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- Issue 16-17 -

Nos.16-17, 2005 (double issue, 256 pp, published December 2005)

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'From the Editor - Towards an 'early music movement' in China.' 1-6.

THRASHER, Alan - 'The Changing Musical Tradition of the Taipei Confucian Ritual.' 7-33.

YANG Hon-Lun - '"Angry Old Man" Wang Xilin's Symphonic Odyssey.' 34-56.

WANG Zheng-Ting - 'How to Improve the Sheng as a Concert Instrument? A Modern Player's Perspective.' 57-71.

TAYLOR, Jeremy - 'Images fo the Hometown: The Clash of City and Village in Taiwanese Popular Songs.' 72-87.

BENDER, Mark - '"Assistant" Tanci Storytellers; Personal Narratives and Insights.' 88-102.

MIDDENDORF, Ulrike - 'The Fate of Spring Willow Society and the "Enlightened Theatre" Movement as Remembered by the Actyor Ouyang Yuqian.' 103-126.

LAM Ching Wah - 'Interview with Composer Han Yong.' 127-147.

HANSSON, Anders - 'The Return of Yellow Music.' 148-179.

FERGUSON, Daniel - 'Cantonese Opera Performance in Rural and Urban Contexts.' 180-191.

SHINKO Kagaya - 'Chinese Patterns of Reception of Japanese Theatre During the Time of Modernization.' 192-203.

KILLICK, Andrew - 'Ch'angguk: A Hybrid-Popular Musical Theatre of Korea.' 158-163.


WELLS, Marnix - L.E.R. Picken: Music from the Tang Court, 7. 216-218.

TAN Hwee-San - Deborah Wong: Sounding the centre: history and aesthetics in Thai Buddhist performance.219-222.

MORCOM, Anna - Kiela Diehl: Echoes from Dharamsala: Music in the Life of a Tibetan Refugee Community. 223-225.

STADEN, Maya-Matthea van - Carole Pegg: Mongolian music, dance, and oral narrative: performing diverse identities. 225-231.

TAN Shzr-Ee - Helen Rees: Echoes of History: Naxi Music in Modern China. 241-232.

JONES, Stephen - Alan Thrasher: Chinese Musical Instruments. 233-234.

MICIC, Peter - Wang Shixiang: Beijing Pigeon Whistles. 234-235.

MICIC, Peter - Wiang Renkang: Xuetang yuege kaoyuan. [An Investigation inot the Origins of School Songs]. 235-236.

MICIC, Peter - Xiao Mei: Tianyede huisheng: Yinyue renleixue biji. [Echoes in the Field: Notes on Musical Anthropology]. 236-238.

WU Fan - Zhang Zhentao: Yizhong xiangcun lisu zhongde guchui yueshe. [Village Rituals of Music Associations in Rural Hebei Province.] 238-239.

XIE Sui - Ju Qihong: Xin Zhongguo Yinyueshi. [A History of Muisc in China: 1949-2000.] 239.

WANG Qinglei - Wang Zichu: Zhongguo Yinyue Kaoguxue. [Musical Archaeology of China.] 240.

TATE, Aaron Philip - Vibeke Bordahl and Jette Ross: Chinese Storytellers. Life and Art in the Yangzhou Tradition. 240-241.


HAN Mei - Hugo's window on the world of Chinese zheng. 242-245.

CHEN, Mon-Shan - Wen Loong-Hsing: Beyond the Moon and Tidal. 246-247.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - Liu Fang and Farhan Sabbagh Arabic and CHinese music 247-248.

JOSEPH, Julian - Chen Wen: Xian Wai zhi Yin. [Music from Beyong the Strings.] 248.