Welcome to the website of Foundation Wollega-Ethiopie
Foundation Wollega-Ethiopie was established at the end of 2004. Wollega is the name of the area where we are working. The goal of the foundation is to support people who are suffering from elephantiasis (elephant legs) caused by podoconiosis.

We work together with 9 mission clinics, who provide health care in the rural areaís in Wollega, we perform research, provide health education, support prevention activities and treatment of health problems caused by podoconiosis. With a small micro credit program we are able to give economic support.

It was the initiative of Cora Ney-Bruin and Anita van Oldenborgh-Boom to establish the foundation in 2004. Cora visited the area for the first time in 1994 and is one of the founders of Foundation Strumeth (www.strumeth.nl), an organization to prevent and treat health problems caused by iodine deficiency. A lot of people in Wollega suffer from iodine deficiency and elephantiasis. All board members of Foundation Wollega-Ethiopie and a number of local people work as volunteers . Every year at least one of the board members visit Ethiopia. All travel costs are paid by the members themselves.

Why was this foundation created?
A lot of podoconiosis patients suffer from terrible swelling, fevers and awful infections. They are the poorest of the poor. Untreated the disease can cause terrible stinking wounds, it causes these persons to become pariahs in their community. After listening to the stories of social exclusion and the feelings of hopelessness of patients we established the foundation to support the mission clinics to help the people with elephantiasis. The health workers encourage the patients to visit the clinics, treat the wounds and teach them how to care for their legs and feet. In Holland we try to get attention for these forgotten people. The foundationís income is supported by sponsor activities and regular contributors. Together we can give hope and a future.


Who are the people of the foundation?

drs. Gerben Kingma, KNO-arts (voorzitter)  
drs. Cora Ney-Bruin, medisch antropologe (secretaris)  
drs. Adri van Mastrigt- Valstar, huisarts (bestuurslid)  
Anita van Oldenborgh-Boom (erelid)  
drs. Quintus van Mastrigt, huisarts (medewerker medisch onderzoek)  
Wieger Dijkstra: penningmeester  
Sigrid van Westrop-van Nek (nieuwsbrief)  
Sabine van Erp (website)  



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