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- Issue 14-15 -

Nos.14-15, 1999/2000 (double issue, 256 pp, published December 2000)

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'From the Editor - Too Close for Comfort.' 5-7.

TIAN Qing (transl. by TAN Hwee-San) - 'The Sinicization of Buddhist Music (Part I).' 8-30.

HUGHES, David W. - '"Soran Bushi": the Many Lives of a Japanese Folk Song.' 31-47.

HARRIS, Rachel - 'From Shamanic Ritual to Karaoke: The (Trans)migrations of a Chinese Folksong.' 48-60.

NYGREN, Christina - 'Report from a Chinese Village: A Travelling Theatre Group in Rural Shanxi.' 61-69.

TAN, Shzr Ee - 'The Real Amis Enigma: Life Histroy of a Taiwanese Aboriginal Musician.' 70-81.

BRÖSICKE, Blandina - 'The Ideal of Sound in Fujian Nanyin.' 82-88.

LEE, Joanna - 'Interview with Composer Han Yong.' 89-102.

MICIC, Peter - 'Pop 'n' Rock Loan Words and Neologisms in the PRC.' 103-123.

STEEN, Andreas - 'Zhou Xuan: "When Will the Gentleman Come Back Again?"' 124-153.

TAN, Hwee-San - '35th ICTM World Conference in Hiroshima, 1999.' 154-156.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'Music in Cities Versus Music in Villages. Report on the 5th CHIME Meeting, Prague, 1999.' 158-163.

ZHENG, Su & Stephen Jones - 'A Meeting in Memory of Yang Yinliu: "Musicology in China", Beijing, 1999.' 164-166.

TAN, Hwee-San - '"2000 Years of Buddhism in the East" - Report on the International Buddhist Music Conference, Taipei, 2000.' 167-170.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'Asian Theatre, Hobby Horses and Throat Singing: Report on IIAS-CHIME meeting, Leiden 2000.' 171-180.


LEE, Tong Soon - Terry E. Miller and Sean Williams, eds.: The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Volume 4: Southeast Asia. 181-183.

KRAUSE, Carsten - M. Claus-Bachmann: Mahayana-buddhistische Liturgie im heutigen Indonesien: Musikkulturelle Überlieferung chinesischer Migranten.183-185.

MICIC, Peter - Zhongguo yinyue wenwu daxi. [Compendium of Chinese Music Antiquities.] 185-186.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - Christina Nygren: Gastar, generaler och gäckande gudinnor; resande teatersälskap, religiösa festivalert och populära nöjen i dagens Japan och Kina. 187-188.

DENG, Wei - John Meyers: The Way of the Pipa. 188-190.

STOCK, Jonathan - Bell Yung and Joseph S.C. Lam, eds.: Themes and Variations: Writings on Music in Honor of Rulan Chao Pian. 190-191.


TAROCCO, Francesca - Chine / Fanbai / Chant Liturgique bouddhique. (3 Vols). 192-194.

GALLIANO, Luciana & Frank Kouwenhoven - Messe des Jesuites de Pekin / Concert Baroque ā la Cité Interdite (Pedrini and Amiot). (2 Vols). 194-197.

HARRIS, Rachel - Mukam Art Troupe: Hong Meigui / Ni Buyao Haiwo Xinjiang Instrumental Music and Xinjiang Folksongs). (2 Vols). 198-199.

KLOET, Jeroen de - Chinese rock on the label Modern Sky: NO - Missing Master / Sober - Very Good!? / Supermarket - The Look. (3 CDs), 199-203.