The noble Grip family
With the once most powerful man of Sweden, Bo Jonsson Grip

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  The noble Grip family has played an important role in the history of Sweden. Around 1380 viceroy Bo Jonsson Grip was the most powerful man of the country, and his name lives on on several places, like in that of Gripsholm castle.

The noble Grip's themselves don't live on, though. They seemed to have died out in the 17th century.




Rörik Algotsson Grip was born in 1250 at Medelplana. He died in 1302 in Norway.
Folke Algotsson Grip was born 1263 at Medelplana. He died in 1310 in Norway.
Magnus Algotsson Grip died in 1309 in Indals-Liden in Västernorrlands län.


Tomas Jonsson Grip, a knight, lived around 1299 and married Katarina Ulfsdotter.
Margareta Tomasdotter Grip, married about 1334 to Sigurd Djokn, a judge who travelled around. She died in 1342 at Frökind. She had a daughter: Kristina Sigurdsdotter.
Johan Grip Tomasson married to Ingeborg Natt och Dag Bosdotter. He died in 1331. They had a son: Bo Jonsson Grip...


BO JONSSON GRIP (1330-1386)

  Bo Jonson Grip was born about 1330. He was viceroy and a large landowner; in his times, he was one of the wealthiest man of Sweden and the largest landowner ever: he owned one third of Sweden and the whole of Finland. He founded Gripsholm castle, but since 1367 he himself lived at Bjärkaholm castle. Not King Albrecht of Mecklenburg, but Bo Jonsson Grip, leader of the nobility, was in fact ruling the country.

He is described as 'small and ugly' and as a person who used his power solely in his own interest. He possessed more than ten castles, among them three that he let build himself: Bjärkaholm, Ringstaholm and Gripsholm, his dearest.

He married twice. First to Margareta Porse, who died in childbirth, and then to the German Margareta Dume. From his first marriage with Margareta Porse he had a son.

Unlike the 'old branch' of the family, that had a griffin's head in their coats of arms, the coat of arms of Bo Jonsson showed the whole of a griffin. Later on this also became the coat of arms of Södermanland, the Swedish province in which Gripsholm is situated.

After his death in 1386, he was buried in Vadstena in Östergötland. In the following years the attempts by the Swedish King Albrecht of Mecklenburg to retain his power, caused much unrest among the Swedish nobility.



  His son Knut Bosson Grip draw the attention in 1395, when he claimed his fathers rights on Finland. In 1399 he gave up this claim at a meeting with the queen in Stegeholm castle. He married Ärmgaard Bylow and died in 1406 at Västra Ed. They had a daughter:

Katarina Knutsdotter (Grip). She married to Nils Erengislesson and died in 1499. They had a son:

Bo Nilsson Grip is 'riksråd', a high government official. He married Beata Karlsdotter (Vasa) and had a son. He died in 1464 at Söderköping. His son is:

Nils Bosson Grip (Till Vinäs) was born in 1460 at Sorunda, near Stockholm. He married Anna Arvidsdotter Trolle and lived in Sorunda. They had seven children (see below). During an uproar he was, on February 14, 1522, beaten to death and buried at Västra Vingåker in Södermanland. In the church of Västra Ed in Småland, a beautifull triptychhis can be found, put there by his widow in his remembrance.



