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HISTORY (concerts joinly organised by CHIME in 2006-2007):

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, the Netherlands

As a follow-up of the hugely successful Amsterdam China Festival which took place in October 2005, the newly built, prestigeous concert hall Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ has taken the initiative to host a regular series of Chinese concerts on a yearly basis. For the artistic contents of these concerts the Muziekgebouw closely cooperates with the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research, CHIME. As a consequence, some of China's greatest musicians featured in this wonderful hall in the last few months.

A brief overview of the four concerts which took place last season:

Wednesday, 6 December 2006, 20:30: Gong Linna and Ensemble.
One of China's most unconventional, classically trained vocalists. She sounds raw, refined, Eastern, Western, folky, aristocratic. With her encapturing voice she knows how to blend traditional and new, East and West, folk and art-music into a convincing whole. In this concert, she was accompanied by five enticing Chinese instrumentalists. Her performance included many new compositions by Robert Zollitsch.
(For more information on Gong Linna, see

Wednesday 31 January 2007, 20:30: Chinese Bards
The sophisticated, humorous dialogues of Suzhou Tanci masters Sheng Xiaoyun and Jin Lisheng, the unrepeatable tongue-twisters of kuaban 'rapper' Wang Yan, combined with the warm-blooded folk-pop sounds of the Shanghainese band Cold Fairyland.
(For more info on Cold Fairyland, see and

Wednesday 28 March 2007, 20:30: Speaking in Tongues
One of the most distinguished pipa players of this day, Gao Hong (USA) cooperated in this concert with multi-instrumentalist and composer Sowah Mensah (Ghana), percussionist Marc Anderson, and basguitarist Enrique Tuossaint. Coming from totally different musical environments, they create an intrigueing combination of tradition, folk, and jazz.
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Monday 23 April 2007, 20:30: Three Masters on Chinese Strings
Three traditional masters of respectable age: Yang Xiuming from Shantou, Guangdong privince (zheng) Lin Youren from Shanghai (guqin) and Li Guangzu from Beijing (pipa). Original, meditative, introvert, explosive. The veritable Last of the Mohikans! The concert was interspersed with film fragments of recent interviews with the performers. Frank Kouwenhoven gave an introduction at 19:30 in the BAM zaal.

Price: EUR 20 per concert. EUR 64 for the whole series.
If you contact CHIME, you may be able to get considerable discount on the ticket price.

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Piet Heinkade 1, Amserdam
Tel: +31.(0)20 - 788 2000 (mo to sat: 12:00 - 19:00)

A replica of the celebrated set of 65 antique bronze bells of Marquis Yi of Zeng (Warring States Period, roughly 2,500 years old) is currently in Germany for a series of concerts to celebrate the opening of the new Mercatorhalle in Duisburg (address: City Palais, Landfermannstr 6, Duisburg). The bells will be on display in this venue's exhibition hall from 10 to 22 April 2007. The Duisberg Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra will play Tan Dun's Symphony 1997 (incorporating the replica bells) on the 25th and the 26th of April. More information:

The MusikTriennale Koln 2007 will include a China weekend from 11-13 May, featuring a great many music events. These include the Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe's adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet (The Revenge of the Prince), highlights from the repertoire of the Quanzhou Marionette Theatre and the Jinjiang Hand Puppet Theatre from Fujian, performances of 'silk and bamboo' music (jiangnan sizhu) by players from Shanghai and various concerts of qin music (Lin Youren, Wu Na), demonstrations of the ancient Yongzhong bells at the Museum for East Asian Art, various film documentaries on Chinese music, as well as several concerts of contemporary, improvised, and electronic music, by the Ensemble modern, the Nieuw Ensemble, poet Yan Jun and others. The weekend is co-organized by CHIME. More information:

A fine adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet by the Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe (The Revenge of the Prince) will be staged in the Kölner Philharmonie in Cologne, Germany on the 12th of May (see above), and at the Lucent Danstheater in The Hague, The Netherlands on the 16th of May, with introductory talks by Frank Kouwenhoven. The opera ensemble's tour is organized in co-operation with CHIME. More information on the performance in The Hague: and