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Monday, December 8

Amalia, the future queen of the NetherlandsWhile the Netherlands are completely under the spell of the newborn heir to the thrown, princess Catherina-Amalia, JG and Tallotter are celebrating their 12th anniversary (officially the 2nd) in what has recently been chosen to be the best restaurant of the Netherlands of 2004: restaurant Parkheuvel (Parkheuvel review by Special Bite.) in Rotterdam. Excellent food in a professional yuppy-style environment. See also: Places to visit in Rotterdam..

Monday, December 15

No light without darkness, no darkness without his light. Play with the light.

As the holidays season is nearing, it's time to send best wishes to all the people that are dear to us. Since 1992 we have a tradition of designing our own special Christmascard. One time in the shape of a weekly diary with tips, poems and essays; one time as a small booklet with an annual report. As this year's theme we've chosen the light that relieves and enlightens, with on the inside our latest Greek acquisition inciting people to play with the light.

Wednesday, December 17

Detail of an aerial photograph of the Sahara, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

The earth from above-exhibition in front of the Stopera (Amsterdam TownHall)I can still vividly remember when I saw Yann Arthus-Bertrand's work for the very first time. When Mario in Montreal showed me the expensive picturebook he'd gotten for his birthday. An amazing book with stunning aerial photographs of Mother Earth. The beauty, the colors, the details... Today by accident I ran into an open-air exhibition of his work in front of the Amsterdam Town Hall. It's a giant indictment of the destruction of our globe and the people's loss of humanity. (See also: Arthus-Bertrand Organisation.)

Thursday, December 18

Sheep on a frosty meadow (view from our backyard)

Dutch landscape with windmill and sheep. Allthough completely man made, is hasn't changed in a 400 years. But how long will this green heart of Holland be able to resist the advancing urbanisation, these ugly industrial buildings, flats, shopping malls and highways?

Friday, December 26

Enjoying the day after. After a giant 10 course dinner JG made for the family. Home alone now, cuddling the furry ones, reading a bit, enjoying the radio playing oldtime hit records, lazingly staring at the lights... 2004: there's still so much to be grateful for!

DDeanday. Nhursday, N ovember 6

De Togt Enterprices (2002)