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- Issue 12-13 -

Nos.12-13, Spring/Autumn 1998 (double issue, 240 pp, published Aug. 1999)

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'From the Editor - Music in cities, music in villages.' 4-7.

DUCHESNE, Isabelle - 'The concept of weir - "Flavour/taste" in the vocal music of Jingxi (Peking Opera).' 8-28.

HANSSON, Anders - 'What was wrong with Chinese opera? Criticism of opera in the Ming and early Qing periods.' 29-40.

WELLS, Marnix - 'Three-line tail sounds. The operatic three-line coda.' 41-69.

DU Yaxiong: 'Shaonian, courtship songs from Northwest China: A tradition shared by many ethnic groups.' 70-86.

ZEVIK, Emma and ZOU Xiangping - 'Sichuan street songs. The everyday cries of street vendors in Chengdu.' 87-97.

OLIVOVA, Lucie - 'Storytelling in Yangzhou - Impressions from the 18th century book Yangzhou huafang lu.' 98-108.

KNAPP, Alexander - 'The current state of research into the religious music of the Kaifeng Jews.' 109-115.

GILD, Gerlinde - 'Early 20th century "reforms" in Chinese music. Dreams of renewal inspired by Japan and the West.' 116-123.

DAI Xiaolian - 'A study of the guqin piece Meihua san nong (Plum Blossom - Three Variations).' 124-143.

UTZ, Christian - '"Extreme cross-over, extremely personal music" - Interview with Tan Dun.' 142-150.

STEEN, Andreas - 'Buddhism & rock music - A new music style ?' 151-164.

BUTTERLY, Nigel - 'Alley in Wellington. Jack Body's opera about a New Zealander in China.' 165-169.

DU Yaxiong - 'Gansu "flower songs" bloom in Wellington. Chinese folk singers perform in an avant-garde opera.' 170-174.

TAROCCO, Francesca - 'Report on the 4th International Chime Meeting, Heidelberg.' 175-180.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'From Mahler to China: the Heidelberg Concerts & Luo Zheng's paintings.' 181-186.


RAO, Nancy Yunhwa & Christian UTZ - B. Mittler: Dangerous Tunes. The Politics of Chinese Music in Hong Kong, Taiwan & the PRC since 1949 (2 reviews), 187-194.

KUZAY, Stefan - Bell Yung, Rawski & Watson (ed.): Harmony and Counterpoint, Ritual Music in Chinese Context, 195-198.

LAI, Eric - Du Yaxiong: Zhongguo minzu jiben yueli, 199-200.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - Joseph Lam: State Sacrifices and Music in Ming China, 201-202.

EVANS, Christopher - Bell Yung: Celestial Airs of Antiquity. Music of the Seven-String Zither, 203-205.

SCHIMMELPENNINCK, A. - V. Børdahl: The Oral Tradition of Yangzhou Storytelling, 206-207.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - Jo Riley: Chinese theatre and the actor in performance, 208-210.


JONES, Stephen Jones - Wind and Percussion Music of Northern Shanxi, 211.

KOET, Jeroen de - Candy Lo's Miao and Anita Mui's Larger than Life, 212-214.

STEEN, Andreas - Zang Tianshuo: Pengyou (Friend), 215.

BHATTACHARYA, Claudine - Anthology of World Music: N. Indian Classical Music, 216.