On this page we will keep you up to date on all the news about our kennel.


Wednesday 30-12-2009

Today we received the wonderful news that Darwin aka Ned.Lux.Intern.sh.Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager njk.08.bjw.08.bssgr.08.cw.08.w.08 bw.09 is the TOP ESS. FCI gr.8 nr 1 and above all the number 2 ALL BREEDS here in the Netherlands !!!

Many thanks to his breeders Harald and Annika Ulltveit-Moe and his co-owner Meredith Miller.


Saturday December 19th Intern.show Wijchen.last show of the year.

Judge Mr.Bijker.

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. ch.class best male BOB CACIB BIG-4

White Satin van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. ch.class best bitch CACIB BOS

Darwin and Amy in brace class 3th place.


Now we have to wait for the official result of the Dutch Eukauba Award.

As far as we can see Darwin is still the number 1 FCI gr.8 and the number 2 all breeds!!



Saturday December 12 Inten.show Brussel

Judge Mrs.R.Kadika-Skadina 

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. ch.class CAC-CACIB BW.09 BOB

In the group shortlisted 6 best.


Zilja van het Veense Springertje  1 excl.youth class

BIS youth dog Jill was shortlisted 6 best out of a very large group of youngsters.


Darwin’s daughter Diamond Fever des Vauriennes owner fam.Baan 2 excl.youth class.


Friday December 4th Pebbles is pregnant if all goes well the puppies will arrive early January.


Sunday November 29 Amsterdam Winner

Judge Mr.N.Deschuymere Belgium.

A day with mixed feelings. 

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager ch.class 1 excl. second best male r.CAC.r.CACIB. 

Zilja v.h.Veense Springertje youth class 1 excl. Youth Winner 09 Crufts Qualified.

Peasblossom Caress jw.08 njk.09 1 excl. interm.class best bitch CAC-CACIB Winster 09 Crufts qualified. BOS


Darwin’s son Diamond Spot Des Vauriennes owner Mrs.vd.Kamp 1 excl. youth class youth winner 09 Crufts qualified

Spot is also now Dutch Youth Champion Congratulations !!


At the end of the day Darwin and daughter Jill were entered in brace class.

In a very heavy competition they gained a second place  BIS -2


Saturday November 7 Inter.show Bleiswijk

Judge Mrs.L.K.M.Erhart

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl.ch.class best male CACIB and BOB and 2 BIG

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje  2 zg in open class

Zilja van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Youth class BOS with J.CAC and CAC.


Final some time for an update.


In the meantime Pebbles came in season and is already mated by Darwin

If Pebbles is pregnant we expect the puppies in the first week of January.

That would be a nice start of the year 2010!


We have been the the National Landscape Park “de Hoge Veluwe”

Yazz and Jill accompanied us.

Here some photo’s of the girls, real photo models!!



Sunday October 11th for the second time a walk with owners from a Veense Springertje.

This time along the beach of Noordwijk.

Dogs and people all enjoyed the walk.


Hope to see you back in 2010 for the third edition.!


Here a photo of Raya she was a “bridesmaid” during the marriage of her owners.

She brought the rings into the church!

As I am told she did a real good job.


Sunday October 4th Intern.show Zwolle

Judge Mrs. P.Hollings 

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl.ch.class best male CACIB and BOB

Zilja van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Youth class and BOS youth CAC and CAC


Jill is now Dutch Junior champion and has gained four CAC so now we have to wait till she is 27 months of age to be able to gain her Dutch champion title.


At this moment we are still waiting for Pebbles to come into season.

You cannot plan everything in life!


Saturday September 26 Inter.show Maastricht

Judge Mrs.G.Stephan Fr.

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl.ch.class best male CACIB and BOB

Zilja van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Youth class BOS with J.CAC and CAC.


Saturday September 5th Intern.show Luxembourg.

Judge unexpected Mr.W.Wellens.

Whisborne Viking Voyager aka Darwin first excl.ch.class BOB BIG-3. Darwin gained two new titles.

Luxembourg Champion and FCI Intern.Sh.Champion

Well done Darwin !!

His daughter Zilja van het Veense Springertje entered in youth class first excl. with title Luxembourg Junior Champion  and second best bitch.


Sunday August 30th Intern.Show Rotterdam

Judge Mrs.Halff-v.Boven.

First show after the summer break.

Darwin continued where he stopped : with winning!!

Whisborne Viking Voyager first excl. open class Best Male CACIB BOB BIG-2


Two of his kids made their debut into junior class and did it with style.

