Quick bio

After completing a BSc and MSc degree in biology at Wageningen University, I joined Bert van den Berg's Neurobiology group at Utrecht University as a PhD student, working on the role of visual memory in shaping perceptual experience. I received my PhD degree in 2008 and, after briefly staying on at Utrecht as a post-doctoral researcher with Raymond van Ee, moved to Randolph Blake's group at Vanderbilt University. There I investigated perception of ambiguous displays with a special focus on the role of attention. While at Vanderbilt I also started a long-term collaboration with Árni Krisjánsson of the University of Iceland, exploring relations between visual memory and attention priming. Toward the end of 2011 I returned to Utrecht to work at the lab of Serge Dumoulin, studying the influence of retinotopic organization of visual cortex on perception. Since March 2012 I have started to combine several of these topics in my own research line as an assistant professor at Utrecht University.