CHIME Journal
- Subscription information -

Annual subscription (including postage): EUR 25. This covers two single issues or (in recent years) one double issue. Back issues (single) can be ordered for EUR 12,50 per issue. Double issues are available at the normal subscription price of EUR 25. All back issues are available except Nos. 3, 4 and 5. If more back issues are ordered in one go, you may receive a considerable discount. Please contact our office about this.

Subscription fees are payable in EURO, USD or GBP (pound sterling). Readers in Holland can transfer the amount in Euro to ING acc. no. 6255037, c/o CHIME, P.O.Box 11092, 2301 EB Leiden. Readers outside Holland can send the amount in Euro by bank transfer (see below). Readers in the UK can also pay by cheque written in GBP (pound sterling), made payable to F. Kouwenhoven, Vliet 35, Leiden. Readers in the USA and elsewhere can also pay by cheque written in USD (US dollars), made payable to A. Schimmelpenninck, Gerecht 1, 2311 TC Leiden. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR USD OR GBP CHEQUES PAYABLE TO CHIME!!! Cheques should be sent to our Leiden office.

Bank transfers should be made to our ING bank account no. 6255037 c/o CHIME, P.O.Box 11092, 2301 EB Leiden, The Netherlands. (Address bank: ING Bank, P.O. Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam.) International transfer codes: BIC (Bank Identification Code, also called Swift code): INGBNL2A. Our IBAN (International Bank Account Number): NL77INGB0006255037.

Chime Journal, recent issues
Publication has been irregular in recent years. CHIME nos. 10 and 11 (covering subscription period 1997) were published, with delay, as a double issue in March 1999. CHIME nos. 12 & 13 (1998) appeared as a double issue in August 1999. CHIME nos. 14-15 (1999/2000) were published in December 2000. Nos. 16 -17 (2005) were published in spring 2006. We are presently working on issue 18-19, which is scheduled to appear in the course of 2010.