  • Kerstin Nilsdotter Grip was born in 1490 at Dals-Ed in Älvsborg län. He married in 1526 at Tryserum to Göran Eriksson Gyllenstierna. She died in 1538 at Gryt.
  • Baron Birger Nilsson Grip is 'riksråd' from 1525 on He married on November 3, 1533, at Söderköping to Birgitta Joakimsdotter Brahe. They had twelve children (see below). He died on March 15, 1565, at Tärnä.
  • Beata Nilsdotter Grip was born in 1495. In 1514 he married at Stegeborg to Holger Karlsson Gera. She died on January 7, 1547, and was buried at Östra Ryd in Östergötland.
  • Marina Nilsdotter Grip was born in 1501 at Östra Fågelvik in Värmland. From her father she inherited the 'Stenhuset' (brick house) at Bälinge in Södermanland. She married Karl Eriksson Gyllenstierna, who died in 1541, and after him she married in 1548 on Stockholm castle to Klas Göransson Stiernskjöld. They lived at Bälinge.
  • Peder Nilsson Grip was born in 1507 at Sorunda. He married Görvel Fadersdotter (1517-1605). On March 20, 1533, he felt through the ice of lake 'Mälaren' and drowned.
  • Brita Nilsdotter Grip was born in 1510 at Sorunda. She married in 1528 to Björn Pedersson Bååt. She died in 1549 at Sorunda.
  • Ingeborg Nilsdotter married to Åke Johansson Natt och Dag.


  • Baron Nils Birgersson Grip was born on November 6, 1535, at Läckö (Otterstad). He died in 1593 at Skederid, Stockholms län.
  • Barones Klara Birgersdotter Grip was born on December 4, 1536, at Läckö, Otterstad. She married Jöns Tordsson Bonde and died in 1566.
  • Barones Margareta Birgersdotter Grip was born on July 19, 1538, at Läckö, Otterstad. In 1562 she married at Söderköping to Erik Månsson Natt och Dag, who died after a year. In 1570 she remarried at (Västra) Ed to Sten Alexsson Banér (1546-1600). She died on March 1, 1586, at Bro and was buried in the church at Vårdnäs in Östergötland.
  • Baron Jochim (Joakim) Birgersson Grip was born in 1539. He died, single, in 1569 in France.
  • Baron Bo Birgersson Grip Grijpzhuffudt was born in 1540. He was a governor and was shot down in 1569 at Varberg.
  • Barones Elisabet Birgersdotter Grip married in 1578 at Stockholm to baron Anders Keith. She died in 1624 at Skederid, Stockholms län.
  • Baron Moritz Birgersson Grip (Till Vinäs och Tärnö) was born in 1547 at (Västra) Ed. He married countess Edla Stensdotter Lejonhufvud. From 1565 untill his death he is 'riksråd' and the owner of Björstter castle, situated along the Baltic Sea firth Slätbaken. He died in 1591 in Finland.
  • Barones Anna Birgersdotter was born about 1548 and died in 1566 at Bro.
  • Baron Ture Grip was born in 1550 and died, 8 years old, from falling into a sawmill.
  • Barones Adelgård Birgersdotter died, 13 years old, at Skokloster castle.
  • Barones Beata Birgersdotter died, 10 years old, at Skokloster.
  • Barones Cecilia Birgersdotter died on the age of 16 at Bro from pestilence.


  • Barones Brita Mauritsdotter Grip was born in 1582. In 1602 she married Anders Hansson Holst, a marriage that ends in a divorce. In 1616 she married at Bro to Per Nilsson Natt och Dag (1584-1634).
  • Ebba Moritzdotter Grip was born in 1583 at (Västra) Ed. In 1617 she married in the royal palace of Stockholm to Svante Banér. From her father she inherited his castle and gave it the name of Mauritzberg. She lived at the castle and was also the owner of the ferry-house, some 5 km further along the Slätbaken firth. She died on November 9, 1666, at Mörkö, Stockholms län. At first she was buried at Stockholm in Storkyrkan; later she was transferred to the church at Danderyd.
  • Sidonia Mauritzdotter Grip was born on April 21, 1585 in Vinäs. Around 1615 she lived at Nyköping and in 1652 she died at in Uppsala.
  • Baron Birger Mauritsson, her twin brother, died young.
  • Barones Margareta Mauritzdotter Grip was born on April 12, 1586, at Vinäs. In 1612 she married at Stockholm to Herman Wrangel af Salmis (1587-1643). On December 13, 1624, she died at Skokloster castle near Uppsala.
  This seemed to be last generation of the glorious and sometimes notorious Grip family...

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