His son Diamond Spot des Vauriennes bred by Harmsen family and owned by J.vd.Kamp was first excl. junior class and second best male behind his father with Junior CAC and CAC.

Well done !!

His daughter Zilja van het Veense Springertje ( our own lovely girl Jill) also first excl. youth class with Junior CAC but she continued with BOS just 9 months old.

Father and daughter both moving for the BOB : just wonderful!!


Friday August  7th   We went with Darwin, Xellwin, Pebbles and Yazz to the “ eye vet” for their eye check.

All four were clear.

Now we wait till Pebbles comes into season for her third and last litter.

Still three weeks holidays before the second part of the show season starts.


Monday July 20th according to the Dutch Eucanuba Award our pride and joy Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager Njk08.Bjw08. Bssgr08.CW08.W.08 is not only first in FCI group 8

But also second overall

We are just thrilled so far.


In September we hope to repeat the mating of Pebbles X Darwin

Inquiries are welcome.


Sunday July 5th Intern.show Echt 

Judge Mrs.Mjelde Norway.


At least Darwin is now 27 months of age and able to gain his Dutch Champion title and did it with style !!

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. open class best male and BOB CAC-CACIB and BIG !!

Also winner of the Corrie Simons-Bronneberg Kingswood Memorial Trofee


Darwin is in the lead for the Eucanuba Award FCI group 8

Little Yazz van het Veense Springertje first excl.youth class and is now Dutch Youth Champion.

Another successful day for our kennel!!!


Saturday July 4th obedience examination.

The sisters Jill and Joy both passed they puppy class with very nice results.

Well done !!


Wanganui von der Beyenburg is for sale for a show interesting home.

If you have some interest please contact me.


We made puppy plans for later this year and 2010

Watch our puppy page!



Saturday June 13th Intern.Show Oss

Judge Mrs. W.de Vries. 

Yazz van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Youth class  Y.CAC and best bitch CAC.

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. open class BOB-CAC-CACIB BIG and on Sunday BIS-2

Well-done Darwin!!



Sunday June 7 All breed club show KC. De Batouwe Tiel

Judge Mr.Douma en Mrs.W.Schrander


Total entry of 18 ESS which is quiet a number for a Club show.

Thanks to all our puppy people who entered their Springer.

Well done to you all.


Main result

Whisborne Viking Voyager Best male BOB BIG BIS-2

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Breeders class.

Zilja v.h.Veense Springertje beste puppy teef BOB puppy BIS puppy

Yazz van het Veense Springertje eerste plaats  jeugdklas.



Friday 29 may early leave to Trebon Czech for de double show this weekend.

Lovely show and nice to meet old friends again.


Saturday 30 May European Spaniel Show

 Judge Mrs.F.Jackson

Whisborne Viking Voyager Njk.08.BjW.08.CW.08.Bssgr.08. W.08  2 excl.. Open class.R.CAC.

Ch..White Satin van het Veense Springertje Njk.08 JW.07  3 excl..open class

Peasblossom Carres Jw.08.NJK.09  2 excl.youth class.

Today we forgot the Brace class.



Sunday May 31 Czech Club Show.

Judge Mr.B.Jackson

Whisborne Viking Voyager 2 uitm. Open class r.CAC.

Amy today 4th excl. Open class

Mattie 1 excl. Youth class J.CAC and youth club Champion

Brace class Darwin and Amy first place.

Sunday May 10th outdoor show Alkmaar

Judge Mrs.W.Schrander.

Whisborne Viking Voyager njk.08.bjw.08.CW.08 Bssgr.08.W.08 open klas 1 uitm. Beste reu CAC BOB en BIG-5


Yazz van het Veense Springertje youth class firste excl. Youth CAC best bitch CAC.


Darwin’s kid Spot and Jewel from the des Vauriennes litter made their debut in baby class and did very well.

Daughter Jewel best baby and son Spot BOB baby and later on third BIS baby.

Congratulations to their proud owners Kimberley and Jos.


Friday May First Europasieger Dortmund

Judge Mr.W. Schicker Germany.

Whisborne Viking Voyager njk.08.bjw.08.CW.08 Bssgr.08.W.08 open class 3 excl.

Peasblossom Caress Jw.08.njk.09  youth class bitches 3 excl.


Saturday April 25th  Intern.show Goes

Judge Mrs. Bennink-Smies

A show to remember!! 

Ch.White Satin van het Veense Springertje 1 excl.open class best bitch CAC-CACIB

Whisborne Viking Voyager njk.08bjw.08bssgr.08 cw.08 w.08 first excl.open class best male CAC-CACIB BOB BIG and on the return on Sunday for BIS : Darwin BIS-3

Well done Darwin and Rudo!!

