chime meeting
Professor Tian Qing was a special guest at the CHIME meeting in Prague, 1999
Welcome to our CHIME conferences
In 1991, we made a modest start, when some 30 Chinese music freaks met in Geneva for some string music and a few papers. Things took on a more professional turn in Rotterdam in 1995, with a veritable festival of East Asian music, and a conference attended by some 90 people, and a whole string of concerts and workshops. Subsequent meetings in Heidelberg, Leiden (twice), Prague, Venice, Sheffield and Paris saw the co-operation of growing numbers of composers and musicians, up to complete Buddhist ensembles, rock bands, even symphony orchestras! Renowned composers like Guo Wenjing, Liu Sola, Lam Bun-ching, Qu Xiaosong, Luo Zhongrong and Hsu Tsang-houei joined our ranks. Our main focus remains academic research, but we try to create an appropriate (informal and lively) climate to optimalize our exchange. In October 2005 we celebrated our 10th international meeting in Amsterdam, in conjunction with the Amsterdam China Festival. July 2006 our meeting took place in China for the first time, in a slightly different format: a cooperative fieldwork project, followed by a seminar. This took place in Yulin, N. China under the theme "Joining forces. Musical fieldwork in China." The 15th Chime meeting will be held in Basel, Switzerland, end November 2010, in conjunction with the Culturescapes festival (see upcoming meetings).