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Welcome to the APRIL 2015 catalogue from Factory Benelux, Les Disques Du Crepuscule and LTM/Boutique. Below is a summary of all the titles we have in stock. Click on a title for full tracklist and further details. See bottom of page for ordering details.


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| 17 Pygmies

Jedda By The Sea + Captured In Ice (ltmcd 2581) £ 12,- double-CD
Re-issue of the first two albums from 1984 and 1985 (originally released on the Resistance label), the Hatikva debut EP and 5 previously unreleased outtakes from the same era.

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| 23 Skidoo

Beyond Time (twi 1223) £ 25,- LP+DVD (inc. UK postage) NEW!
Beyond Time is the first album by acclaimed experimental group 23 Skidoo in fifteen years, released in a special double disc edition combining an LP version of the soundtrack music to 2011 William Turnbull documentary film Beyond Time, and a DVD of the film itself.

Beyond Time (twi 1223cd) £ 13,- CD+DVD NEW!
Beyond Time is the first album by acclaimed experimental group 23 Skidoo in fifteen years, released in a special double disc edition combining a CD version of the soundtrack music to 2011 William Turnbull documentary film Beyond Time, and a DVD of the film itself.

Seven Songs (ltmlp 2528) £ 15,- double-LP
Double-LP reissue of the first album by the seminal post-punk group that fused dub, industrial, world and hip-hop styles. Originally released on Fetish Records in 1982. Additional LP contains The Gospel Comes To New Guinea, Last Words and their 1981 John Peel Session.

Seven Songs + Singles (ltmcd 2528) £ 10,-
Expanded reissue of the first album by the seminal post-punk group that fused dub, industrial, world and hip-hop styles. Originally released on Fetish Records in 1982. This extended remastered CD includes six bonus tracks from the singles Last Words and Tearing Up The Plans.

Urban Gamelan + Singles (ltmcd 2530) £ 10,-
Originally released on Illuminated Records in 1984, Urban Gamelan consolidated Skidoo's position as supreme avant-gardists with uncommon commercial nous. This extended remastered CD features four bonus tracks including the original 12" single mixes of Language and the mighty Coup.

Just Like Everybody - Best Of (ltmcd 2532) £ 12,- double-CD
Disc one is a compilation covering 1980 to 1986, and includes the full 12" versions of Skidoo's signature singles, key album tracks and both sides of rare debut Ethics from 1980. The second disc gathers together 17 tracks recorded by the group during the 1990s. Most of the tracks and mixes on this double CD set are exclusive.

The Culling Is Coming (boucd 6604) £ 10,-
This classic lost album was first released on vinyl only by Crepuscule's Operation Twilight arm in February 1983. Drawn from two live performances, it combines a collaboration with a Balinese Gamelan Orchestra and an improvised set at the first Womad festival in July 1982. The album has been expanded by the inclusion of a complete 26 minute loop performance in Belgium, October 1982, recorded as part of Crepuscule's Move Back/Bite Harder tour.

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| A Certain Ratio

Sextet (fbn 11) double-lp £ 18,- (incl. UK postage) NEW!
Deluxe double LP edition of the ethereal yet rhythmic second album by Manchester postpunk funk group A Certain Ratio, originally released by Factory Records in January 1982. Bonus tracks include single Waterline as well as dub plate Abracadubra, and the band's John Peel session from June 1981.

Sextet (fbn 11cd) double-cd £ 12,- NEW!
Deluxe double CD edition of the ethereal yet rhythmic second album by Manchester postpunk funk group A Certain Ratio, originally released by Factory Records in January 1982. Bonus tracks include single Waterline as well as dub plate Abracadubra, and the band's John Peel session from June 1981. There further is a Peel session from November 1982 and both 12" mixes of Knife Slits Water, together with an early demo version of Si Firmir O Grido.

I'd Like To See You Again (fbn 17cd) £ 10,-
New CD edition of the 3rd studio album by the Manchester postpunk funk group, originally released by Factory Records in October 1982 and the last Ratio album to feature the original quintet. With 5 bonus tracks, including the 7" and 12" versions of dancefloor classic Knife Slits Water, Tumba Rhumba and I Need Someone Tonite.

Mind Made Up (ltmcd 2531) £ 10,-
New album by iconic post-punk funk outfit, their 15th long player since their debut on Factory in 1979. Produced by ACR in Manchester between 2006 and 2009, this album marks a stunning return to hard-edged funky form. The emphasis was placed on keeping it simple in the studio: trickery was kept to a minimum and the band never took more than three takes on any track.

Force + Singles (ltmcd 2552) £ 10,-
Expanded re-release of the classic 5th album originally released by Factory Records in November 1986, and a convincing return to form, mixing robust funk grooves with downtempo tracks. With 5 bonus tracks including an ultra rare remix of Bootsy by Robert Racic and The Runner.

Live In Groningen (Holland) 26.10.1980 (ltmcd 2443) DELETED
In-concert CD recorded on tour in Holland on 26 October 1980. The full show features the original quintet of Donald Johnson, Jeremy Kerr, Martin Moscrop, Simon Topping and Peter Terrell and was recorded shortly after the band spent six weeks in New York gigging and recording their debut album To Each. With two ultra rare bonus tracks for collectors.

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| Aberdeen

What Do I Wish For Now? Singles + Extras 1994-2004 (ltmcd 2466) £ 10,-
18 track collection featuring all tracks from their five singles on Sarah Records and Tremelo Arm Users Club released between 1994 and 2004, as well as three extra tracks from rare compilation albums. The booklet features a detailed band history and a wealth of rare images.

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| Allez Allez

Promises + African Queen (twi 086cd) £ 10,-
This CD combines debut mini album African Queen from 1981, featuring sprightly dance single Allez Allez, along with the stylish second album Promises, released the following year and produced by Martyn Ware of BEF/Heaven 17. Cover art is by Emmanuel Riccardi.

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| Isabelle Antena

Camino Del Sol (twi 114cd) £ 12,- double-CD
The original 5 tracks of the 'electro-samba' classic, together with 11 bonus cuts from singles and compilations. Bonus disc contains two unreleased 1982 live concerts recorded on Crepuscule's 'Move Back-Bite Harder' tour.

En Cavale (twi 610cd) £ 10,-
Debut solo album by Isabelle Antena, originally issued by Les Disques du Crepuscule in April 1986, marking her transition from minimalist electro-samba to smooth pop sophistication. Produced by Martin Hayles. This new digital re-master features 7 bonus tracks, including b-sides and the 12" mixes of singles Be Pop and Life Is Too Short.

Hoping For Love (twi 759cd) £ 10,-
The 2nd solo album, originally issued by Les Disques du Crepuscule in March 1987, sees Isabelle Antena expanding her latin, funk and samba palette to include jazz and acoustic styles. Originally vinyl running order restored. Features 5 bonus tracks, including 12" mixes by Marc Moulin and Mark Kamins.

Easy Does It + Issy Does It (twi 1149cd) £ 10,- double-CD
The 11th solo album, originally issued in 2005 and her first pure bossa record, featuring 9 new original songs as well as interpretations of classics by Henry Mancini and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Bonus disc Issy Does It features 8 pin-sharp remixes by luminaries such as Thievery Corporation, Buscemi, Nicola Conte, Yukihiro Fukutomi and La Malice.

Bossa Super Nova (ltmcd 2554) £ 10,-
For this final volume in the Antena trilogy, Isabelle and Penelope decided to rummage through their attic and dust off some classic Roland equipment: the TR-808 drum machine, TB-303 Bass Line and SH09 monophonic synth, all of which were used on the classic debut Antena album Camino Del Sol in 1982.

Transmissions (ltmdvd 2494) £ 12,- DVD
2 hour DVD (NTSC/Region 0) gathering together remastered video clips for singles and key album tracks recorded between 1982 and 2000, along with a live concert in Tokyo, June 1991. Clips include Seaside Weekend, Easy Street, Poisson Des Mers Du Sud, Laying On The Sofa, Jouez Le Cinq, and The Boy From Ipanema.

Toujours Du Soleil (ltmcd 2456) £ 10,-
New album from the stylish French electro-bossa pioneers, to be conceived as a sequel to Camino Del Sol. Recorded on the French Riviera - where else? - and produced by Dr Drak, Shape and The Cool Groove Sessions. Featuring a stellar cast of prestigious international guests, the 2006 Antena trip takes you from Paris to Tokyo, Goa to Washington DC.