Darwin and Amy together in brace class : second place.

Daphne entered junior handling both days.

On Saturday with a English Setter : second place

On Sunday with a Mexican dog : first place.

Well done Daphne


Monday April 13th.


Last week we received the result of the official hip score of Peasblossom Caress – Mattie- A

Best possible.

New Design’s Earthquake –Poika- has been for the eye test again and is – again- free of inhered eye diseases.


Today Intern.show Leeuwarden judge Mr.Thirwell GB.

Whisborne Viking Voyager – Dawin- open class first excl. best male CAC-CACIB and BOB


White Satin van het Veense Springertje –Amy- open class first excl. best bitch  CAC-CACIB

Finally Amy was 27 months of age and old enough to gain her Dutch Ch.title and  at the first show possible she did it with Style by BOS


Amy and Darwin together in brace class first place!!


Tuesday 23th March

White Velvet v.h.Veense springertje

Noa not only beautiful but also sportive Owner Monique van Dijk.


foto's www.jovka


Saturday March 14th Intern.show Leiden

Judge Mr.W.Wellens.

Peasblossom Caress youth class 2nd excl. R.CAC.


Whisborne Viking Voyager open class first excl.best male cac-cacib BOB-BIG-2


Daphne qualified for the final junior handling in Amsterdam



Saturday March 7th Crufts Birmingham.

Helma left for watching ESS and to support Daphne who travelled with Frits and Yvonne Beekelaar to show their Gordon Setter Kilnrae Whirlwind with wonderful result.

For the first time on Crufts on the well known  green carpet : first excl.veteran class second best male and best overall veteran and that in a very strong competition.

Congratulation Frits and Yvon and well done Daphne !

Watch Pelle’s own website www.irishhighlands.nl


Lovely new head pick of Mattie on her own page.



Saturday Februari 28th Intern.show Groningen

Judge Mrs.Boermans NL.


Whisborne Viking Voyager NJK 08. B.jw.08 CW 08. Bssgr.08 W.08 open class First excl.best male CAC-CACIB BOB BIG-3


Peasblossom Caress JW.08 aka Mattie youth class first excl.  this is her third Junior CAC so now Mattie is Dutch Youth Champion.

Best bitch CAC BOS


Daphne took Darwin for the junior handling and together they took second place.



Sunday February 22sn.


Today the Top dog of the year 2008 was held.

Whisborne Viking Voyager was the only Eng.Spr.Sp. invited for this prestigious Dutch Show.

Foto H .van Wessem


It is always an honour to present your dog on the “ catwalk”

Darwin is the absolute most successful Eng.Spr.during 2008 in the Netherlands and not yet even two years old.

It is a pity that there are always people who think they have the right to destroy reputations of dogs and their breeders.

Don’t they have better thinks to do in life?


Our daughter Daphne had the pleasure to show the well known Gordon Setter Kilnrae Whirlwind on this prestigious show.

She handled him super to a second place in FCI group 7.

Well done Daphne we are so proud of you!!



Sunday February 15th.

CAC show Rheinberg Germany.

Daughter Daphne is visiting this show with Frits and Yvon Beekelaar to show their Irish and Gordon Setter.

With Kimmo – Lots of Love of the Red Empire she got open class excl.

With Pelle – Kilnrae Whirlwind – the very well known and Multi ch. Gordon Setter she became BOB-BIG and BOD-2

Well done Daphne.

This Sunday she will also show Pelle at the Top Dog of the Year show and at Crufts next month.

Well done Daphne!!

Many thanks to Frits and Yvon for giving Daphne these wonderful opportunities.


Saturday February 14th.

Finally we found some time to make new photo’s of Darwin.

Watch his own page.





Now that our latest litter left the house we have time to start showing again.

Seven pups went to their new homes one lovely lady stays here in the kennel.

Zilja van het Veense Springertje aka Jill

Some of the others will be seen at shows as well.


First show of the year here in Holland Inter.show Eindhoven

Judge Mr.A.Simons.


Interm.class males Whisborne Viking Voyager njk.08.B.jw.08.CW.08.Bssgr.08.W.08

First excl.CAC.CACIB BOB BIG-3

With this result he is already invited for the Top Dog of The Year show 2009


Youth class bitches Peasblossom Caress JW.08 first excl. junior CAC - BOS –CAC

Open class bitches White Flevet van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Res.CAC.-CACIB

A nice start of 2009