbendijke to Elisabeth Kole. Shortly after they had a daughter (Anna; born on August 25, 1888), his wife died on May 14, 1889.
According to records in Krabbendijke, he
migrated in 1892, together with his daughter Anna Griep, to the US. On March 23, 1902 (how this long time lap can be explained is still unclear) their arrival with the vessel Rijndam is registered at Ellis Island, New York. They settled in Holland, Michigan, on West 27th Street 124.
John Griep, as he was called now, remarried in Michigan to Machlina Haverhock. They had four more children
(see below). John Griep died in 1943 and his wife in 1951.




Adrian Griep (1915-1945)
Died as a soldier in France

Adrian Griep was born in October 11, 1916 in Holland. Michigan. He married and had a daughter: Carolyn. Adrian was a soldier in the "Corps of Engineers", and he took part in the liberation of France.
He was killed in action on January 23, 1945 in the Vosges-region.
More about him on page: Nicolaas Griep

Information provided by
Carolyn Griep-Rogers,
daughter of Adrian, and her son Joel Rogers

Abraham Griep (1905-1980)
Abraham was born in November 1905 as the first son of John Griep. In 1929 he married his wife Gertrude. They lived at Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Abraham died in February 1980 and his wife in 1982.

Janet Griep (1909-1986)
Janet was born in 1909. In 1932 she married George Renaud.
They had a son before her husband died in 1939. Janet died in 1986.

Morris Griep (1912-1976)
Marinus Cornelius Griep (Morris) was born in 1912. He married Beryl Albers and had one child: Maureen (Corky) Burrill. He died in 1976 and his wife in 1997. Corky died in 2006; she is survived by many children and grandchildren in Southern California.

John Griep (1913-1982)
John and his wife Johanna adopted two children:
-- Eileen Laurel Griep
, born June 21, 1947. In 1968 she died as a result of a car/train accident on her way home from college;
-- David Griep
, born October 30, 1949. He graduated from Grand Valley State (undergraduate) and Michigan State Universities (post graduate) and worked for the Department of Social Services of the State of Michigan for 31 years. He had four children:Heather Lynn (1969), Paula Johanna (1972), David John Morris (1976) and Morgan Kay (1980). He and his children remained in the Holland area.

This last information was provided by David Griep. This Griep branch is also researched by two grand-daughters of Abraham Griep: Kathryn Griep and Lynnea Griep and by a grandson of Janet Griep:
Brian Renaud.


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