Love Is To Blame + Remixes (ltms12 2475) £ 4,- 12"
Four remixed tracks from Toujours du Soleil, the superb new album: two versions of energetic stepper Le Spinner (from the Samsonite ad campaign) by Denis Moulin and Maks Konings, an outstanding remix of Love Is To Blame by Ursula 1000 and a remix of Issy Est d'Ailleurs.

Issy Does It (Remixes) (ltmlp 2420) £ 10,- LP
12" remix/dj album featuring 7 pin sharp remixes from her 2005 bossa nova album Easy Does It. Includes remixes and alternative versions by luminaries such as Thievery Corporation (USA), Buscemi (Belgium) and Nicola Conte (Italy). Limited edition.

On A Warm Summer Night (Tous Mes Caprices) (ltmcd 2448) £ 10,-
Originally released on Crepuscule in 1988 as Tous Mes Caprices, Isabelle Antea's 3rd solo album mixes uptempo funk with straight jazz, and also contains a cool samba arrangement of Frank Zappa's Village Of The Sun. With 5 bonus tracks recorded live in Japan 1991 and original Japanese artwork.

Carpe Diem bis (ltmcd 2485) £ 10,-
Expanded CD reissue of the classic 1992 album by Isabelle Antena, originally issued on Crepuscule. The vibe is chiefly cool jazz, latin and bossa, and complements perfectly Isabelle's warm voice and soft, sensual lyrics. The CD also includes all 10 tracks from her previous album, Les Derniers Guerriers Romantiques, released in 1991.

L'Alphabet Du Plaisir: Best Of 1982-2005 (ltmcd 2452) £ 10,-
Updated version of Isabelle Antena's illustrious Best Of collection featuring 20 tracks, ranging from singles to favourite album tracks to remixes, including several by the original Antena trio. From electro-samba to pin-sharp jazz vamp, this collection is an A to Z of pure pleasure. New artwork with detailed liner notes.

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| The Beat Club

Paris (ltmcd 6613) £ 10,-
Remastered edition of the first album by Miami electro duo The Beat Club, best know for their club favourite Security. Originally issued by Electrobeat in 1994, Paris includes the singles Security, Dreams Were Made To Be Broken, X and Transamerica. Contains five bonus tracks, including remixes by Martin Moscrop of A Certain Ratio and Bernard Sumner of New Order.

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| Benny Profane

Trapdoor Swing/Dumb Luck Charm (boucd 6613) £ 10,-
Benny Profane was formed from the ashes of The Room in 1985. The group cut two albums, which are featured in full on this newly remastered CD, plus 2 bonus tracks from the first demo in 1985, featuring Will Sergeant of Echo and the Bunnymen guesting on guitar.

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| Berntholer

Merry Lines In The Sky (ltmcd 2403) £ 10,-
In 1982 Berntholer released their first single, Japanese Garden. The following year Berntholer made waves in Europe with My Suitor. In the UK, the single became an enduring favourite of legendary BBC radio DJ John Peel. This enhanced CD gathers together all Berntholer studio recordings made between 1982 and 1985, and also includes an extended QuickTime audio visual section featuring 3 video clips.

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| Birth Control

Backdoor Possibilities + Satory Live (boucd 6612) £ 12,- double-CD
Expanded edition of the sixth album by the German band, known for a progressive hard rock sound fused with elements of jazz, psychedelia and even Krautrock, originally released in 1976. Features 3 bonus live tracks from 1977, as well as a bonus live disc recorded at the Satory Halle in Cologne in 1976.

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| Biting Tongues

After The Click/Retrospective 1980-89 (ltmcd 2371) £ 10,-
A 70 min. collection of tracks selected from their 12"s and LP on Factory Records and the albums Don't Heal (1981), Live It (1981), Libreville (1982) and Recharge (1989), plus singles and compilation tracks. The booklet contains full recording information and a detailed band history.

Compressed (ltmcd 2373) £ 10,-
This 70 min. CD compiles the Factory recordings: the Feverhouse LP (FACT 105), the Trouble Hand 12" (FAC 134) and the Compressor 12" (FAC 188), which saw the second version of the band heading in a denser, more polyrhymic direction lead by Graham Massey and Howard Walmsley. The booklet contains full recording information and a detailed band history.

Recharge (ltmcd 2376) £ 10,-
This is the legendary lost album recorded in late 1988, by which time the band had been reduced to a duo of Massey and Walmsley. At the same time and place, Massey was also recording the second 808 State album Quadrastate. Whereas 808 State went on to conquer the charts, the adventurous dance and electronica cut for Recharge found itself out of step with early club culture, but had all the DNA of a future about to be unravelled. The booklet contains full recording information and a detailed band history.

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| Blue Orchids

The Greatest Hit (ltmcd 2367) £ 10,-
First CD release of their legendary Rough Trade album, which topped the indie charts in the UK on release in 1981. The same year The Blue Orchids released a string of classic singles on Rough Trade too, including Disney Boys, Work and the Agents Of Change 12"ep. This LTM edition includes all ten album tracks, together with nine bonus tracks taken from the mentioned singles and an ultra rare version of All Tomorrow's Parties, performed by Nico and produced by the late legendary Martin Hannett.

The Sleeper (ltmcd 2340) £ 10,-
The Sleeper, recorded in 1993, confirms Martin Bramah as a major (yet sorely underrated) talent. In addition to surging pop numbers, the set also encompasses the soft and the sinister, as well as the intimate ballad Out of Sight, one of Martin's best-realised arrangements to date. In addition to the entire lost album, this CD includes 7 singles tracks.

From Severe To Serene (ltmcd 2354) £ 10,-
In addition to all 7 tracks recorded for their John Peel sessions in 1980 and 1982, this CD includes the rare Riding the Times ep recorded in 1987 as Thirst with ex-Fall drummer Karl Burns, plus several live tracks recorded in Manchester in 1981.

Mystic Bud (ltmcd 2374) £ 10,-
All-new studio album from cult outfit Blue Orchids, recorded in 2003 under the guiding hand of chief Orchid Martin Bramah. Mystic Bud features eleven superb new Bramah penned songs. By way of a surprise, the set also contains a narcoleptic cover of the Archie's classic Sugar Sugar.

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| Blurt

Live In Berlin (fbn 5) £ 15,- 10"+7"
Long overdue Factory Benelux deluxe vinyl edition (just 500 copies) of the debut album by frenetic post-punk outfit, originally issued in 1981. In order to accommodate all 8 tracks this beautifully packaged remastered version includes a bonus 7" single.

The Factory Recordings (ltmcd 2526) £ 10,-
Archive CD of recordings made for the legendary Factory Records label by the unclassifiable punk-jazz trio led by Ted Milton. Contains their side of A Factory Quartet (FACT 24) and Live In Berlin, originally scheduled for release as a 10" on Factory Benelux and subsequently released on Armageddon.

Blurt + Singles (ltmcd 2543) £ 10,-
This CD combines the first Blurt album (1982) with the rare 1980-1984 singles My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People, The Fish Needs A Bike, The Ruminant Plinth and White Line Fever. 16 tracks in total.

Cut It! (ltmcd 2560) £ 10,-
First new studio album in 13 years, recorded with co-producer Sam Britton. Features ten brand new tracks, including the limited edition 7" single Cut It! issued last year.

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| Steven Brown

Decade - Selected Works 1982-1992 (ltmcd 2344) £ 10,-
21 of the very best tracks that Tuxedomoon's mainman, recorded for a number of labels, including Crepuscule, Crammed, PIAS, Sub Rosa and Materiali Sonori. The set includes both vocal and instrumental material, and as well as solo tracks also material original released under the Tuxedomoon moniker.

Solo Piano Music (ltmcd 2357) £ 10,-
This all-instrumental album was originally recorded for Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1982, and remains one of Brown's best regarded works. The pieces range from modern to classically-informed, while on several tracks Brown is joined by Tuxedomoon violinist Blaine Reininger. The 6 bonus tracks include previously unreleased selections from Tuxedomoon's The Ghost Sonata.

Searching For Contact (ltmcd 2362) £ 10,-
Brown's 2nd solo album, recorded in 1987 for PIAS Records with collaborator Nikolas Klau and inspired by the works of Genet and Burroughs. In addition to the original eleven album tracks, this remastered edition contains the whole of the 1986 mini album Me & You & The Licorice Stick, the rare tracks Tori and A Sprit Ditty plus the 7" single edit of Last Rendezvous.

Half Out (ltmcd 2412) £ 10,-
Half Out is Brown's 3rd 'proper' solo album, originally recorded in 1991 for Belgian indie Les Disques du Crepuscule, backed by a crack ensemble band including fellow Tuxedomoon members Blaine L. Reininger, Luc Van Lieshout and Ivan Georgiev. Digitally remastered with four bonus tracks, three of them previously unreleased.

