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- Issue 4 -

No. 4, Autumn 1991 (124 pp, published December 1991)

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - From the Editor - 'Do we pay for the music ?' 2-3.

CHONG, Woei Lien - 'Rock Star Cui Jian, Young China's voice of the 1980s.' 4-22.

ZHANG Zuo Zhi & Helmut Schaffrath - 'China's "Mountain Songs" - Chinese Terminology Relating to Shan'ge.' 23-33.

SCHIMMELPENNINCK, Antoinet - 'In Reply to Zhang's and Schaffrath's Article: What about the Singers ?' 34-39.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'Bringing to Life Tunes of Ancient China. Interview with Laurence Picken.' 40-65.

YANG Mu - 'Chinese Music in Australia. Report on Research and Concert Activities.' 66-71.

FERBER, Jens & Marlies Nuttebaum - 'Yueju - Zhejiang Opera with and All-Female Cast.' 72-78.

SCHIMMELPENNINCK, Antoinet - '31st World Conference of the ICTM in Hong Kong. Major Focus on Chinese Music.' 79-83.

NESNA, Jelle - 'Wooo Zeee ! Film Project on Naxi Rituals Failed.' 84-91.

MITTLER, Barbara - '20th Century Chinese Compositions in The C.C. Liu Collection.' 92-95.

WU Ben - 'The Konghou Recreated.' 101-102.


KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'A Global Musical Culture.' Review of Harrison Ryker, ed. - New Music in the Orient - Essays on Composition in Asia since World War II, 96-100.


KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'The Genesis of a Modern Opera.' CD review of Tan Dun - Nine Songs, Ritual Opera,113-116.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'Minority Music.' CD reviews of 1) Mongolian Epic Song, Zhangar and 2) Music of Chinese Minorities, World Music library no. 42, 116-117.

SCHIMMELPENNINCK, Antoinet - 'Series of Guzheng Masters.' CD reviews of 5 CDs from the HUGO series: 1) Guangdong Kejia - Han Zheng Music (Rao Ningxin), 2) Han Zheng Music (Jiao Jinhai), 3) High Mountain and Flowing Water - Henan Zheng Music (Cao Guifen), 4) Book Rhyme - Shandong Zheng Music (Han Tinggui), 5) Jackdaws Gambol Water - Chaozhou Zheng Music (Lin Maogen), 117-118.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'Music of the Aboriginals in Taiwan.' CD reviews of 1) Taiwan - Misique des peuples minoritaires (rec. Cheng Shui-cheng), 2) Plyphonies Vocales des Aborigenes de Taiwan (rec. Lu Pin-Chuan, 1960s & recs. of Festival des Cultures du Monde, Paris, 1988), 3) Taiwan, Republic of China - Music of the Aboriginal Tribes (rec. Wolfgang Laade), 4) Peuples aborigenes de Taiwan, Chants de Travail et d'Amour (comp. Hsu Tsang Houei), 118-121.

SCHIMMELPENNINCK, Antoinet - 'Guangdong Music.' Review of HUGO CD Tolling of Buddhist Temple - Guangdong Music, 121.