On this page we will keep you up to date on all the news about our kennel.


Saturday December 20th.

Puppies are already 3 weeks old and doing fine.

New photo’s  

This is Muze 9 weeks old on the photo.

She is a Darwin’s daughter from his first litter with Sproet from Wilbrink family.

Proud owner Sandra Leidner.

What a little beauty !




Sunday November 30th.

While daddy Darwin was doing well at Amsterdam Winner.

Mother Pebbles got her puppies!

6 bitches and 2 boys.

Mother and kids are doing fine.

First photo’s under litter.

We will up-date our site every week with new pics

Bothe parents have A-Hips ( best possible in Europe) and eye checked clear ( 03-08)

Two bitches are still available.


Sunday Noverber 30th Amsterdam Winner show

Judge Mr. C.Geeluyden Norway. 

Whisborne Viking Voyager ( Darwin)  open class males first excl BOS.CAC-CACIB Winner 08 Crufts qualified 2010


Whisborne Viking Voyager                                                             Under the Stars des Vauriennes


White Satin van het Veense Springertje ( Amy) open class bitches first excl. R.CACIB


Peasblossom Caress ( Mattie) youth class bitches first excl. JW.08  Crufts qualified 2010 second best bitch CAC.

What a flying start for Mattie in her first Show in Holland !


Brace class Darwin and Amy within a large entry selected with 6




Saturday November 22th  we drove to England to pick up our new lady : Peasblossom Caress (Mattie).

Many thanks to her breeders Jacky and Dave Mitchell who entrusted us Mattie.

Thanks Lidewij – you know why-

Thanks to our friend Monique who took care of the dogs with Daphne during our absence


Monday November 17th

Some kennel news:

Pebbles is doing fine her belly is growing.

About two weeks to go for the puppies will arrive.


A couple of weeks ago Art-Wave’s big Apple moved to her new family and lives together with her big son Fedor.

We wish Siena and her new family all the best for a long and happy life.


There are no shows these weeks as we are waiting for Amsterdam Winner November 30th

But we have been busy with obedience

Last Saturday there was examination day.

Three Veense Springertjes entered and passed the examination.

Daphne and Xellwin gained – again- a first prize in their class.

Janssen with his owner Hans de Groot also gained a first prize in his class.

And our little baby Yazz became fourth in “baby class”

These three Springer’s will continue with obedience on a higher level.

One week earlier White Velvet van het Veense Springertje gained the first prize into agilty starters group.

Well our Veense Springertjes combines beauty with brains….




Pebbles is definite in whelp puppies expected week 49


Whisborne Viking Voyager is DNA profiled.


Saturday November first Intern.show Bleiswijk

Judge Mr.Mc.Coy Ireland

Whisborne Viking Voyager Njk08 B.jw.08 CW.08 Bsg.08 aka Darwin interm.class First excl.best male CAC-CACIB BOB BIG-2

White Satin van het Veense Springertje Njk.07 JW.07 aka Amy interm.class first excl.second best  bitch CAC-R.CACIB

Amy and Darwin together in Brace class second place.


Saturday October 25th Intern.show Utrecht

Judge Mrs.Bennink-Smies

Whisborne Viking Voyager interm.class first excl. best male CAC-CACIB BOB

White Satin van het Veense Springertje interm.class first excl. best bitch CAC .CACIB BOS

Darwin and Amy in Brace class fourth place


In junior handling Daphne handled an Irish Setter to an beautiful first place.

Well done!



Friday October 17 Dortmund Bundessieger

Judge Mr.E.Deutscher Austria.

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje youthclass excl.
Unfortunately this Judge didn’t like black ESS at all.

Whisborne Viking Voyager inter.class first excl. best male BOB with new official title Bundessieger 2008.

In the group he was selected with 6 best dogs placed only three.
Again Darwin had a wonderful day at such a young age.

Sunday October 12th Due to computer problems we were not able to up date our site.


During the last period Pebbles was mated by Darwin ( Whisborne Viking Voyager)  so we hope to have puppies week 49


October 5th Champ.clubmatch Dutch Eng.Spr.Soc.

Judge Mrs.Jan Wood.


Yaj v.h.Veense Springertje two very pr.baby class males owner Kitty and Harmen vd.Panne



Yazz v.h.Veense Springertje two very pr. Baby class bitches



Ch.Roqfolly Patriot Games Jw.05 1 excl. open class males


Undercover v.h.Veense Springertje 3 very well in open class males owner Fam.Jansen


Xavior v.h.Veense Springertje 1 excl. Youth class males BIS Junior owner Fam.Rietveld



Whisborne Viking Voyager njk.08 Bjw.08  1exc.interm.class males best male CAC BIS

Club winner 2008  co-owner Meredith Miller USA


White Velvet v.h.Veense Springertje njk.08 2 excl. Interm.class bitches owner Monique van Dijk


Ch..New Design’s Earthquake Jw.W.03 BW.07 1 excl. Cham.class


Ch.Obsession in Blue English Rose Jw.04 2nd excl. Ch.class


Xellwin v.h.Veense Springertje njk 08 1 excl. Breeders class BIS breeders class and best bred male in the Netherlands.


