Remembering George Orwell
Eric Arthur Blair
1903, June 25. Motihari, Bengal, India.
1950, January 21. University Hospital, London, England

Chronology  1942
Chronology  taken from "George Orwell - A Bibliography", by Gillian Fenwick

Rudyard Kipling  published in Horizon Vol. V, No. 26
8 March
Began contributing to The Observer
15 May
'Culture and Democracy' published in Victory or Vested Interest? 
Moved to 10a Mortimer Crescent, Maida Vale
end June Fishing holiday at Callow End, Worcestershire
'Points of View': Review of T.S. Eliot 'Burnt Norton', East Coker', and The Dry Salvages' in Poetry (London)
'London Letter' published in Partisan Review Vol. IX, No.6

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