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- Issue 9 -

No. 9, Autumn 1996 (178 pp, published Dec. 1996)

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - From the Editor - 'East Asian Voices': Knotty questions.' 2-3.

MITTLER, Barbara - 'Mirrors and Double Mirrors. The Politics of Identity in New Music from Hong Kong & Taiwan.' 4-44.

SAUNDERS, Glen - 'A Chinese Composer's views on Greek Drama and Buddhism. Qu Xiaosong's Opera The Death of Oedipus.' 46-56.

PUTTEN, Bas van - 'Tan Dun's Marco Polo, a multi-cultural journey.' 57-62.

SCHIMMELPENNINCK, Antoinet - 'Chinese Folk Singers in Jiangsu Province(2).' 63-88.

ZHU Yongzhong and Kevin Stuart - 'Ritual Village Songs in East Qinghai: Minhe Monguor Nadun Texts.' 89-105.

DENG Wei - 'Creative Variation in Traditional Pipa Music.' 106-117.

JAIVIN, Linda - 'Hou Dejian and the Rise of Pop Music in Taiwan in the Seventies.' 118-123.

TAN Hwee San - 'A Report on the 1995 Chime Meeting East Asian Voices.' 124-131.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'Storytellers know best about storytelling: NIAS Workshop on Chinese Oral Literature, Denmark.' 132-135.

JONES, Stephen - 'Te Han Tang Yuehfu Tour of Europe, 1996.' 136-137.


RILEY, Jo - Rossner & Brandl: Nuo Geistermasken aus Anhui, 138-140.

HARRIS, Rachel - Du Yaxiong: Zhongguo ge minzu minjian yinyue gaishu ['A Survey of the folk music of each of China's minority nationalities'], 141-142.

KOUWENHOVEN, Frank - 'Chinese instrumental folk music'; book & CD review of Stephen Jones: Folk Music of China - Living Instrumental Traditions (book & CD set), and Lawrence Witzleben: Silk and Bamboo Music in Shanghai, The Jiangnan Sizhu Instrumental Tradition (book & CD), 143-146.