Brown Plays Tenco: Studio + Live (ltmcd 2428) £ 10,-
Recorded in Italy in 1987 and featuring Brown's own interpretations of five songs written by cult artist Luigi Tenco. Never available on CD before, Brown Plays Tenco has now been digitally remastered with nine bonus tracks recorded live in Italy in 1988.

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| Gavin Bryars

Hommages (ltmcd 2503) £ 10,-
Newly remastered edition of the album originally released in 1981 on Les Disques du Crepuscule, and produced by Wim Mertens. Conceived as a series of homages to other composers, this 63 minute digital remaster includes 2 bonus tracks composed and recorded by Bryars during the same period.

The Sinking Of The Titanic: Live In Bourges April 1990 (ltmcd 2525) £ 10,-
New CD edition of celebrated live performance of The Sinking Of The Titanic, originally released on Les Disques du Crepuscule. Recorded by the Gavin Bryars Ensemble at the festival Le Printemps de Bourges, at the Chateau D'Eau, a disused water tower.

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| Cath Carroll

England Made Me (ltmcd 2348) £ 10,-
Reissue of her celebrated solo debut, recorded in Sheffield, Chicago and Sao Paulo, and first released by Factory Records in 1991. The album adds up to a smooth yet sometimes sinister collection of moody dance, sensuous daydreams and warped bossa nova. Viewed anywhichway it is an album of extremes.

The Gondoliers Of Ghost Lake (ltmcd 2350) £ 10,-
Written and produced with her husband and collaborator Kerry Kelekovich, the 14 new songs which make up The Gondoliers of Ghost Lake were recorded by Cath in her adopted home town of Chicago between January and July 2002. The album ranges from post 60s mystical rock to rarified folk-dub and romping dance-pop with a latin underpin.

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| Franco Casavola

Futurlieder (ltmcd 2454) £ 10,-
Very first dedicated album of music by the leading Italian Futurist composer, theorist and writer Franco Casavola, who joined the Futurist movement in 1922. The CD gathers together short Futurist pieces and longer song cycles recorded by virtuoso Italian duo Daniele Lombardi (piano) and Susanna Rigacci (soprano).

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| Alessandra Celletti

Way Out (ltmcd 2505) £ 10,-
New studio album by the Italian composer/pianist whose previous CDs include acclaimed interpretations of works by Glass, Satie and Gurdjieff. Way Out is Alessandra's third album of original material, following Overground (1997) and Chi Mi Dara Le Ali (2006) and was recorded in Rome.

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| Crawling Chaos

The Gas Chair (boucd 6601) £ 10,-
The Gas Chair remains one of the most baffling albums ever made. Originally released on Factory Benelux in 1982, it followed the bands legendary Factory debut single Sex Machine (FAC 17) from 1980. Both album and single are featured on this digitally remastered CD, that features the original album artwork as well as sleevenotes. On the Boutique sublabel.

Homunculus Equinox (boucd 6606) £ 10,-
After The Gas Chair album was recorded for Factory, the label somehow lost a whole chunk of material intended for the album, and so the same sessions resulted in a cassette released on the band's own Foetus Productions label in late 1981, titled Homunculus Equinox. This has now been remastered for CD with two extra tracks, Danger In Paradise and Block Numbers.

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| Crispy Ambulance

The Plateau Phase (fbn 12cd) £ 10,-
New Factory Benelux CD edition the debut album by the Manchester postpunk group, produced by Chris Nagle and originally released in March 1982. Bonus tracks include The Presence and Concorde Square, produced by the legendary Martin Hannett, and farewell single Sexus. This new edition also features the original artwork by renowned Belgian typographer Lucien De Roeck.

The Plateau Phase (ltmcd 2315) £ 10,-
70 minutes CD includes digital remaster of this classic 1982 studio album by the cult Manchester band, originally released on Factory Benelux Records. Rightly regarded as one of the brightest jewels in the Factory crown. Three bonus tracks comprise The Presence, Concorde Square and Sexus, all being the full-length FBN maxi single versions. Original Benoît Hennebert artwork and full sleevenotes.

Fin (ltmcd 2302) £ 10,-
Extended 70 minutes CD comprising live tracks mix-desk recorded around Europe during the winter of 1981-1982. Bonus tracks include both sides of the rare debut 1980 single on Aural Assault, and Black Death from FBN 16. Detailed band biography in booklet plus live photos. 1999 edition artwork by Julien Potter.

Accessory After The Fact (ltmcd 2317) £ 10,-
Full-length live document of the band's sublime reunion gig in Manchester on November 5 1999. Digital multitrack recording produced by Graham Massey (of 808 State/Biting Tongues).

Frozen Blood (ltmcd 2327) £ 10,-
72 minutes archive studio, radio session and live recordings: both sides from the FAC 32 10", the John Peel and Piccadilly Radio sessions in their entirety (8 tracks), plus 7 previously unheard late-period live cuts from 1982.

Scissorgun (ltmcd 2329) £ 10,-
All new studio album recorded in 2002 by the original four-man line-up of Alan Hempsall, Gary Madeley, Robert Davenport and Keith Darbyshire. Produced by long-time band collaborator Graham Massey, whose credits include 808 State, Bjork and Biting Tongues.

The Powder Blind Dream (ltmcd 2372) £ 10,-
Produced by Graham Massey of 808 State/Biting Tongues fame, this is the third studio album from cult post-punk Factory Records band Crispy Ambulance, following on from The Plateau Phase (1982) and Scissorgun (2002). The album comprises eleven excellent new songs and was recorded in Manchester in June 2003.

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| Dead Cowboys

Twin Evil Stars (boucd 6610) £ 10,-
The 2nd album by Dead Cowboys, the cult Liverpool band with roots in The Room. They offer a distinctly British slant on twisted Americana and bottom-of-the-glass heartache. Singer/songwriter Dave Jackson rips through a stash of raw-edged, country-peppered prairie gems as menacing as they are dynamic.

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| The Delmontes

Carousel (ltm2458) £ 10,-
The Delmontes released just two 7"s on Josef K-affiliated label Rational Records, but the band prefigured a raft of subsequent indie trends (C86, Creation, Sarah, Twee). Carousel features 24 tracks including all songs from the splendid singles, as well as a rich harvest of previously unreleased demo tracks recorded between 1980 and 1982.

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| Department S

Sub-Stance (ltm2349) £ 10,-
Department S released three memorable alt.pop singles in 1980/81: Is Vic There?, Going Left Right and I Want, earning the band three appearances on Top Of The Pops and a Smash Hits cover. Despite this success and many live shows their debut album Sub-Stance remained unreleased.

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| Deux Filles

Silence & Wisdom/Double Happiness (ltmcd 2577) £ 12,- double-CD
Deluxe digipak reissue of the two early eighties ambient/instrumental albums by the tragic French orphans Claudine Coule and Gemini Forque, in reality the duo of Simon Fisher Turner, former child star/teen idol and future soundtrack composer, and songwriter/technician Colin Lloyd Tucker.

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| Devine & Statton

The Prince Of Wales (ltmcd 2433) £ 10,-
Reissue of the 1st album by the cult duo of vocalist Alison Statton and guitarist Ian Devine , previously released on Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1989, and including a heart-rending cover of the New Order single Bizarre Love Triangle. With 3 bonus tracks and upgraded artwork by Hennebert.

Cardiffians (ltmcd 2435) £ 10,-
Reissue of the 2nd album by the cult duo of vocalist Alison Statton and guitarist Ian Devine , previously released on Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1990. Guest musicians include bassist Peter Hook (New Order), and members of The Jazz Passengers. With 5 bonus tracks and original artwork.

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| The Diagram Brothers

Some Marvels Of Modern Science + Singles (ltmcd 2480) £ 10,-
Extended CD reissue of the collected works of The Diagram Brothers. In addition to all 14 tracks from their 1981 album on the New Hormones label, the CD also features ten bonus tracks from all four singles released between 1980 and 1982, including the cult favourites Bricks and Discordo, as well as the ultra-rare Diagram Brothers German EP.

The Peel Sessions (ltmcd 2558) £ 10,-
Features all thirteen tracks from the group's three Peel Sessions, originally broadcast in March 1980, February 1981 and July 1982 respectively.

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| Digital Dance

Treatment (ltmcd 2498) £ 10,-
Anthology by cult Belgian post-punk band Digital Dance, a group often name-checked but seldom heard. Formed in July 1978 they recorded four singles as well as a self-titled cassette album, and another single under the name Jung, and played several high profile live shows (including a support slot with Joy Division at Plan K in January 1980).

