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Enthusiastic responses to the CHIME Journal in its first year of existence (1990) indicated the actual extent of scholarly and artistic activities in the field of Chinese music, not only in Europe, but also in America, Australia and various Asian countries bordering on China. The CHIME Journal (ISSN 0926-7263) appears annually. It contains articles (scholarly or journalistic) about fieldwork and study experiences in China, CD and film reviews, information on books, records, scientific journals, concerts, seminars and meetings, current research projects, university programs and possibilities for scholarships. The journal functions as a broad platform for the exchange of ideas, news and information. Readers' contributions are welcomed. The journal is amply illustrated. We regret to say that it is not available in electronic form.

The current editors of the CHIME Journal are Frank Kouwenhoven and Dr. Antoinet Schimmelpenninck (Leiden University).
The Editorial Board consists of Dr. Giovanni Giuriati (University of Rome), Dr. Georges Goormaghtigh (AIMP, Geneva), Professor Barend ter Haar (Leiden University), Professor Keith Howard (SOAS London), Dr. David W. Hughes (SOAS London), Dr. Stephen Jones (SOAS London), Dr. Ulrike Middendorf (University of Heidelberg), Dr. Barbara Mittler (University of Heidelberg), Dr. Jonathan Stock (University of Sheffield), and Dai Xiaolian (Shanghai Conservatory of Music).

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