White Satin v.h.Veense Springertje 2nd excl. breeders class bitches


We are very pleased with all the result during this day with the highlight Darwin BIS !!

He is our “Dream Boy”




Lisette and Gert thanks a lot for all your help during this “military operation”


Linda thanks for your great performance with Poika

Shirley thanks for all the lovely pics.

At least thanks to anyone for the company and congratulations during this day and afterwards.


If you want to see more results and photo’s than watch the new Eng.Spr. site www.spanielworldnederland.tk/


Sunday September 28th Intern.show Maastricht

Judge Mr.W.Wellen


White Satin van het Veense Springertje Interm.class second excl. R.CAC-R.CACIB

 Whisborne Viking Voyager Interm.class First excl.best male CAC-CACIB BOB  BIG-3

He is now qualified for the Top dog of the Year show in the Netherlands February 2009


Sunday sept. 14th Intern.show Zwolle

Judge Mr. T.Rainey Irl. 

Whisborne Viking Voyager interm.class first excl. best male CAC-CACIB BOB BIG-4

White Satin van het Veense Springertje first excl. Interm.class. 

Darwin and Amy together in brace class for the First time BIS 

Darwin is having a great start of his show career just 17 months old!!


Sunday August 31 

Today first show after the Summer holiday Intern.Rotterdam.

Judge Mrs.A.Carrasco Switserland.


White Satin van het Veense Springertje Interm.class first excl. Second best bitch with RCC.R.CACIB

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 uitm. Interm. Class  best male CAC-CACIB BOB  BIG-6

Darwin and Amy together gained a very second place in Brace.

Daphne did compete in Junior Handling and got a very nice 5th place in a very large entry.


Xellwin van het Veense Springertje was tested on HD official result A.


Pebbles van het Veense Springertje eye tested again as soon as she is in season she will be mated by Darwin Whisborne Viking Voyager.


Sunday July 27 th  just have to make some time for a little up-date.

All puppies went to their new owners.

We wish you all a great life together with your new housemates.

Yazz stays here in the kennel we hope she will develop well.


Saturday July 12th  examination day at our local dog club KC de Batouwe.

Whisborne Viking Voyager passed his second obedience examination together with Rudo.

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje passed his obedience examination together with Daphne and they turned out to be the best couple of their class!!

Well done Daphne and Xellwin.


Thursday July 3th till Monday July 7th.

Rudo and Helma went to Stockholm for the World dog show and symposium.

We just had a great time, meeting so much Springer people from all over the world.

We saw a lot of beautiful Eng.Springers and the symposium was very interested.

Of course we did some site seeing in Stockholm too.

Daphne and our friend Monique took care about the dogs while we were away and they did a great job!

Thanks girls.




Saturday June 28th Intern.outdoor show Uden

Judge Mr.Doedijns. 

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje youth class frist excl. R.CAC His third junior CAC so Xellwin is now Dutch Junior Champion

Dutch Junior Champion


Whisborne Viking Voyager Interm.class First excl.CAC-CACIB BOB BIG-4


White Velvet van het Veense Springertje youth class 2 excl.

Owner Monique van Dijk


White Satin van het Veense Springertje interm.class First excl. R.CAC CACIB

Amy and Darwin together a very nice second place in Brace class 



Sunday June 22th Belgium Winner show

Judge Mr.Pichard.


Whisborne Viking Voyager youth class first excl. Belgium junior Winner 2008

Qualified Crufts 2009  best male and BOB

White Satin van het Veense Springertje youth class 2 excl.


Well done Darwin….as the  youngest gaining the BOB again…….



Saturday June 14th Inter.Show Hulten

Judge Mrs.H.Kappetijn. 

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Youth class he gained his second junior CAC and Xellwin became Best Male with CAC.


White Satin van het Veense Springertje first excl. Interm.class second best bitch with RCAC-R.CACIB


White Velvet first excl. youth class. J>CAC

Noa gained her third J.CAC and is now Dutch Junior Champion.

Well done Noa and beautiful handled by Linda Schenk.

Noa is owned and spoiled by Monique van Dijk.


We want to thank family Schenk for all the lovely photo’s they made again.



June 5th

The official HD result from Darwin arrived : A best possible.


Puppies are still going strong…new photo’s with 2,5 weeks old.


Tuesday May 27th

Puppies are doing well and growing very fast.

New photo’s on their own page.

Look under litters.



Sunday May 25th Nat.Gundog show on the Estate Hoekelum.

Judge Mrs.A.Koskelo Finl.

Whisborne Viking Voyager youth class 1 excl. j-CAC best male CAC and BOB

White Satin van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Interm.class best bitch CAC  BOS

White Velvet van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Youth class j-CAC

Owner Monique van Dijk.


Darwin and Amy together BIS-3 brace class.


Another successful day.

For more photo’s click here.



Sunday May 18th all breed club show KC. De Batouwe

Daphne and Helma had a great day with many doggy friends on a very nice outdoor show with lovely weather and above all nice show results.

Judge for breed and group Mrs. W.de Vries-Hoogland BIS together with Mr. Doedijns.