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| Dislocation Dance

Music Music Music + Slip That Disc! (ltmcd 2461) £ 10,-
Indie-pop pioneers who recorded for the New Hormones and Rough Trade labels, formed in Manchester in late 1978. The albums Slip That Disc! and Music Music Music were originally released on New Hormones in 1981. Includes non album singles and b-sides.

Midnight Shift + Singles (ltmcd 2463) £ 10,-
Indie-pop pioneers who recorded for the New Hormones and Rough Trade labels, formed in Manchester in late 1978. Their 2nd full album, Midnight Shift was released on Rough Trade in 1983, and features Show Me and Violette. With 5 bonus tracks, including singles, b-sides and a Dennis Bovell mix of Show Me

The Ruins Of Manchester/Cromer (ltmcd 2570) £ 12,- double-CD
Brand new (2012) album "reflecting an affection for a pre-renaissance, pre-90s investment Manchester," with the overlooked album Cromer (2005) included as bonus disc.

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| Nelly Van Doesburg

Repertoire De Stijl : Bauhaus : Dada (ltmcd 2495) £ 10,-
Overview of the avant-garde piano repertoire of Nelly aka Pétro van Doesburg, performed at various De Stijl, Dada and Bauhaus soirees in Europe between 1920 and 1925, including pieces by Erik Satie, Josef Matthias Hauer, Arnold Schoenberg, Francis Poulenc, Arthur Honegger and Jacob van Domselaer.

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| Anna Domino/Snakefarm

East & West/Live In Japan (ltmcd 2383) £ 10,-
First release on CD of the debut mini-album from American singer-songwriter Anna Domino, originally released by Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1984. An extra treat for fans is the inclusion of seven live tracks recorded at Parco in Tokyo, Japan in January 1987. Highlights include two otherwise unrecorded songs, and a superb 12 minute version of proto-triphop classic Caught.

Anna Domino (ltmcd 2397) £ 10,-
Her superb self-titled album, originally released by Factory Records and Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1986, cut with the aid of two top flight producers, Alan Rankine (Associates) and Marc Moulin (Telex). The five bonus cuts include all the non-album tracks from the 1984 ep Rythm, plus the outstanding single remix of Summer and also Zanna, a collaboration with Luc van Acker.

This Time (ltmcd 2399) £ 10,-
Anna Domino's second full album, originally released by Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1987. This Time is less groove-orientated than its predecessor and instead offers stronger, more direct songs delivered in a variety of styles, be they uptempo dance tracks, ballads or country-folk, and sees Anna truly at the top of her game. With five bonus cuts.

Mysteries Of America/Colouring In The Edge And The Outline (ltmcd 2410) £ 10,-
Mysteries Of America dates from 1990. More acoustic than before, the album was produced by Anton Sanko (Suzanne Vega). In addition this expanded CD reissue also features the six track mini-album Colouring In The Edge & The Outline. Released by Crepuscule in 1988 this set experiments with a more electronic, sequenced sound. Plus unreleased bonus track.

Dreamback - Best Of (ltmcd 2418) £ 10,-
Best Of collection that offers 16 of Anna Domino's finest songs, including singles and album tracks recorded between 1984 and 1996. The singles include 'Rythm', Summer, Take That, Zanna, Tempting, Lake and Tamper With Time. The relatively new title song Dreamback was never before released in Europe.

Songs From My Funeral (ltmcd 2539) £ 10,-
New edition of the 1999 debut album by the acclaimed downtempo/folktronica duo comprising Anna Domino and Michel Delory. An album of traditional American songs, reworked in radical retrofit style. Acid blues? Trip-hop? Troubadour? Nick Cave meets Sneaker Pimps?

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| John Dowie

An Arc Of Hives (boucd 6630) £ 10,-
Compilation of studio recordings released on Virgin and Factory, demos for Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, The Smirks and Fabulous Poodles, and live tracks from 1985.

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| Marcel Duchamp

Musical Erratum + In Conversation (ltmcd 2504) £ 10,-
The Musical Erratum forms part of the sequence of notes and projects which led to Duchamp's celebrated artwork, La Mariée Mise à Nu Par Ses Célibataires, Même. Two versions are included on this new CD: a conventional performance on piano, and another on which spinning rotary discs brush the piano strings to produce extraordinary tones.

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| The Durutti Column

The Return Of ... (fbn 114) £ 25,- LP+7" (incl. UK postage)
New vinyl edition of the landmark album featuring a totally revised version of the iconic sandpaper sleeve: a sheet of glasspaper seated beneath a die cut 1979 Factory 'bar graph' logo. Hard vinyl 7" and heavy duty polythene packaging.

The Return Of ... (fbn 114cd) £ 10,-
New edition of the landmark album featuring the later Dufy cover design. Contains all 9 tracks of the 1st pressing, the 6 tracks which formed the B-side of the rare 2nd pressing, the two Martin Hannett 'test card' flexi-disc tracks, plus Madeleine and Lips That Would Kiss from the 1980 Factory Benelux 12".

Lc (fbn 10cd) £ 12,- double-CD
Factory Benelux expanded double disc edition of the second studio album by the Manchester ensemble, originally issued in 1981 and ranked among Vini Reilly's finest albums. The original 10 tracks are supplemented by no less than 23 bonus cuts, including rare singles, compilation tracks and demos from the same era.

Short Stories For Pauline (fbn 36cd) £ 12,- double-CD
The legendary 'lost' fourth album, originally recorded by Vini Reilly in Brussels for Factory Benelux in 1983. Comes with Live In Bruxelles 13.8.1981 bonus disc.

Short Stories For Pauline (fbn 36) lp SOLD OUT
The legendary 'lost' fourth album, originally recorded by Vini Reilly in Brussels for Factory Benelux in 1983. The album was shelved after Tony Wilson decided to expand Duet as an entire album.

Treatise On The Steppenwolf (fbn 63cd) £ 10,-
The very first soundtrack album by Vini Reilly is a soundtrack to the performance piece of the same name by experimental theatre group 12 Stars. The album combines the studio recordings of the 12 pieces performed live during the Glasgow run with two bonus live tracks recorded at the event.

Circuses & Bread (ltmcd 2510) £ 10,-
Originally released by the Factory Benelux label in April 1986, now featuring 9 bonus tracks, including Verbier, The Aftermath, I Get Along Without You Very Well and 5 previously unreleased tracks from the cancelled 1983 album Short Stories For Pauline.

Fidelity (ltmcd 2512) £ 10,-
Originally released by Les Disques du Crepuscule in April 1996 and featuring ten tracks written and performed by Vini Reilly, with occasional guest vocals by Elli Rudge. The CD contains one bonus track, My Only Love, from 1995.

Lips That Would Kiss (ltmcd 2484) £ 10,-
Collection of singles recorded for Factory Benelux, Les Disques du Crepuscule and Sordide Sentimental between 1980 and 1982. Also contains several unique tracks recorded for Crepuscule compilation albums and no less than nine tracks from the unreleased 1983 album Short Stories For Pauline.

Live In Bruxelles 13.8.1981 (ltmcd 2499) DELETED
Complete live performance by Reilly and drummer Bruce Mitchell at the Place de la Monnaie, together with a revealing after-show chat with Vini. Contains DC favourites such as Conduct and Sketch For Summer, as well as several rarely heard numbers including Stains, Danny and Messidor.

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| Field Mice

Snowball + Singles (ltmcd 2419) £ 10,-
The first album Snowball (1989) with all tracks from their first three singles: Emma's House and Sensitive were released as bestselling 7-inchers on Sarah, while I Can See Myself Alone Forever was a strictly limited 7" on The Caff Corporation.

Skywriting + Singles (ltmcd 2421) £ 10,- double-CD
The second album Skywriting (1990) with all tracks from the EPs The Autumn Store and So Said Kay. This wealth of middle-period material completed on this double-CD by two rare compilation tracks as well as three previously unreleased tracks: I Thought Wrong, Right As Rain and Heart Disease Called Love.

For Keeps + Singles (ltmcd 2423) £ 10,-
The third and final album For Keeps (1991) with all tracks from the singles September's Not So Far Away and Missing the Moon. These swansong records prove once again that The Field Mice were one of the most underrated bands of their era: the missing link between Postcard Records and Belle and Sebastian.

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| Foreign Press

The Whole Story (ltmcd 2529) £ 12,- double-CD
First CD by Manchester post-punk band Foreign Press, that were active between 1979 and 1988. Digitally remastered, this 32 track 150 minute double disc set features all tracks from all four singles, as well as previously unreleased demo and session tracks.

