Research programs
CHIME cannot offer structural financial support to research programs, though the foundation is able to stimulate on-going activities and fill gaps in individual projects on a modest scale. Priority is given to research which is the result of some form of co-operation between various academic disciplines, such as musicology, sinology and anthropology. CHIME has offered incidental support to individual studies on local opera in Jiangsu, folk song, Buddhist music and guqin research.Chinese guest lecturers were invited for work visits to Europe. The CHIME Foundation participated in, or stimulated, the publication of CDs by Auvidis, Ocora, Nimbus and PAN Records. For further details, contact our office in Leiden.

Local seminars and concerts
Other major activities of the CHIME Foundation included an international lecture series on Chinese music at Leiden University in Holland (spring 1991), occasional concerts of folk song and instrumental music in Holland, Switzerland, Germany, France and the Czech Republic, an international festival of guqin music (1991), concerts of Chinese contemporary music (Holland Festival 1994), radio programmes and workshops.

CHIME co-hosted visits to Europe of the Ensemble Ya from Nanjing (1991), the Tianjin Buddhist Ensemble (1993), the nanguan ensemble Han Tang Yuehfu from Taipei (1995, 1999), Mongolian group Tal Nutag (1995), the Suzhou Daoist Ensemble (1996), and the Beijing Buddhists (1996, 1999). Individual artists who participated in CHIME concerts included singers Liu Sola, Huang Bai and Urna Chahartugchi, qin players Li Xiangting, Chen Leiji, Dai Xiaolian and Cheng Gongliang, pipa players Wu Man, Dong Ya, Cheng Yu, Gao Hong, Liu Fang, biwa performer Junko Ueda, zheng player Han Mei, kayagum player Inok Paek and others.

Guest lecturers
Guest lecturers from outside Europe invited in the period 1990-99 included Du Yaxiong (Beijing), Alan Thrasher (Vancouver), Tian Qing (Beijing), Huang Bai (Shanghai), Zhang Xingrong (Yunnan), Zhang Boyu (Turku, Finland), Li Wei (Yunnan), Wang Hong (Nanjing), Dai Xiaolian (Shanghai), Han Mei (Vancouver), David Holm (Sydney, Australia) and Zhu Yongzhong (Xining, China).

Composers who participated in CHIME activities included Lam Bun-ching, Qu Xiaosong, Luo Zhongrong, Hsu Tsang-houei, Guo Wenjing, Wang Jin and others. Incidentally, CHIME has supported commissions for new works by young Chinese composers. We attempt to maintain contact with contemporary composers and to report on their activities in our journal. Occasionally we organize concerts of new Chinese music in the framework of CHIME conferences. In 1998 and 1999, we organized concerts of new Chinese music with the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra, the German percussion group Percussion Plus, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Olomouc (Czech Republic). Support grants for composers: e.g. in 1991, Mo Wuping (Paris) for a piece for the Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam), and in 1998, S. Hakenberg and Lei Liang for the Heidelberg Philharmonic.