GRIEP from Posen (Poznan)
Griep descendants from the former German region of Posen, now living in America

  Before WW-I, Posen was a region in the utmost east of Germany. Now Poznan, as it is called in Polish, is a part of Poland. In this area, close to the eastern border in a village called Königstreu, a family by the name Griep has been living. In 1817 Andreas Griep and his wife, inhabitants of Königstreu, had a daughter by the name of (Anna) Susanna Griep.

In 1835 this daughter married a man named Koebernik and their grandson Frederick Kobernik moved to Yakima, Washington State, USA. His daughter Joan Kobernik Hoeft, who made up this page, likes to share her information about this family.





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