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| The French Impressionists

A Selection Of Songs (ltmcd 2415) £ 10,-
Cult Scots new jazz ensemble The French Impressionists were formed by pianist and songwriter Malcolm Fisher in Glasgow and recorded for Les Disques du Crepuscule label between 1981 and 1983. This digitally remastered CD contains 18 tracks, including all the songs recorded by the band for singles and compilation albums, and 5 in-concert tracks recorded live in Glasgow.

Fête (ltmcd 2471) £ 10,-
Malcolm Fisher gathered together a new group of French Impressionists, including singers Cressida Jenkins, Sara Cicenia and Alberto Antoniazzi. The resulting album, recorded during 2006 and 2007, offers a beguiling mix of jazz, lieder, tone poems and modern composition.

Amelia Rosselli (ltmcd 2523) £ 10,-
For the third French Impressionists album Malcolm Fisher has joined forces with gifted Italian singer Sara Cicenia, setting the poems of Amelia Rosselli (1930-1996) to original piano music.

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| Tim Friese-Greene

10 Sketches For Piano Trio (ltmcd 2535) £ 10,-
His fourth solo release. Since leaving the ambit of Talk Talk in 1992, Friese-Greene has recorded two albums as Heligoland, but 10 Sketches For Piano Trio is the first under his own name. Mixed by Grammy award winner Phill Brown (Eno, Bob Marley) in London's Westpoint Studios.

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| Future Conditional

We Don't Just Disappear (ltmcd 2478) DELETED
All-new electro-pop project from Piano Magic mainstays Glen Johnson and Cedric Pin. Drawing inspiration from classic analog synth-pop by the likes of New Order, Kraftwerk, OMD and Section 25, the album updates the retro-futurist mix with a stellar selection of guest vocalists, including Melanie Pain, Bobby Wratten and Carolyn Allen.

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| Gilbert, Lewis & Mills

Mzui (boucd 6602) £ 10,-
Mzui is the aural record of an audio-visual installation staged in August 1981 at the Waterloo Gallery in London, by ex-Wire members Graham Lewis and Bruce Gilbert together with designer and Eno collaborator Russell Mills. 40 minutes, digitally remastered. Features original album artwork as well as many extra images from the show, and sleevenotes.

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| Gina X Performance

Nice Mover (ltm 2450) £ 10,-
Debut album from 1979 and an acknowledged new wave/electro classic. Formed in Cologne, Germany, the core of Gina X Performance comprised charismatic Gina Kikoine and writer-producer Zeus B. Held. The classic 1979 single No G.D.M. was a club hit on both sides of the Atlantic. This extended CD edition features four bonus tracks.

X-traordinaire (ltm 2453) £ 10,-
2nd album by Gina X Performance, another new wave/electro classic, first released in 1980. Stand-out tracks on this cool arthouse electro-disco album are Striptease, Opposite Numbers and the single Do It Yourself.

Voyeur (ltm 2447) £ 10,-
3rd album by Gina X Performance, her most extreme album. Again produced by Zeus B. Held and Martin Homberg it originally appeared in 1981 and was quickly deleted. This new extended CD edition also features four bonus tracks incl. dub mixes of Nice Mover and No G.D.M. and the rare 12" mix of the Bardot homage Harley Davidson.

Yinglish + Remixes (ltm 2455) £ 10,-
Her 4th and final album, incl. Harley Davidson (Serge Gainsbourg), Drive My Car (The Beatles), Waiting and Kanal Banal, as well as five bonus tracks from the album of remixes given away with initial copies of Yinglish in 1984.

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| Gnac

Twelve Sidelong Glances (ltmcd 2446) £ 10,-
4th album by Gnac, the sophisticated instrumental project from Mark Tranmer. The 17 tracks on this album follow on in the tradition of the Poptones-released set Biscuit Barrel Fashion with imaginary mid-week mid-afternoon murder mystery music, electronica melodica and vespertine guitar.

Sevens (ltmcd 2477) £ 10,-
Expanded edition of the second album from Gnac, originally released in 1999. Now to include 17 tracks (71 min.), gathering together several very rare 7" singles, as well as compilation-only tracks and extras. This new, remastered edition of Sevens features new artwork by Roger Quigley.

The Arrival Of The Fog (ltmcd 2491) £ 10,-
5th studio album from the sophisticated instrumental project from Mark Tranmer. The album centres on ten new instrumental pieces recorded in Tokyo, Osaka, Wollongong and Hebden Bridge in 2006 and 2007. The moods vary from Barry to Roubaix, Reilly to Delerue. With 2 bonus tracks.

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| Grow Up

The Best Thing/Without Wings (boucd 6617) £ 12,- double-CD
Manchester/Object Music band Grow Up's entire recorded output, including the albums The Best Thing (1980) and Without Wings (1981), the Stay Awake ep (1979) and Joanna 7" (1981) plus unreleased demos.

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| Paul Haig

At Twilight (twi 1154cd) £ 12,- double-CD NEW!
Compilation of Crepuscule singles and picked album tracks 1982-1991, including Justice, Heaven Sent, Blue For You, The Only Truth, Big Blue World and Love Eternal. Bonus discs contains the entire lost 1984 '2nd' album, as well as rare tracks and remixes.

Rhythm Of Life/New York Remix (twi 188cd) £ 10,-
Re-issue. Rhythm of Life was originally released in 1983 and recorded in New York and London by renowned producer Alex Sadkin. This collection of nine polished electro-funk cuts includes no less than four singles, and the standout track Adoration (originally written as a Josef K song). The five bonus tracks are taken from the 1984 mini album New York Remix.

The Warp Of Pure Fun (ltmcd 2378) £ 10,-
Originally released on Crepuscule in 1985, The Warp of Pure Fun was Haig's 2nd solo album, and remains his best known, biggest selling long player. Glossily produced with former Associate Alan Rankine, it contains no less than 4 classic singles in: Heaven Help You Now, Love Eternal, Big Blue World and The Only Truth, the latter produced by Bernard Sumner (New Order) and Donald Johnson (A Certain Ratio). With 7 bonus tracks.

Coincidence Vs. Fate (ltmcd 2380) £ 10,-
Originally released on Crepuscule in 1993, Coincidence Vs Fate was Haig's 4th solo album, and ranks among his best and most adventurous work. Variously produced by US dance luminaries Curtis Mantronik and Lil' Louis, as well as British production team The Chimes, the material veers from chilled dance to slinky fidget latin via a jawdropping cover of the lush Suicide ballad Surrender. With 3 bonus tracks.

Cinematique Vol.1 (ltmcd 2309) £ 10,-
The best of the Cinematique CD series, loosely based around the concept of incidental music for imaginary films. The disc is split into three different suites, each conveying a different mood and atmosphere. Several 'found' scenarios are included in the booklet, which also features the original artwork by Neil Jones.

Then Again (ltmcd 2366) DELETED
15 rarities, remixes and unreleased tracks recorded between 1982 and 1998. These include The Executioner, his rare 1984 collaboration with Cabaret Voltaire; the extended Man Parrish remix of The Only Truth; and two intriguing collaborations with Fini Tribe, one of which is a cover of cult dirge The Electrician by Scott Walker.

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| Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins

The Invisible Girls (fbn 65cd) £ 10,- NEW!
Rare and unreleased recordings by legendary new wave production duo Martin Hannett and Steve Hopkins (aka The Invisible Girls), most of them never before heard, including the soundtrack to All Sorts Of Heroes, a short animated film from 1976 scored by Hannett and Hopkins.

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| Zeus B. Held Control

Voice Versa (boucd 6622) £ 10,-
Compilation of classic electro tracks by the German producer and Vocoder maestro, recorded between 1978 and 1981. Having made his name as keyboards player in Birth Control, Zeus formed one half of pioneering electro duo Gina X Performance, as well as making three solo albums from which this new collection is compiled.

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| Hermine

The World On My Plates + Singles (ltmcd 2473) £ 10,-
Re-issue of Hermine's cult debut mini-album, released on Crammed in 1982, featuring 6 songs, including skewed covers of Blue Angel and Too Many Men In My Life. The 7 bonus tracks include all sides from her first three singles, including Born A Woman, TV Lovers and Torture, the latter recorded for Virgin in 1980 and produced by David Cunningham.

Lonely At The Top + Live 1982 (ltmcd 2476) £ 10,-
Re-issue of her 2nd album, released in 1984, featuring ten songs including left-field covers of Yoko Ono and Neil Sedaka and original material. Once again, the songs flaunt Hermine's deliberately idiosyncratic femme fatale vocal style. The bonus cuts represent a complete 1982 live performance and feature several tracks not recorded in the studio.