White Satin van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Youth class BOS

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje 2 exc. Youth class

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. BOB-BIG  BIS-3


The three naughty youngsters also became BIS kennel group.

What  a nice day.



Saturday may 17th in the early morning Rhapsody got her first litter.

4 boys and 4 girls.

Mother  and kids are doing well so far.

First photo’s under litters.



Sunday may 11th Intern.show Arnhem judge Mrs.Zafra Sirik Isr.

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje 2 excl. Youth class

White Satin van het Veense Springertje2 excl. Youth class.


Daphne Competited  in junior handling again and with her friend the Gordon Setter Pelle she gained a lovely second place.

She was also qualified for the finals at Amsterdam later this year.

We are very proud of you!!



Wednesday May 7th A sad day as we had to say goodbye to our lovely Gina.

Gentle Gipsy van het Veense Springertje “Gina”


You will always into our hearth and memories and will never forget you.


Rhapsody is pregnant puppies expected middle of  Mai.



Sunday April 13th  We had a nice walk with owners from several Veense Springertjes at the Loonse en Drunense Duinen.

Dogs en owners all enjoyed this nice walk.

Our young boy Darwin just loved the water!!

Photo’s  under reunion



Sunday April 6th. Intern.show Goes

Judge Mrs.T.Wilbers-Boerekamps.

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje first excl. Youth class  J.CAC best male CAC and BOB

White Satin van het Veense Springertje first excl.youth class J.CAC best bitch CAC.


Daphne entered junior handling again with the well know Gordon Setter

Mult.Ch.Kilnrae Whirlwind owner Mr.Mrs.Beekelaar.

She ended at a nice 5 th place in a big entry.


Saturday April 5th obedience examination for Amy.

 She passed her 3th examination.

Well done Amy.


The official result for best in Show male and bitch 2007 from the Dutch Eng.Spr.Soc.

Is announced.

Best male in show is New Design’s Earthquake –Poika-

Second place Bogaloo’s Sky’s the Limit  - Skye-


Second place bitches Rhapsody van het Veense Springertje.

And with only 3 shows entered in 2007 White Satin van het Veense Springertje – Amy-

Got a lovely 4th place.

Well done team!!


Monday March 24th Intern.show Leeuwarden

Judge Mrs.Coode GB.

Whisborne Viking Voyager first excl.youth class J.CAC. and second best male with CAC.

Darwin is now 12 months old and gained already his fourth CAC.

Now we only have to wait till he is 27 months old than he is able to gain his Dutch Ch.title.

White Velvet van het Veense Springertje – Noa owner Monique van Dijk- second vg in junior class.


Daphne also competed in junior handling.

She was allowed to use the well known Gordon Setter male Multi Ch.Kilnrae Whirlwind.

Many thanks to his owners for using this lovely boy.

Daphne ended on a very nice third place.

Well done Daphne.


Saturday March 15th Intern.show Leiden

Judge Mr.Simons.

Whisborne Viking Voyager first excl.youth class J.CAC this was his third one so Darwin is now Dutch Junior Champion. best Male and BOB

We left Amy at home as her black sister White Velvet van het Veense Springertje was entered.

Noa got a nice first excl. youth class with J.CAC. : happy owner Monique van Dijk.




Rhapsody van het Veense Springertje has been mated by Roqfolly Patriot Games so we hope that there will arrive puppies at the end of week 20


Friday March 7th Gundog day at Crufts

Unfortunately not able to go this year but we got great new.

Darwin’s dad Multi Ch.Westaway into The Mystic got Res.CAC.

Well done Jamie!


Saturday March first Inter.Show Groningen

judge Mr.Bijker NL.


Whisborne Viking Voyager youth class first excl. second best male with Y.CAC  RCAC

White Satin van het Veense Springertje youth class First excl. second best bitch Y.CAC- CAC

Amy and Darwin were entered for the first time in brace class and they were placed on a very nice second spot!!

Well done Amy and Darwin.


Friday February 29th.

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje and Whisborne Viking Voyager went to Prof.Dr. Stades for their first eye examination both were free from eye diseases.



Sunday February 24th.

Top dog of the year show in Holland.

New Design’s Earthquake – Poika-  was invited for group 8




First we look back to 2007.

It was a good show year for both Rhapsody and Poika individual where special Poika did a great job.

Four times second in group and once first place.

Also best show male ESS

Rhapsody second place in bitches competition.

Together they did a great job in Brace class.



Being showed 10 times with the following result

Once the third place

Three time second place under which Bundessieger Dortmund

Six times first place under which Brussel Dogshow and Amsterdam Winner.

A real Dream team


In the weekend 8/10 February Show life starts again here in Holland.

Intern.show in Eindhoven Judge Mrs. M.Holm-Hansen Denmark

Our champion couple  stayed at home as we have three youngsters they have to start working on their show career.

They had a flying start!!


White Satin van het Veense Springertje youth class first exc. Youth CAC best bitch with CAC.

Whisborne Viking Voyager youth class first excl.youth CAC Best male with CAC BOB and BIG 5 he is not even 11 months old.

Well done Amy and Darwin.