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- Issue 10-11 -

Nos.10-11, Spring/Autumn 1997 (double issue, 240 pp, published March 1999)

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'From the Editor - Barbarian Pipes Forever. Some thoughts on Chinese culture and nationalism.' 3-7.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank & A. Schimmelpenninck - 'Guo Wenjing , composer's portrait: "The strings going hong hong hong and the percussion bong kh - that's my voice!"' 8-49.

CHENG Yu - 'The precarious state of the qin in contemporary China. Report on the Beijing Guqin Research Association.' 50-61.

ZHU Yongzhong, Qi Huimin & Kevin Stuart - 'Minhe Mangghuer kugurjia songs Mirror-bright hearts and poor lives.' 62-78.

YU Hui (transl. by Christopher Evans) - 'Discontinuity in guqin temperament prior to the 15th century. An Investigation of temperament of guqin music as evidenced in Shen Qi Mi Pu.' 79-110.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'New Chinese Operas by Qu Xiaosong, Tan Dun and Guo Wenjing.' 111-122.

CHOW Yiu Fai & Jeroen de Kloet - 'Sounds from the margin: Beijing rock scene faces an uncertain future.' 123-128.

REA, Dennis - 'China witnesses a sudden vogue for jazz The Land tour and the emergence of jazz in China.' 129-138.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'Lively exchange during East Asian Strings Report on the 3rd international Chime meeting.' 139-144.

ZHANG Xingrong (transl. by Helen Rees) - 'A new discovery: Traditional 8-part polyphonic singing of the Hani of Yunnan.' 145-152.

LI Wei (transl. by Helen Rees) - 'Life cycle rituals and their music among the Mosuo of Yongning (Yunnan).' 153-156.

LANCASHIRE, Terence - 'For gods or men - changing faces of Iwami kagura.' 157-171.

PICKEN, Laurence, N.J. Nickson & M. Wells - 'West River Moon - A song-melody predicted by a lute-piece in piba tablature.' 172-185.


HARRIS, Rachel - Jonathan Stock: Musical Creativity in Twentieth-Century China: Abing, His Music, and Its Changing Meanings, 186-188.


CHENG Yu, Julian Joseph, Frank Kouwenhoven - Music Beyond Sound. The Silk String Zither. John Thompson, guqin. (3 reviews), 189-194.

REES, Helen - Dongjing Music in Yunnan, China, Vols 1 and 2, 195-197.

JONES, Stephen - Xi'an Drums Music (Xi'an guyue), 197-199.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - Tan Dun: Ghost Opera, Death & Fire, Marco Polo, Symphony 1997 (4 CDs), 200-203.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - Urna Chahartugchi et al.: Tal Nutag (4 CDs), 203-205.