Poem by a prisoner*

History repeating itself forever,
As the Inquisition pulling a lever.
Infanticide, patricide, matricide,
Genocide, or just plain homocide.
Expression through acts of violence,
A parable of "holy war" to silence.
Silence through illogical belief,
Or a sought relief.
To humiliate, to end, to begin,
Anti-Semite, anti-Islamic, Anti-Christian, Pagan,
The search for a plausible enemy,
Different beliefs, there are many.
One is always right, the others wrong,
Heretic actions to belong.
One path murdering for,
Other paths protecting lore.

In Allah's name killing to spite,
In the name of God to fight,
In Christ's name to forgive, to love,
Indifferent, evil from above.
In between, unseen,
Conscious or a dream,
What does all this nonsense show,
That Mankind is its own foe.
How does one tend to think,
They are chosen, destined to be the link.
To eliminate those that "desecrate",
Through terrorist acts to retaliate.
Freedom an abstract thought,
Grotesque intimidation sought.
To hope, to wish, to pray,
All "enemies" invoke God this day.
One, for granting this death, destruction,
The others for devine instruction.
Countless lives forever changed,
By suicidal madness so deranged.
A number of live, lost in death,
Domestic, foreign, the same breath.
All wanting this ludicrousness to end,
And the world to mend.
Mothers, fathers, sibblings, spouses, kids,
Will we ever understand what they did?
September 11th 2001 to forever change,
People's minds, people's scope of range.

* Name not given for privacy reasons
© Inside-Outside, September 2002