Elting in Beilen / Westerbork / Zwiggelte

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The Beiler branch of the family has Roelf Jansen Elting as his ancestor. Roelf is born around 1700 in Zwiggelte and marries Marchjen Otten.

Based on the system of giving names to descendants and the discovered records with data from landownership, land utilization and land taxes in the Province of Drenthe a reconstruction of the ancestors of Roelf has been made.

Below you will find the descendants of Bartolt Elting, the presumptive ancestor of Roelf Jansen Elting. Bartolt Elting is also the grandfather of Jan Eltinge, who was born in 1632, migrated to the USA about 1657 and married Jacomyntje Slecht in 1677.

Descendants of Bartolt Elting