Remembering George Orwell
Eric Arthur Blair
1903, June 25. Motihari, Bengal, India.
1950, January 21. University Hospital, London, England

Chronology  1937
Chronology  taken from "George Orwell - A Bibliography", by Gillian Fenwick

At the front at Alcubierre
end January
Transferred to Independent Labour Party contingent on Aragon front, later at Monflorite
February - March
Eileen Blair in Spain
8 March
The Road to Wigan Pier published
end April
On leave in Barcelona
10 May
Returned to front
20 May
Wounded in throat
14 June
Collected discharge papers
20-22 June
In Barcelona, running from Communist police
23 June
Crossed into France
Back in Wallington
Began Homage to Catalonia

Gollancz said he would not publish Homage to Catalonia

The New Statesman and Nation rejected Orwell's review of The Spanish Cockpit

Resumed writing for the New English Weekly and Time and Tide
1 September
Signed contract with Fredric Warburg for Homage to Catalonia
17 August
A Clergyman's Daughter published in New York
6 December
Told Leonard Moore he was planning Coming Up for Air
end December
Desmond Young offered him job on Lucknow Pioneer

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