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Chinese (or Asian) Studies and Ethnomusicology (general)

Chinese Studies, general. EACS, the European Association of Chinese Studies:

Associatoin for Asian Studies (general), AAS:

Asian Studies. IIAS, the International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University, The Netherlands:

Asian Studies (general): ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) website offers info on activities, electronic document delivery, titles of academic articles and books and NGO reports. Updated weekly.

Asia House (London)
Asia house was established in 1996 to promote greater understanding of the cultures and economies of Asian countries through Corporate and Cultural Programmes. The corporate Programme keeps corporate members in touch with key developments in Asia through exclusive meetings with Asian ministers and other decision makers. The Cultural Department organises a dynamic programme of exhibitions and performing arts ranging from traditional to popular culture. Members are invited to lectures, exhibition pereview, pre-concert talks, visits to museums, galleries and special collections and tours to Asia. Further information: Asia House, 105 Picadilly, london W1J 7NJ, England UK

Ethnomusicology, general. ESEM, the European Society for Ethnomusicology.

Ethnomusicology, general. ICTM, the International Council for Traditional Music. Dept. of Ethnomusicology, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA. Journal: ICTM Yearbook

Ethnomusicology, general. SEM, the Society for Ethnomusicology. Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. Publications: Ethnomusicology (journal). SEM Newsletter., or
SEM Ethnoforum (Ethnomusicology online):

Bookseller: Asian Rare Books - old books about Asia:

Performing Arts, general. Journal Oideion, Leiden University, NL.

Chinese and Asian Music and Musicology

Asian Music. Society for Asian Music, Kent State University, Ohio, USA. Journal: Asian Music.

Journal of Music in China. Editor: Zhou Qinru. Published twice a year in Los Angeles. (NB: this website has been suspended!)

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Music. Information on current and important holdings, history of the Chinese Music Archive, and current staff.

Chinese Music Society of North America:

Chinese Music Record Companies

Hugo: The Master of Chinese Music. Music company with a catalogue of over 200 Chinese music CD titles:

ROI Productions Ltd (HK):

Chinese Music Archaeology

Ancient Chinese flutes:

Guqin music.

Joan M. Vigo, Friends of guqin:

John Thompson (New York):

Chris Evans (UK):

Julian Joseph (Chippenham, UK):

London Youlan Qin Society. Founded July 2003 (president: Cheng Yu, Secretary: Julian Joseph).

Chinese Opera

Overseas Kunqu Society: (NB: this site seems to have been suspended)

Chinese storytelling

Website introducing Chinese storytelling (shuoshu), and ongoing projects in this field at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) and elsewhere. Provides bibliography of studies on Chinese shuochang arts including storytelling and other genres involving chanting and/or narrative. Also includes conference information, and announcements for the Yabngzhou Club (a cross-discipilinary network intitiated by Vibeke Bordahl and Lucie Olivova).

Chinese Composers

The music of composer Tan Dun: (G.Schirmer: Tan Dun)

Original oder Falschung? Die Musik Tan Duns im Kontext intercultureller kompositorische Rezeptionsprozesse in neuer westlicher und ostasiatischer Musik seit 1950.Thesis (in German) by Christian Utz (Vienna Univ., 2000), available online at: this site seems to be suspended)

Composer Chen Qigang:

Composer Chen Yi:

Composer Zhou Long:

Composer He Xuntian:

Database of contemporary music in (NB: this site does not seem to work! Better try:

Chinese Rock

Info, articles, agenda, links:

Chinese rock star Cui Jian:

Shanghainese rock / folkpop band Cold Fairyland:

Korean Music

Korean Music. Association for Korean Music Research AKMR:

Cross-over projects

AsianCultureLink. Cross-over projects between Asian and European artists. Concert and workshop announcements, media reports, publications and background information on artists. Website in English and German.

Snowflower, a multidisciplinary project with music, erotic poetry and video art. Three Belgian pop musicians and one Chinese traditional musician confront and supplement each other. Website is partly in Dutch, partly in English:


Eyes on China. Business and cultural exchange between China and the Netherlands and information about China.

Gele Draak (Yellow Dragon), website (in Dutch) with news on China and Chinese culture in the Netherlands.

Sinology Institute of Leiden University. Regularly hosts Chinese music activities in the Sinolgy library, in cooperation with CHIME. Until February 2007: Imagine! The many faces of Music in Contemporary China. Exhibition with photos, sounds, musical instruments and live