"Hollandia's sidecar range"

To Hollandia,

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Kort voor de 2e Wereldoorlog bevatte het assortiment onder andere bovenstaande zijspannen.
Het Sport model had naar mijn mening al een opmerkelijke stroomlijn voor die tijd.

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Just before Worldwar 2, the above sidecar range was available. The first one "Politie model" is the Police sidecar. Including a quick release trunk and also enough space to get in and out the sidecar fast.
The third one "Sport model", was suitable for rallies and races. When the owner wants interchangeable motorcycle wheels, the extra costs were calculated with the buy of the spare wheel. In my opinion this model has a remarkable nice aerodynamic shape of the front, for those days.
The last one "Hollandia chassis": the frame's were suitable for left and right mounting to every type of motorcycle.

To Hollandia,


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