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village meeting in west-Wollega poor cottage in the rural area

Wollega is the highland area in the Southwestern part of Ethiopia with more rainfall than in the dry Northern and Eastern area’s of Ethiopia. In the province Wollega live the Oromo's, the largest tribe of Ethiopia. The majority of the Oromo people are farmers. Income is mainly gained from agriculture, cattle and coffee.

In the area where Foundation Wollega-Ethiopie is given support, many people are poor.

The unemployment is very high, especially among young people. Only about 30% of the children in the rural area go to school.

The daily food consist of mainly enjerra (sort of pancake) with a spicy vegetable sauce, the daily drink is coffee.

daily work, heavy loads shabby cottage, many diseases

Meat and eggs are expensive and most people cannot afford them. In times of drought, also people in this area suffer from hunger. Beside malnutrition, most people also suffer from anemia and diseases like parasite infections, pneumonia, aids, elephantiasis and goiter. Most people are orthodox , muslim, protestant or catholic.

Health care in Dembidollo area
Dembidollo is the province capital of Western Wollega. It is a small town with a health centre, a small hospital and several schools. The market days on Wednesday and Saturday are visited by the whole area. Dembidollo is situated about 300 miles to the West from Addis Abeba, the main capital of Ethiopia. The roads in Dembidollo as well as in the rural area around it are bad, especially in the rainy season. There are four Catholic mission clinics in the rural area around Dembidollo: Addo, Danka, Sakko and Alaqu. In the past Dutch Lazarists priests were working in these villages. Nowadays just one of them is still living in Dembidollo.
The mission clinics are involved in giving education and health care to the people in the villages and surroundings. Every centre has his own small health clinic, in which certified health workers are working. Very remote areas are visited by these health workers for vaccination programs and mother and child care.

Health care in Nekemte
Nekemte is the province capital of Eastern Wollega and is situated about 300 km to the West of Addis Abeba. This city is bigger than Dembidollo and has more shops, schools and industry. However, the life and economic situation in the rural area around Nekemte is comparable with the Dembidollo area. There are several Catholic missions in the surroundings of Nekemte, including schools and small health clinics. Health workers also give support to remote areas in providing vaccination programs and mother and child care.

a nurse visits patients at home mission sisters, working as nurses in the health clinic of Ariajawi, a village in the neighborhood of Nekemte

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