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| Isolation Ward

Point Final (ltmcd 2545) £ 10,-
first full CD release by the Belgian cold wave band, including the classic Lamina Christus, their first single, released by Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1982. Point Final features all tracks from the Crepuscule singles, the cassette album Point De Départ and additional tracks.

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| Richard Jobson

10.30 On A Summer Night/An Afternoon In Company (ltmcd 2444) £ 10,-
Re-issue of a CD collection combining two spoken word albums by Scottish singer and writer Richard Jobson, both originally released on Crepuscule. 10.30 On A Summer Night is Jobson's adaption of texts from the classic novel by French author Marguerite Duras. An Afternoon In Company collects together 20 original poems by Richard, with musical backing by luminaries such as Vini Reilly, Steven Brown & Blaine L. Reininger, Wim Mertens and Virginia Astley.

Ballad Of Etiquette (ltmcd 2427) £ 10,-
First CD reissue of the debut spoken word album by the Scottish singer, writer and director, originally released in November 1981 on Bill Nelson's Cocteau label. It combines Richard's poetry with music performed by Virginia Astley, Josephine Wells and the late, great guitarist John McGeoch. With six bonus tracks recorded for Crepuscule and live at Cabaret Futura.

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| Josef K

The Only Fun In Town (twi 052) £ 25,- double-LP (incl. UK postage)
Crepuscule presents a brand new remastered edition of the legendary Scots band's sole LP, recorded in July 1981. The second disc features several Postcard singles and the 1981 John Peel Session. In gatefold sleeve, with deluxe art print.

The Only Fun In Town/Sorry For Laughing (twi 052cd) £ 10,-
Crepuscule presents a brand new remastered edition of the legendary Scots band's sole LP, recorded in July 1981. Also features the shelved debut album Sorry For Laughing, recorded in November 1980. In deluxe digipak.

Sorry For Laughing (ltmlp 2549) £ 15,- LP+CD
First ever vinyl release of the first album by the legenadary Scottish guitar group, recorded for Postcard in 1981, to become the great lost album of the post-punk era. Replicates the original silver pantone artwork and comes with a bonus CD featuring the bands very first recording session from 1979.

Young And Stupid (ltmcd 2307) DELETED
Singles and sessions collection, gathering together the run of classic 7"s (A and B-sides) recorded for the Absolute, Postcard and Crepuscule labels between 1979 and 1981, together with the fondly-remembered John Peel radio session from June 1981, early demo tracks and a live take of the last song written for the band by frontman Paul Haig: Adoration. New artwork, and full band history in the booklet.

Crazy To Exist (Live) (ltmcd 2319) £ 10,-
The first full length live CD by the cult Scots post-punk guitar ravers, who split in 1981 after a string of classic singles and one LP. The 60 minutes CD combines two entire gigs by the quartet, taped in April and August 1981, including their last London show at The Venue. The CD has been remastered from the original mixing desk tapes, and the booklet features a detailed biography.

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| Kalima

Night Time Shadows + Singles (ltmcd 2379) £ 10,-
Expanded reissue of the first album by Kalima, originally released by Factory Records in 1986 and never before available on CD. Kalima were formed in late 1983 from the ashes of the Swamp Children. To the nine songs of the album are added all six tracks from the first two Kalima records, the Four Songs 12" (1985) and their acclaimed cover of the Sarah Vaughan standard The Smiling Hour (1984).

Kalima! + Singles (ltmcd 2407) £ 10,-
Originally released in March 1988 on Factory Records, Kalima! was the groups second full length and also the first album on which Kalima truly escaped from the shadow of A Certain Ratio. The CD contains 6 bonus tracks drawn from the 12" singles Weird Feelings and Whispered Words, as well as the rare song Rainforest.

Feeling Fine plus (ltmcd 2449) £ 10,-
Expanded reissue of the third album by Kalima, originally released by Factory Records in 1990 and long unavailable. The 60 minute CD contains two bonus tracks from the remix 12" single Shine, featuring mixes of the track by noted DJ Gilles Peterson and also Tim Oliver.

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| Jane Kennaway

IOU (ltmcd 2565) £ 10,-
Jane Kennaway is best remembered for her smart 1980 hit single IOU. She released a string of superior new wave pop singles between 1980 and 1982, all of which appear on this CD together with compilation tracks, demos and a live concert from 1980.

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| Kid Montana

Temperamental + Singles (ltmcd 2516) £ 12,- double-CD
Double set from the Belgian electronic pop duo who recorded a string of acclaimed releases for chic label Les Disques du Crépuscule in 1984-1987, gathering together the Temperamental album with mini-album The Las Vegas Gold Rush and the singles Revisiting Yalta, Spooky, Love May Be Blind and Still Colour Waiting, plus 2 video clips.

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| Les Six

Le Groupe Des Six: Selected Works 1915-1945 (ltmcd 2533) £ 12,- double-CD
150 minute double CD set features selected piano and orchestral works by Les Six composed between 1915 and 1945, including collaborations with Jean Cocteau, Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Jacob, Marcelle Meyer and Denise Duval.

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| Wyndham Lewis

The Enemy Speaks (ltmcd 2411) £ 10,-
Audiobook of readings by Percy Wyndham Lewis, the influential British modernist writer, artist and self-styled 'Enemy'. Lewis is best known as the founder in 1914 of the celebrated Vorticist art movement, an English variant of Italian Futurism. The CD gathers together rare broadcast recordings made by Lewis in 1938, 1947 and 1951 on various subjects in art and politics.

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| Virna Lindt

Shiver (ltmcd 2487) £ 10,-
Extended CD reissue of the debut album by Swedish pop sophisticate Virna Lindt, originally released by The Compact Organisation in 1983, including Attention Stockholm and I Experienced Love. This new edition also features 3 bonus tracks.

Play/Record (ltmcd 2489) £ 10,-
First release on CD of the second album by Swedish pop sophisticate Virna Lindt, originally released by The Compact Organisation in 1985. Play/Record tackles girls who cannot stand the colour red, the numbing effect of the new media, and subterfuge and skulduggery in her adopted home town.

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| Lowlife

Eternity Road/Reflections Of Lowlife 85-95 (ltmcd 2394) £ 10,-
First release in LTM's reissue programme by the cult Scottish dream-pop band, formed by ex-Cocteau Twins' Will Heggie, who released a string of acclaimed albums between 1985 and 1995. Eternity Road compiles 19 stand-out tracks from all the albums (selected by the band), as well as non-album singles. Several tracks are exclusive to this compilation.

Permanent Sleep + Rain (ltmcd 2390) £ 10,-
This 70 minutes CD combines the six track mini album Rain (released in 1985) with all eight tracks from debut album proper Permanent Sleep from 1986, as well as extra track From Side To Side (original mix) from the 1986 ep Vain Delights. The CD has been digitally re-mastered from the original master tapes, and features 15 tracks.

Diminuendo + Singles (ltmcd 2392) £ 10,-
This 74 minutes CD combines all nine tracks from the second album Diminuendo (released in 1987) with 7 bonus tracks taken from the non-album singles and eps Hollow Gut, Vain Delights and Swirl It Swings. The CD has been digitally re-mastered from the original master tapes.

Godhead + Black Sessions Pt.1 (ltmcd 2457) £ 10,-
Re-issue of Godhead (1989), the 3rd full studio album. It marked the departure of guitarist Stuart Everest, and also saw the group become an albums-only act. Features 5 bonus tracks, comprising the first half of the legendary 'Black Sessions' demo album, released in 1988.

San Antorium + Black Sessions Pt.2 (ltmcd 2468) £ 10,-
Re-issue of San Antorium (1991), the 4th studio album. Here core members Lorentson and Heggie are joined by guitarist Hugh Duggie and drummer Martin Flemiing. Features 5 bonus tracks, comprising the second half of the legendary 'Black Sessions' demo album, released in 1988.

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| Ludus

The Damage (ltmcd 2328) £ 10,-
73 min. collection of classics from this legendary post-punk Manchester band, who between 1980 and 1983 recorded for several labels including New Hormones, Crepuscule and Sordide Sentimental. Showcasing the music and muse of Linder Sterling and Ian Devine, and revealing an unexpected pop edge to the latterday Ludus canon. Also features photography by Benoit Hennebert, a new collage by Linder and sleevenotes by Morrissey.

