On this page we will keep you up to date on all the news about our kennel.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New year

Sunday December 19th.

We should have been at the Intern.Winner show Brussel Belgium.

But the weather is just awful so to be safe, we stayed at home and use the time to up date our site.



Sunday December 12th. Int.show Wijchen.

Multi Champ. Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. champ.class BOS

Ned.Kamp. Peasblossom Caress Njk.Jw.W 1 excl. champ.class BOB and BIG!!

Well done Mattie and Daphne!

Many thanks to everybody who made the most wonderful photo’s of our sweet girl.


Sunday November 28th

Amsterdam Winner judge.Mr.A.Brace.


Multi Champ.Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. chclass res.best male.

Ned.Kamp. Peasblossom Caress Njk.Jw.W 1 excl. ch.class res.cacib.

Zilja van het Veense Springertje njk.jw.08 lux.jeugd.kamp 1 excl. Interm.class.


Darwin and Jill in Brace class in the selection of 6 best.


We like to say thank you to Suzanne from Kennel Felicitous for all the lovely photo’s of our team!


Saturday November 6thIntern.show Bleiswijk

Judge Mr.vd.Berg


Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager champ.class 1 excl.cacib BOB

Champ.Peasblossom Caress Njk.Jw.W.09 1 excl. champ.class cacib BOS


We received the invitations for Top dog of the Year show 2010.

We made a little history as for the first time within our breed one owner is allowed to enter 3 Eng.Spr.Spaniels.

We got the invitation for the third time on row for our Swedish boy Whisborne Viking Voyager, his daughter – still the baby of the family-  Zilja van het Veense Springertje and our English naughty girl Peasblossom Caress aka Mattie.



Saturday October 23 Intern.show Utrecht Judge Mrs. T.Wilbers-Boerekamps

Multi kamp.Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. Champ.class  cacib  BOB-BIG-2


Yazz van het Veense Springertje njk.08 open class 1 excl. Second best bitch R-cac cacib





Friday October 22sn with Xellwin v.h.Veense Springertje, Darwin and Mattie to the “eye specialist”  all three are checked healthy again.

What a relief.

We can go on with our breeding plans with Mattie.


Sunday October 17th reunion on the moor with the two litters we had earlier this year.

Thanks everybody for joining the walk with the furry kids !


Thursday October 14th.

With so much pain in our heart we had to let go our dear old sweetie Igraine v.h.Veense Springertje.


She was a wonderful Springer girl to own with a golden character and a lovely show career.

So many beautiful memories for always in our heart.



Sunday October 10th Intern.show Zwolle

Judge. Mrs. B.Banburry

 Judge of the Group Mr.R.Doudijns

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager champ.class 1 excl.cacib BOB BIG 

Champ.Peasblossom Caress Njk.Jw.W.09 1 excl. champ.class cacib BOS



Sunday September 12th All breed Club Show Tiel.

Judge Mr.A.Simons.

Open class males Multi Champ.Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. best male BOB-BIG-BIS

Baby class males Twilight van het Veense Springertje Best Baby owner Mrs.Koetsier


Breeders class males Champ.Xellwin van het Veense Springertje Njk.08 1excl. Second best male.


Interm.class bitches Zilja van het Veense Springertje Njk.Jw.09 Lux.j.ch.CW.10

1 excl. Best bitch BOS


Breeders class bitches Yazz van het Veense Springertje Njk.09 1 excl. Second best bitch.


Our team  became BIS breeders group



After a long summer break time for an up-date.


We are planning a litter early 2011 mother Peasblossom Caress, inquiries welcome.


Sunday September 5th champion clubshow ESSCN

Judge Mrs.T.Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint


Clubwinster ESSCN  2010

Zilja van het Veense Springertje njk.lux.jk.JW.09 1excl. Intern.class beste bitch and BOB !




Ch.Roqfolly Patriot Games Jw.05 open class 1 excl. best male.

Multi champ..Whisborne Viking Voyager champ.class 1 excl. second best male


Dutch Ch.Peasblossom Caress njk.09 jw.08w.09 2nd excl. open class

Ch.White Satin van het Veense Springertje njk.08 jw.07. breeders class 1 excl.



So our youngest team member hit the jackpot !!


Bred by us”:

Puppy class Albany v.h.Veense Springertje 1 vp. Owner  Mr.Mrs v.Dooren

Open class bitches White Felvet v.h.Veense Springertje 3excl. owner M.v.Dijk

Interm.class bitches Zirella v.h.Veense Springertje 3 excl. owner L.v.Kuik.



