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My name is Frits Derksen. I am an IT manager. My hobbies include basketball, bridge and golf. However, my passion is genealogy. Through the agency of an uncle I became interested in genealogy. He had already made a modest start with the investigation of the family tree at that time but was not able to visit the archives anymore. I have done extensive research on my family relationships during the last 10 years. Besides genealogical data about my ancestors, many data about the different Dutch families with the surnames Balder, Derksen, van der Linden and van Reenen, the names of our parents was found. On this Web site only a small extract of the information in my genealogical databases is shown. Please note that the genealogical information is only in Dutch at the moment.

The name Derksen

The surname Derksen developed in Holland as a patronymic name, one based on the given name of the father of the original bearer. Here, the surname can be traced to "Dirk", a Dutch pet form of the old personal name "Di(ede)r(i)k"". The "-sen" in Derksen is a patronymic suffix which is characteristic of surnames arising in the Dutch province of Gelderland, and it can be regarded as the equivalent of the "-s" and "-se" found in other Dutch patronymic names. Indeed, variants of the surname Derksen include "Dercks", "Derks" and "Dirksen".

Oldest known ancestor

The oldest known ancestor of this family Derksen is Derick Jansz Heynen den Olieslaeger (i.e. the oilman) from Venray, North-Limburg in the Netherlands. The name comes from the farmhouse with oil-mill he acquired. Derick Heynen den Olieslaeger and his family and their descendants lived in the farmhouse "De Olieslaeger" until the end of the 17th century. The farmhouse still exists and is located at the "Schadijk" in Horst. The purchase of the farm is described in the archives of the sheriff's courtroom in Horst: Derick Heynen purchased on August 14, 1649 from Jacob (Hermans) Luyns and his wife Merry "het goed te Luyns, soo huys, hoff, scheur, olymeulen, bouw- en weyland. Horst actum den 14 augustus 1649". Refer to RHCL, archief van de schepenbank Horst, inv. nr. 32, register van overdracht 1647-1660, 1686-1690. 6 Years later, on October 22, 1655, they borrowed money on the farmhouse: Dirk Heynen te Luyns and his wife, Lysbeth van Driel declare to owe Peterken, Thewisken Schers' daugther, 200 guilders, interest 5%. They gave in pledge the farmhouse with oil-mill located at Luyns in Horst, actum den 22 oktober 1655. Refer to RHCL, archief van de schepenbank Horst, inv. nr. 32, register van overdracht 1647-1660, 1686-1690, folio 42-42v.


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