The Visit/The Seduction (ltmcd 2333) £ 10,-
71 min. CD collecting together two scarce releases originally released on New Hormones. The Visit ep is the first Ludus record from March 1980, joined here by two non-album single tracks. The jewel in the crown of the Ludus catalogue is The Seduction, which first appeared as a double 12" package in 1982, and features some of Devine and Sterling's most accessible music, as well as some of their most adventurous. The CD features the original artwork by Linder, as well as extensive sleevenotes. 14 tracks, digitally remastered from the original tapes.

Pickpocket/Danger Came Smiling (ltmcd 2338) £ 10,-
73 min. CD collecting together two impossibly rare albums, both originally released on New Hormones, with the largely improvised Danger Came Smilinmg standing as the bands' most wilfully experimental material. The CD features the original artwork by Linder, as well as extensive sleevenotes. 24 tracks, digitally remastered from the original tapes.

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| Marine

Life In Reverse (ltmcd 2396) £ 10,-
The first CD by the legendary raw punk-funk combo signed by Les Disques du Crepuscule and later known as Allez Allez. Marine released three classic singles in Life In Reverse, Rive Gauche and Same Beat. The CD gathers together all Marine studio recordings for the first time, and includes a 25 min. audio visual section of Super8 movie footage of a trip to London to perform at Heaven in July 1981, as well as the superb monochrome clip for A Proposito Dei Napoli. The booklet features original artwork by Benoit Hennebert.

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| Marnie

Crystal World (twi 1156cd) £ 10,-
Ladytron lead singer Helen Marnie's debut solo album. Produced by Daniel Hunt and co-produced by Bardi Johannsson and recorded in Reyjavik, Iceland, in August 2012.

The Hunter Remixed (twi 1160) £ 10,- (incl. UK postage)
RSD 2014 release on clear vinyl in an edition of 500. Mixes by Roman Nose, Stephen Morrisd (New Order) and Mark Reeder.

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| Marsheaux

Odyssey (twi 1151cd) £ 10,-
Compilation of tracks from the Greek duo's albums Ebay Queen (2004), Peek-A-Boo (2006), Lumineux Noir (2009) and Inhale (2013), plus rare tracks and brand new track Full Attack. In deluxe 6-panel digipak.

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| Miaow

When It All Comes Down (ltmcd 2346) DELETED
The entire recorded works of Miaow, the cult indie guitar band formed by guitarist/singer Cath Carroll with drummer Chris Fenner and bassist Steve Macguire in 1984. Includes the 1985 debut 12", the two Factory singles, compilation tracks, all eight tracks recorded for both John Peel Sessions and two previously unheard demos for Miaow's never-completed Factory album Priceless Innuendo.

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| Minimal Man

The Shroud Of (boucd 6609) £ 10,-
First release in Boutique's reissue programme by cult American underground artist Patrick Miller. The Shroud Of was originally released by Subterranean Records in 1981, and guest musicians include Tuxedomoon members Steven Brown and Michael Belfer. Digitally remastered and running for over 60 minutes the CD includes five rare bonus tracks.

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| Minny Pops

Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement (fbn 13cd) £ 12,- double-CD NEW!
Expanded 2xCD re-issue of the debut album by Minny Pops, the cult Dutch electro pioneers who released four albums and a string of singles on Factory and Plurex. An uncompromising genre classic, the album mixes hard-edged electronica with modernist noise. Extra tracks include all three cuts from their debut ep Kojak and there further are 12 audio-visual min. featuring live tracks recorded at the Amsterdam Filmacademie in 1979. The set further adds a bonus disc featuring a complete live performance of Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement recorded at Amsterdam Dansmakers on 11 March 2012.

Sparks In A Dark Room (fbn 15cd) £ 12,- double-CD
Sparks In A Dark Room, released in 1982 by Factory Benelux, saw the band at the zenith of their powers as creators of driving modern electronic dance music. Also includes Time and Een Kus singles and a bonus CD featuring an entire live performance, recorded at Amsterdam Melkweg on 7 April 2012 on their 30th anniversary tour.

Sparks In A Dark Room (fbn 15) £ 25,- double-LP (incl. UK postage)
Double vinyl edition of Sparks In A Dark Room, the second studio album by Dutch electronic group Minny Pops, originally released by Factory Benelux in May 1982. The 2nd LP features an entire live performance, recorded at Amsterdam Melkweg on 7 April 2012 on their 30th anniversary tour. Limited copies on coloured vinyl.

Secret Stories (ltmcd 2353) £ 10,-
Secret Stories is lead by the four tracks released on Minny Pops' two Factory singles: Dolphin's Spurt (FAC 31) and Secret Story (FAC 57). It also features four tracks from an unreleased demo in 1980, rare compilation album tracks and four tracks each from the Poste Restante and 4th Floor albums.

Standstill To Motion: Live At The Melkweg 1981 (ltmcd 2566) £ 12,- CD+DVD
15-track set capturing the band at the height of their headstrong, rhythmic powers at Amsterdam's legendary Melkweg venue on 19 March 1981. Also includes a DVD with live footage (1979-1981) from Oktopus, Melkweg, Film Akademie and NYC.

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| Steve Miro

Rude Intrusions/Second Sentence/Trilemna (boucd 6621) £ 12,- double-CD
This double-set features all three original Steve Miro vinyl albums - Rude Intrusions (1980), Second Sentence (1981) and Trilemna (1984) - as well as all four tracks from his earlier 7" singles on Object, and also five previously unreleased demo tracks. Edtion of 500.

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| Pauline Murray

Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls (twi 016) £ 25,- double-LP+CD (incl. UK postage) NEW!
Deluxe remastered edition of the debut album by post-punk icon Pauline Murray, produced by revered sonic architect Martin 'Zero' Hannett and featuring a stellar cast of guest musicians including John Maher (Buzzcocks) and Vini Reilly (Durutti Column). Comes with non-album singles and a John Peel session (1980). This vinyl edition also includes a bonus CD featuring instrumental versions of all the album tracks, along with alternate takes of key singles.

Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls (twi 016cd) £ 12,- double-CD NEW!
Deluxe remastered edition of the debut album by post-punk icon Pauline Murray, produced by revered sonic architect Martin 'Zero' Hannett and featuring a stellar cast of guest musicians including John Maher (Buzzcocks) and Vini Reilly (Durutti Column). Comes with a wealth of bonus material including non-album singles, live recordings and a John Peel session (1980).

The Invisible Box (twi 016) £ 50,- Boxset NEW!
Limited, numbered edition of 100 including the vinyl and cd formats, a signed photo print and a unique Pauline Murray T-shirt designed by Vaughan Oliver (of 23 Envelope/4AD) in 1981.

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| The Names

In Time (fbn 112cd) £ 10,-
Studio collection gathering together the best tracks of the group's 2nd album, Night Vision (1997) and 3rd album, Monsters Next Door (2009).

Swimming (fbn 9) £ 20,- double-LP (inc. UK postage)
deluxe double vinyl edition of their debut album, originally issued in June 1982. The 2nd LP contains singles Calcutta, Nightshift, The Astronaut and Spectators Of Life, as well as the band's John Peel session from February 1982,

Swimming (fbn 9cd) £ 10,-
New Factory Benelux CD edition of their debut album, originally issued in June 1982 and produced by Martin Hannett. Bonus tracks include the singles Calcutta and Nightshift and the band's John Peel session from February 1982.

Swimming + Singles (ltmcd 2324) £ 10,-
Full length 17 track reissue from the acclaimed Belgian group. Between 1979 and 1982 The Names released a string of sublime singles, including Calcutta, the Astronaut and the classic Nightshift. Their sole album, Swimming, appeared in 1982 on Crepuscule, and like the preceding singles was produced by Martin Hannett. This CD combines the entire album with extra tracks including both sides of the Nightshift and Calcutta singles, plus the Astronaut and three tracks recorded for Crepuscule compilation albums. Original Benoît Hennebert artwork.

Spectators Of Life (ltmcd 2320) £ 10,-
New archive CD including the very first single Spectators Of Life, b-sides, compilation tracks and rare and unheard live material (1979-1981). Artwork by Benoît Hennebert.

Nightshift/Live At Plan K (ltmdvd 2522) £ 12,- DVD
2 hour DVD by the Factory Records/Crepuscule band, including a complete 2007 live performance at Plan K in Brussels, plus bonus archive material: videos from the early 80s and a private concert given in the Summer of 2005.

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| Northern Picture Library

Alaska + Love Song For The Dead Che (ltmcd 2436) £ 10,-
NPL were formed by Bobby Wratten, Annemari Davies and Mark Dobson after The Field Mice split in 1991. It was a much less highly-strung project, less song-based and more dark and ambient than before, drawing influence from Talk Talk, Brian Eno and ambient/dance. As a bonus you get all three tracks from Love Song for the Dead Che, the companion ep recorded at the same sessions.

