At its office in Leiden, the CHIME Foundation hosts a library for books, articles, papers, theses and dissertations on Chinese music. At present it contains approximately 4,000 books and music scores, 3,000 cassettes, magnetic tapes and gramophone records (including many 78 rpm commercial records as well as historical field recordings), and several hundred video tapes. The Foundation subscribes to over one hundred journals in the field of ethnomusicology and Chinese music. We have a small collection of Chinese and Asian instruments which is on display. From its very start in 1991 students and scholars from all over the world have paid visits to the archive and have made use of our facilities.
The rapid growth of materials and the need to catalogue them puts increasing pressure on our capacities, both in terms of people and equipment. We regret that we cannot duplicate video or sound recordings kept in our archive. On request, visitors can consult recordings and video documents in our sound room. Visitors can borrow books for the duration of six weeks (or longer, on special arrangement). The library has xerox facilities. We regret that we cannot lend out journals and audiovisual materials (sound recordings, videos etc.), and cannot honour requests to send books to readers or provide copies of materials by mail. We have no on-line catalogue (yet!).
The library can be visited on appointment. It is open on workdays from 10.00 AM to 18.00 PM except in holiday periods. Contact us by phone, fax or e-mail.

Visiting address
CHIME Library
Gerecht 1, Leiden
The Netherlands

or: +31-71-5133.123.