Sunday August 29th Intern.show Rotterdam

 judge Mr.Verrees Belgium.

Multi Kamp.Whisborne Viking Voyager ch..class  1 excl. seconc best male r.cacib

Zilja van het Veense Springertje njk.lux.jk.JW.09 1 excl. Interm. class


Darwin and Jill BIS brace class !


Saterday June 19th outdoor show Uden

judge Mrs. Radike.

Multi Kamp.Whisborne Viking Voyager ch.class 1 excl.. Best male Cacib BOB en BIG-3

Ned.Kamp.Peasblossom Caress Njk.JW.08 W.09 1excl. open class BOS CACIB




Sunday May 30th Gundog show Bennekom.

Mattie best in show and  Dutch.champion

Kamp.Peasblossom Caress Ned. JW ´08,Njk'09,W'09


Judge for the Breed Mr. P.Lammens Fr.

Judge for the Group Mr.V.Grundetjern Nor.

Judge for BIS Mrs.S.Jamer Austr.


Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. ch.class best male BOS

Peasblossom Caress  -Mattie- 1 excl. open class best bitch BOB  CAC  BIG and BIS!!

She was now old enough to gain her Dutch Ch.title.

She really did it in style !!


Saturday Intern.show Arnhem

Judge Mr.W.Wellens.

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. ch.class. second best male.


Saturday May 15th The nine kids are 8 weeks old by now.

They are leaving for their new homes.

We wish them all a long and happy life!

Hope to see you all at the reunion.


Our next litter is planned early 2011 with Mattie.


Some dogs bred by also enjoy agility

Here some nice pics of Noa owned by Monique v.Dijk.


Sunday April 18th Intern.show Goes.

Judge Mr.Zwijssen.

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 exc. Ch.class BOB-BIG-2

Xellwin van het Veense Springertje 1 uitm open class second best male with CAC. Res.CACIB

Xellwin is now Dutch Champion.


Monday April 5th Intern.show Leeuwarden.

Judge Mrs.W.de Vries-Hoogland.

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. ch.class BOB

Zilja v.h.Veense Springertje 1 excl.youth class.


Friday March 26

The official presentation of the Dutch Eucanuba Award 2009.

It was a very nice evening.

We are so proud of Darwin gaining this award as second best all breeds 2009.

He is the first English Spr.Spaniel here in Holland coming so far in the Dutch overall competition and he is not even 3 years old.


At the Dutch breed Club Darwin is awarded as best show male and his daughter Zilja van het Veense Springertje as best show bitch 2009.


Monday March 22

Time for a little up-date.

Last Friday kids from Rhapsody x Xellwin were born.

5 males (  3 liver-white, 2 black-white) 4 bitches ( 3 liver-white, 1 black-white)

Till now mother and kids are doing well.


Sunday March 21 Intern.show Leiden,

Judge Mrs.Halff-van Boven.

Peasblossom Caress aka Mattie open class 1 excl. and BOS CAC-CACIB

Whisborne Viking Voyager aka Darwin  BOB and BIG-2

His daughter Diamond Fever des Vauriennes 1 uitm jeugdklas en res.CAC.

Eig.K.Baan. Well done Jewel !


Sunday March 7th Intern.show Groningen,

Judge Mr.S.Lovenkjaer Sw.

Only Darwin entered, BOB and BIG-2



Our youngest team-member Zilja van het Veense Springertje is the cover girl for the English edition of the English Springer Spaniel from editor  “about animals”

Don’t need to say that we are a little proud about our girl.







Thuesday March 4th.


The pups left us but it wasn’t easy for everybody to say goodbye to mama.


Rhapsody has been mated by Xellwin van het Veense Springertje puppies expected in week 12.


Saturday February 27th show in Germany Rheinberg.

Judge Mrs. R.Lochs.

Whisborne Viking Voyager ch.class 1 excl. CAC. BOB and BIG-2

Peasblossom Caress open class 2 excl.


Tuesday February 9th.


The pups are almost 6 weeks old and doing so well.

Just a couple of weeks left before they will leave to their new owners.


August 2009 Dutch photographer Imre van Eijl visit our kennel for a photo shoot of several of our dogs.

You can see some of the result on the next pages from : Darwin, Xellwin, Amy and Jill.


Saturday February 6th

Intern.show Eindhoven judge Mrs.H.Ahrens Austria

Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. ch.class r.CAC-R.CACIB.






Winter in Ingen

THe new year started well

January first 5 puppies born

3 males and 2 bitches

Mother and kids doing well. click here