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Is it a coincidence that the French region where the surname Grip, also present in Scandinavia, can be found is Normandy, a region that has been conquered by the Vikings in the 9th century?

Coincidence or not, three families of Grip's has been found there in the archives: the notable family Grip, Lords of Savigny, Le Grip from the southwest of Normandy and the more numerous Grip-family, living around Lisieux.




About the Grip family at Valogne, as local rulers inhabiting the 'Manor of Savigny', two pieces of their genealogy has been found:

Jean Grip, son of Pierre Grip, married around 1584 Ysabeau Du Mouchel. Their daughter is: Anne Grip, born in 1598 at Valogne and married in 1618 to Matin Le Tort, Lord of Jonville.

Guillaume Grip, born in 1638, "ecuyer, sieur de Savigny, officier commensal de la Maison du Roi en 1684, maréchal des logis de la Grande Ecurie du Roi", married in 1678 at Alleaume (near Valognes) and died there in 1718. His son is: Jacques Guillaume Grip, "ecuyer, sieur de Savigny", born on February 12, 1690 at Alleaume. On November 22, 1718 he married at Flottemanville-Bocage to Louise Marie Félix Du Moncel (1697-1755). Their daughter Marie Angelique Laurance Grip, born in 1726 at Alleaume, married in 1747 Joseph Côme Le Cocq, Lord of Reuville.

The description of the coat of arms of this family is as follows: D'azur, à une foi vêtue d'argent, posée en fasce, au chef d'argent chargé d'une étoile de sable entre deux croissants du mesme.




About the family with the surname Le  Grip, living in the southwest of Normandy near Le Mont Saint-Michel, only this little information has been found:

Jean Le Grip married Louise Chatel and had a son:
Michel Le Grip
, born around 1700 at Champ-du-Boult. In 1731 he married at St-Michel-de-Montjoie to Marie Anne Denis (1707-1758). Their son is: Pierre Le Grip.

The name Normandy originates from the era after the West Roman empire. Around 800 the Danes, Swedes and Norwegians, forced by overpopulation and food shortages in their own lands, started conquering and plundering these areas.
In 911 however, the King of Franconia managed to make peace with Rollo, the Northman leader. Rollo became a Christian and, as duke Robert I, he served as a feudal tenant to the French King. 
When time went by the region, now called Normandy, and the people that had came there to live, became more and more French.




More information is available about the Grip family that lives more to the east, in the villages that surround the city of Lisieux. This is what have been found about them in the archives:

  • Charles Grip, born around 1676, married Marie Lelievre and had two children: Charles Grip (1721-1807) and Catherine Grip (1725). He died in 1759 at Le Torquesne.

  • Pierre Grip and Anne Lefranc, married around 1690, had a son: François Grip. He married in 1718 at Prêtreville to Françoise Tabarié (1699-1752) and had two children:
    Catherine Françoise Grip
    , born in 1725, married
    in 1750 at Prêtreville to Jacques Lasseur, had two children and died in 1794, and:
    François Grip
    , married in 1752 at Prêtreville to Marie Saint Denis, is a member of the city council and had two children: Jacques Grip (married in 1786 at Saint Pierre de Mailloc to Catherine Saint Denis) and Guillaume Grip (born in 1750 at Saint Pierre de Mailloc, married in 1780 to Marie Anne Fougy and in 1786 to François Hue).

  • François Grip married around 1700 at Saint Pierre de Mailloc to Marie Guillaume and had a daughter: Françoise Grip (married in 1728 at Saint Pierre de Mailloc to Jean Delaporte).

  • Jean Grip married around 1700 at Saint Martin de Mailloc to Louise Nivel. Their daughter:
    Marie Grip, married in 1731 to Antoine Prevost.

  • Pierre Michel Grip married Marie Margueritte Adam and had a daughter: Marie Rose Grip. She is born on December 7, 1792, at Coquainvilliers, fleuse de lin, and married to Charles Dominique Aubree. She died in 1833 at Coquainvilliers, at 40 years of age.

  • Jacques Grip is married to Marie Duclos. Their son is:
    Charles Grip
    , married Marie Catherine Lemonnier and died in 1816 at Pré d'Auge. Their son is:
    Pierre Constant Grip
    , born on May 30, 1803 at Pré d'Auge, married in 1828 at Paris 4ème to Marie Madeleine Wallet. Their son is:
    Casimir Constant Grip born on August 21, 1831 at Paris 8ème, carpenter, married Emmanuelle Florence Gaudé and died in 1884 at Paris 12ème, 53 years of age. Their daughter is:
    Angélique Marie Grip
    , born on April 19, 1865 at Paris 12ème in Rue Bolivar 127, and married to Auguste Joseph Trapet (1861-1907).

  • In 1857 these persons received the <Médaille de Saint-Hélène> as veterans in the Napoleonic wars:
    Jacques Guillaume (Le) Grip from Mesnil-Guillaume: matelot 39e Equipage de haut-bord, and:
    Louis Amand Grip
    farmer from Coquainvilliers and born on August 13, 1787: soldat 74e de Ligne.

This information is derived from the database of Jacques Lebourgeois,
published on his website <Généalogie entre Touques et Orbiquet>.


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