Remembering George Orwell
Eric Arthur Blair
1903, June 25. Motihari, Bengal, India.
1950, January 21. University Hospital, London, England

Chronology  1939
Chronology  taken from "George Orwell - A Bibliography", by Gillian Fenwick

early January
At Taddart in the Atlas Mountains
27 January
Returned to Marrakech and was ill again
26 March
Sailed from Casablanca
30 March
Arrived in London, went to Southwold
end March
Submitted ms of Coming Up for Air
11 April
Returned to Wallington. Tended animals and vegetables
At 24 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, Eileen's brother home
24 May
Returned to Wallington. Began Inside the Whale
12 June
Coming Up for Air publised
28 June
In Southwold, present at death of his father
24-31 August
Stayed at L.H. Myers's home in Ringwood, Hampshire
3 September
Outbreak of war
Eileen moved to Greenwich to work
Finished Inside the Whale
late December
At Greenwich with Eileen

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