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A second story about a small CNC millingmachine.

The making of the Green Machine.

I started off with a cad drawing, to determine some dimensions.



The story is nearly the same as the first one.
Mostly made of scrap materials.
MDF is used for the structure, coated with epoxy.



The guiding rails , 15mm central heating pipe,
were bought in the local hardwarestore.
I"m still using metric rod,  this time 10mm
The leadscrews are made of delrin.
Simple costruction and no backlash at all !






A friend  came up with a power supply 24 Volts 3 Amps.
Enough for the steppermotors. and the Conrad SMC800 board.



Max dimensions are  X 30cm, Y 21cm and Z 10cm.
The electronic components are placed in a MDF  box
underneath the machine. No loose cables ! Only one for the
power and one for the computer.
To get rid of the dust I need to istall a small vacuumcleaner.
The motorcouplers this time the simple way, a piece of plastic airtube
Not very elegant
but it does the job.
The first testruns were pretty good.


A little video

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last update march 31 2006

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