Quality Management

Selected links

Amelior Centrum voor Kwaliteitszorg (Belgium)

The American Productivity and Quality Center

American Statistical Association

ASQ, American Society for Quality

Benchmarking Plus (Australia)

BPR-On-Line Learning Center

Brazilian Institute for Quality and Productivity

British Deming Association

British Quality Foundation

British Standards Organisation (BSI)

Business Processes Resource Centre (UK)

Center for Group Learning

Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Server (Dept of Industrial Engineering, Clemson Unv)

Philip Crosby Homepage (author of "Quality is Free")

Danish Society for Quality

W. Edwards Deming Institute

Deming Scandinavia (Norway)


European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)

European Quality Awards

Euroqual The European Organization for Quality

Excellence Ireland

Finnish Society for Quality (Finnish)

French Deming Association

GOAL/QPC for continuous improvement

Goldratt Institute (Theory of Constraints)

Hanching Chung (Taiwan): Deming related material

Humor at work

IAQT Mèxico, Instituto Avanzado para la Calidad Total - (Mexico)

Institute of Configuration Management

Internal Auditor.com

International Quality & Productivity Center

Irish Quality Association

Juran Institute with cases and papers by the institute, benchmarking, Six Sigma, etc

Kaizen Institute

Korea National Institute of Technology and Quality

Leader HQ (Skymark) Quality management resources

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Homepage

Management thinkers (Skymark)

MANS, Network on Quality (NL)

Mouvement quebecois de la qualite, promoting quality principles and practices in French

Nederlandse Kwaliteitsprijs (NL)

NEN - Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut (Dutch Institute for Standardization)

New Link Suggestions

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Centre for Quality (Singapore)

NIST (U.S. Institute of Standards and Technology) Quality Program

Philip Crosby Associates

Public Sector Continuous Improvement Site

QFD Institut Deutschland

Qualitätsmanagement unter einem D,A,CH

Quality Improvement

Quality Magazine onLine

Quality Methods International

Quality Network (UK)

The Quality Observer On-Line

Quality Technology and Management Homepage
(Department of Mechanical Engineering at Linkøping University, Sweden)


Small Bear (Canada)

Stjórnvísi Excellence Iceland - Icelandic Association for Quality

South African Society for Quality

Stichting Kwaliteitsdienst KDI (NL)

Swiss Association for the Promotion of Quality

TIPS Innovation, Center for Inventive Problem Solving (Sweden)

Total Quality Management Magazine

TQM-BBS quality related files


Vlaams Kwaliteitscentrum (Belgium)

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