Remembering George Orwell
1903, June 25. - 1950, January 21.

Burmese Days.

'In deze ontoegank'lijke eenzaamheid en onder 't dak van deze somb're takken.'  
Shakespeare, Naar het u lijkt

Burma 1st   " Flory sat nursing Flo's head in his lap, unable to meet Ellis's eyes. At the best of times his birthmark madeit difficult forhim to look people striaght in the face. And when he made ready to speak, he could feel his voice trembling - for it had a way of trembling when it should have been firm; his features, too, sometimes twitched uncontrollably.
'Steady on,' he said at last, suddenly and rather feebly. 'Steady on. There's o need to get so excited. I never suggested having any native members in here.'."

Burmese Days
Reissue of First Edition. 1934.
Published by Harper & Brothers, Ney York, USA.
Fenwick A.2b

Right, above: Birma NL
Burmese Days
USA first paperback edition. 1952. First ed. 1934
1952 edition published by Popular Library, Ney York, USA.

Right, under:
De jaren in Birma
Dutch edition. 1983. First ed. 1975
Translation: Anneke Brassinga
Published by Meulenhoff Nederland bv

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