On this page we will keep you up to date on all the news about our kennel.



December 15th Inter.show Wijchen

Judged Mrs.P.Bannach Germany.


Lucetta van het Veense Springertje NJk interm.class 1 excl. Best bitch cac-cacib BOB BIG-2

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. ch.class cacib BOS

What a wonderful way to end the show year!


Sunday November 24 th Intern.Show Amsterdam Winner

Judge Mr.H.Lehtinen Finl.

Ch.class Nlch.Peasblossom Caress Njk.JW08 W.09-11 CW.12 1 excl. best bitch BOB  CACIB Crufts qualified and BIG-2

New Title to her credit Amsterdam Winner 2012

Well done Mattie,we are so proud of you.

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager  3 excl. Ch.class

After the judging some playtime with daughter and his little friend Tim.



Lucetta van het Veense Springertje NJK 1 excl. Interm.class

Ch.Zack van het Veense Springertje 2 excl.open class

And baby Hjalmar 1 vp BOB baby both boys owned and spoiled by Marloes van de Busse.



Saturday November 3th Inter.show.Bleiswijk

Judge Mw.Bennink-Smies

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager champ.class 1excl. cacib best male BOB BIG-6

Lucetta van het Veense Springertje Njk. Interm.class 1excl. Cac-cacib best bitch BOS


October 20th Inter.show Utrecht

Judge Mrs.T.A.Pillement-Heijen

This time we entered mother and daughter

Ch.Peasblossom Caress Njk. Je.08 W.09-11 CW12 champ.class 1 excl. second best bitch

Lucetta van het Veense Springertje NJk interm.class 1 excl. Best bitch cac-cacib BOB BIG-7


Thursday  september 6  Ingen

All the pups have found a new loving family.

We wish all the kids a happy future.


Sunday  September 2  Kerwijk 

Ch.clubmatch ESSCN  Sunday September 3th. Judge Mrs.Jane Eyeington

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl. ch.class best male BOS

Ch.White Satin van het Veense Springertje Njk. JW. 1 excl. Breeders class

Ch.Peasblossom Caress Njk.JW.W.09-11 1 excl.Ch.class best bitch BOB a new title to her credit Club Winner 2012 and an invitation for the Top Dog of the Year show 2012!!


Her daughter Lucetta van het Veense Springertje Njk. 1 excl junior class and second best bitch behind her mother!!

Well done little girl

And to make the party complete Darwin’s son Wanganui von der Beyenburg bred and owned by Eva Halbach became 1 excl.breeders  class and second best male

Thanks to Jeanne for all the lovely photos!

What a day!!



Sunday August 29 Rotterdam

Intern.show Rotterdam judge Mrs.Valerie Lockhart GB.

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager 1 excl.ch.class second best male

Lucetta van het Veense Springertje 1 excl. Junior class best bitch BOS J.cac CAC.



Saturday August 5

The pups are almost 5 weeks old and are doing fine.

One male puppy is looking for a new home, show quality

Daddy “Jack” has his own homepage www.springerboys.se

For more information, please contact us.


Tuesday July 3th the pups are born!

6 males and 4 bitches.

Until now pups and mother are doing well.

New photos of this litter under : born litter.

We hope to place new photos every week.


We received the official hip score of Lucetta van het Veense Springertje aka Abby : A

Very happy about that.


June 23 Intern.show Uden

Judge Mrs.Schrander.

Only Darwin  (Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager) entered BOB and BIG-5


In the weekend of June 16-17 we went to the Spaniel show in Germany Neuss.

Darwin got 2 times the CAC so now he is also new German VDH and Club Champion.

Lucetta v.h.Veense Springertje got 2 times 1 excl. in junior class with J.CAC.


Tuesday June 12 time for some news.


Our trip to Sweden wasn’t in vain, Jill is pregnant.



Sunday June 3 Nat.Gundogshow

Judge Mr.Falsy Irl.

In pouring rain our dogs got the next result.

Ch.Zack v.h.Veense Springertje 1 excl. Ch.class cac best male owner M.vd.Busse.

Well done Harf!

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager 2 excl.ch.class second best male.

Lucetta van het Veense Springertje Njk.12 1 excl. Junior class second best bitch rcac.


Lucetta gained her Dutch Junior Champion some shows ago but I forgot to mention this lovely result.

She also wet for the official hip score and it looks very good have to wait for the official result yet.


Sunday May 27 Interh.show Arnhem

Judge Mrs.R.Kadike.

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking 1 exc. Ch.class cacib best male BOB he was selected within the 6 best of group 8

Lucetta v.h.Veense Springertje Njk.12 1 excl. Junior class cac BOS


Monday May 7

Just back from a little trip to Sweden where Jill ( Zilja v.h.Veense Springertje) met Jack ( Stardom Special Effect)

Now we keep our fingers crossed for a nice litter.

Many thanks to Annika and Ida who made this mating possible!



Monday April 9 Intern.show Leeuwarden.

Judge. Mrs.Bunting GB

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager 1excl. Ch.class  BOB

Lucetta van het Veense Springertje 1 excl.youth class   and second best bitch R.CAC she gained het 3 JCAC and is now Dutch Junior Champion..well done Abby.



Sunday March 18th. Intern.show Leiden.

Judge. Mrs A.Th.Stuifbergen Hoetjes

Lucetta van het  Veense Springertje (Abby) 1 excl. Youth class J.CAC best bitch CAC and BOB.

Well done little girl!





Sunday February 26 Top dog of the Year Show.

Multi Ch.Whisborne Viking Voyager was invited for the 4 time in row for this prestigious show. This year as the only English Springer Spaniel.

He was selected with the 6 best of group 8

Well done Darwin


Saturday February 4th Intern.show Eindhoven

 Judge Mr.J.Boelaars.

We only entered Lucetta v.h.Veense Springertje.

It was her first show into junior class and what marvellous start of her show carreer.

First excl.with J.CAC Best Bitch CAC BOB and BIG-5!!



It took some time but we finally made up our mind about a male for Zilja v.h.Veense Springertje aka Jill.

We found a very lovely, healthy and sweet natured boy.

We expect her to come into season April/May so hopefully pups during the summer.

After the mating we will give more info.