Remembering George Orwell
Eric Arthur Blair
1903, June 25. Motihari, Bengal, India.
1950, January 21. University Hospital, London, England

Chronology  1946
Chronology  taken from "George Orwell - A Bibliography", by Gillian Fenwick

The Prevention of Literature published in Polemic 2
14 February
Critical Essays published
Politics and the English Language  published in Horizon Vol. XIII, No. 76
mid-April to Mid October
Gave up journalism
29 April
American edition of Critical Essays, Dickens, Dali and Others published
3 May
His sister, Marjorie died
Second Thoughts on James Burnham  published in Polemic 3
At Biggar, near Edinburgh
23 May
On Jura
early July
Went to London to bring Richard to Jura
early August
Writing Nineteen Eighty-Four
26 August
American edition of Animal Farm published
Politics vs. literature (an examination of Gulliver's Travels)  published in Polemic 5
September, 9
Animal Farm review in Newsweek
13 October
Returned to London
Gave up writing for The Observer and the Manchester Evening News

Began writing for Tribune again
29 December
Returnes to Jura to plant fruit trees

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