Remembering George Orwell
Eric Arthur Blair
1903, June 25. Motihari, Bengal, India.
1950, January 21. University Hospital, London, England

Articles about Orwell

1946. Unknown - The Barnyard Soviet (Animal Farm review)
1949. Soskin, William - What Can Be (1984 review)
1949. Unknown - The Strange World of 1984 (1984 review, with illustrations)
1950. Unknown - To the Heart of Matters (Down & Out, Burmese Days and Coming Up for Air review)
1954. Brander, Laurence - George Orwell
1953. Hopkinson, Tom - George Orwell - Writers and their Work
1961. Potts, Paul - Don Quixote on  a Bicycle (in: Dante Called You Beatrice)
1969. McCarty, Mary - The Writing on the Wall (Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters review)
1972. Spender, Stephen - The Truth about Orwell  
1983. Reve, Karel van het - Waarom leefde Orwell (text in Dutch)
1983. Stichting BZZToH - Bzzlletin 111 - George Orwell
1983. Aubrey, Crispin & Paul Chilton - Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1984
1983. Wijnen, H.A. van - Thee is het opium van de Engelsman (text in Dutch)
1984. Wijnen, H.A. van - Ter Braak had George Orwell nooit gelezen (text in Dutch)
1984. Wijnen, H.A. van - Een troost in 1984 (text in Dutch)
1984. Berg, Jaap de -  Prachtuitgave van onvoldragen vrucht  (1984 Facsimile review, text in Dutch)
1985. Carter, Michael - George Orwell and the Problem of Authentic Existence
1985. Crick, Bernard - On a stick with one lung
1986. Foot, Michael - An Instinct for the Future
1989. Lange, Peter de - Het Fatale Paradijs (text in Dutch)
1991. Blokker, Jan - Ik kan nooit meer zingen zegt de dokter (text in Dutch)
1992. Taylor, D.J. - Ministry of misinterpretation
1995. Berg, Jaap de -  Gouden jubileum voor Orwells bolsjewistische boerderij (Animal farm review, text in Dutch)
1998. Collini, Stefan - The Blair in George Orwell (The Complete Works review)
1998. Foot, Paul - Signed Zeal Delivered (The Complete Works review)
1998. Ash, Timothy Garton - Orwell in 1998 (The Complete Works review)
1998. Somers, Maartje - Homage to Catalonya (Homage to Catalonya review, text in Dutch)
1999. Toscane, Joe - George Orwell at home - (and among the Anarchists)
1999. Brouwer, Erik - George Orwell en de tour van Dynamo door Engeland (text in Dutch)
2000. Unknown - In de schaduw van Big Brother (text in Dutch)
2000. Taylor, D.J. - Last days of Orwell
2000. Borst, Gerard - George Orwell in Wigan en Wallington (text in Dutch)
2000. Boer, Mark de - Het boek dat mijn leven veranderde - Coming Up For Air (text in Dutch)
2000. Harding, Luke - Shadows of Orwell
2000. Henckle, David & Rob Evans - How Big Brothers Used Orwell to Fight the Cold War
2000. Schaevers, Mark - Geen vogel in de lucht (Homage to Catalonya review, text in Dutch)
2001. Bruijn, Peter de - Schuldgevoel in alle poriën (text in Dutch)
2002. Lewis, Jeremy - Dedicated Follower of Passions
2002. Croft, Andy - Ministry of Truth
2002. Shone, Richard - She Knew Them All
2002. Taylor, D.J. - Orwell's dirty secret
2002. Hitchens, Christoper - Orwell's List
2002. Miller, Roger. K. - Criticism: Why Orwell Matters (review)
2002. Bettens, Eddy - Orwell en de weerzin (text in Dutch)
2002. Putten, Jan van der - ' Animal Farm' zegt Chinezen helemaal niets (text in Dutch)
2002. AP. - 'Animal Farm' survives Chinese censors but struggles with audiences
2003. Crick, Bernard - E Blair on T Blair's call to arms 
2003. Joustra, Wio - De topschrijver George Orwell valt van voetstuk (text in Dutch)
2003. Waard, Peter de - Geweten van de natie? (text in Dutch)
2003. Atwood, Margeret - Orwell en ik (text in Dutch)
2003. Zwagerman, Joost - Slagen is afstotelijk (text in Dutch)
2003. Hofland, H.J.A. - Voorgangers van Orwell (text in Dutch)
2003. Etty, Elsbeth - Orwelliaans (text in Dutch)
2003. Vloet, Corine - Geen suiker (text in Dutch)
2003. Hartmans, Rob - Orwell, een gluiperige verklikker? (text in Dutch)
2003. Ash, Timothy Garton - Orwell's List

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