Postscript (ltmcd 2388) £ 10,-
Collection of singles and rarities, gathering together the 8 tracks from the 1994 eps Blue Dissolve and Paris, together with the rare compilation track Something Good (from a Sound Of Music tribute, no less!), and three previously unreleased tracks, including an extraordinary remix of Welcome To California, originally recorded by Katmandu.

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| Northside

Chicken Rhythms + Extras (ltmcd 2386) DELETED
Expanded reissue of the one and only album by Manchester 'baggy' contenders, originally released by Factory Records in June 1991. This remaster on LTM features all three singles released in 90-91: Shall We Take a Trip?, My Rising Star and Take 5, b-sides, rare instrumentals and two live tracks.

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| The Noyes Brothers

Sheep From Goats (boucd 6615) £ 12,- double-CD
First ever CD reissue of the Object Music album from 1980 by Steve Solamar of cult band Spherical Objects and Steve Miro. Sheep From Goats, a double set, was recorded at Graveyard Studios, and contains 100 minutes of experiments and improvisations.

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| Nyam Nyam

Hope Of Heaven + Singles (ltmcd 2575) £ 10,-
First ever CD edition of the bands one and only album, originally released on 4AD sister label Situation Two in 1984. Also includes the When We Can't Make Laughter Stay debut 7" and The Architect 12" tracks.

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| The Occasional Keepers

The Beauty Of The Empty Vessel (ltmcd 2439) DELETED
TOK is an ongoing collaboration between Bobby Wratten (Field Mice/Northern Picture Library/Trembling Blue Stars) and Carolyn Allen and Caesar (The Wake). Their 1st album features a meditative, beautiful and minimalist mix of guitars, keyboards, echoing drums and male and female vocals, to produce a highly personal synthesis of neo-folk, experimental pop, dissonance, electronics and improvisation.

True North (ltmcd 2511) £ 10,-
TOK's 2nd album was recorded and produced by the Keepers with Ian Catt (St Etienne). Retaining plenty of acoustic, reflective elements from the previous album, this release adds experimental, song-based pop touches to great effect.

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| The Orchids

Lyceum + Singles (ltmcd 2442) £ 10,-
1st album by acclaimed Glasgow band, who recorded for cult label Sarah between 1987 and 1994. Newly remastered for CD, Lyceum (1989) runs for 74 minutes and includes liner notes by Alistair Fitchett. Among the pick of the twelve bonus cuts are Tiny Words, Yawn and the anti-Poll Tax protest song Defy The Law.

Unholy Soul + Singles (ltmcd 2445) £ 10,-
Their 2nd album, originally released in 1991 on Sarah. Newly remastered for CD, Unholy Soul runs for 70 minutes and contains nine bonus tracks, incl. the singles Something For The Longing and Bemused, Confused And Bedraggled.

Striving For The Lazy Perfection + Singles (ltmcd 2451) £ 10,-
Their 3rd and final album, originally released in 1994 on Sarah. Newly remastered for CD, Striving For The Lazy Perfection runs for 62 minutes. Stand-out tracks include Obsession No 1, A Kind Of Eden, Lovechild and A Living Ken And Barbie. The three bonus tracks are culled from the 1992 single Thaumaturgy.

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| The Other Two

The Other Two & You (ltmcd 2551) £ 10,-
Expanded CD edition of the debut album by The Other Two, the electronic pop duo comprising Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order, originally released on London in 1993. Features six bonus tracks from the three companion singles.

Super Highways (ltmcd 2553) £ 10,-
Expanded CD edition of the second album by The Other Two, the electronic pop duo comprising Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order, originally released on London in 1999. The title track was released as a single, featuring remixes by Andy Votel and Cevin Fisher, also included here.

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| The Pale Fountains

Something On My Mind (twi 119) LP+CD SOLD OUT
Anthology of early recordings by The Pale Fountains, combining a 12 track vinyl album with a bonus 19 track 1982 live CD. Side one of the album features six studio tracks: all tracks from the single released by Crepuscule/Operation Twilight in June 1982, as well as unreleased second single Longshot For Your Love plus two songs recorded for Crepuscule compilation albums.

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| The Passage

Pindrop (ltmcd 2356) £ 10,-
The dense first album, originally released in 1980 on the Object label, has been unavailable for two decades. Here, Passage mainman Richard 'Dick' Witts performs most of the material. The thirteen bonus tracks include all material from their first two eps, featuring ex-Fall bassist Tony Friel. Digitally remastered. With detailed sleevenotes.

For All And None (ltmcd 2359) £ 10,-
Their rare second album, originally appeared in 1981 on their own Night and Day label. Here, Witts is joined by guitarist Andrew Wilson and drummer Joe McKechnie. The four bonus tracks comprise all tracks from the two rare singles Troops Out and the Devils And Angels, the latter featuring short-stay vocalist Lizzy Johnson. Digitally remastered. With detailed sleevenotes.

Degenerates (ltmcd 2361) DELETED
The third album, originally issued in 1982 on Cherry Red. Here, Witts is joined by guitarist Andrew Wilson and short-stay drummer Paul Mahoney. Includes the well-known single XoYo (almost a chart hit!). With five bonus tracks, including the non-album single Taboos. Digitally remastered. With detailed sleevenotes.

Enflame (ltmcd 2363) £ 10,-
The fourth and final album appeared in 1983 on Cherry Red. Stand-out tracks include Sharp Tongue (also a single) and the powerful Sunburn. The song Drugface was later heavily sampled by Moby for his 1991 single Drug Fits The Face. Seven bonus tracks, including the non-album single Wave, and five demos from 1983. Digitally remastered. With detailed sleevenotes.

BBC Sessions (ltmcd 2365) £ 10,-
This set traces the convoluted history of The Passage through their three John Peel Sessions for BBC Radio One from November 1980, October 1981 and May 1982. There are two otherwise unrecorded tracks in Rod Of Iron and Form & Void. Also included are three unreleased demos from 1983. Digitally remastered. With detailed sleevenotes.

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| Penelope Queen

I'd Rather Be Naked (twi 1152cd) £ 10,-
Debut album by young French singer-songwriter, produced by Isabelle Antena. Featuring 13 original songs by Penelope, together with a cover of Silly Things, the heartbreaking ballad originally recorded by Antena on Camino Del Sol, their debut album for Crepuscule back in 1983. Also written in the south of France, Penelope's own new album captures many of the same moods.

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| Francis Picabia

La Nourrice Américaine (ltmcd 2509) £ 10,-
Unique CD by influential avant-garde artist Francis Picabia, featuring two interpretations of his provocative 1920 Dadaist piece for piano, together with a spoken word extract from 1945. La Nourrice Américaine was performed for the first time at the Festival Dada, staged in Paris on 26 May 1920.

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| Peter Principle

Conjunction (ltmcd 2306) £ 10,-
Reissue of the 3rd solo album by Tuxedomoon bass wizard Peter Principle, originally released by LTM back in 1990. Conjunction combines psychedelic soundscapes and symbolist harmonics to deliver 13 scenic sonic sculptures. Includes a special poster booklet.

Idyllatry (ltmcd 2441) £ 10,-
4th solo album by Tuxedomoon bass and effects wizard Peter Principle, featuring ten new tracks written arranged and produced by Peter, as well as an esoteric cover of the Love/Arthur Lee classic Emotions.

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| Quando Quango

Pigs + Battleships (fbn 110cd) £ 10,-
New remaster of the frisky electronic dance album originally released on Factory Records in November 1985 and produced by legendary New York mixmaster Mark Kamins. Bonus tracks include the rare Genius Pt 2 and all four tracks from Quando's 1984 BBC radio session for David Jensen.

Pigs + Battleships (ltmcd 2360) £ 10,-
The first ever CD from dance trailblazers Quando Quango, the seminal 80's electronic dance combo helmed by Hillegonda 'Gonnie' Rietveld and Mike Pickering. They went on to release a series of cult 12" singles and an album for Factory Records. As well as the full 1985 album this extended CD version includes all the singles: Love Tempo, Atom Rock, Go Exciting and Genius.

Love Tempo/Genius (ltms12 2370) £ 5,- 12"
This limited edition 12" features versions of their best known singles, produced or mixed by legendary New York maestro Mark Kamins: Love Tempo (1983), originally produced by Be Music/Dojo, Atom Rock (1984) -here in the rare spacey US dub version, featuring guest guitar by Johnny Marr- and the fly Latino party classic Genius (1985).

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| Eric Random

Subliminal 1980-82 (ltmcd 2437) £ 10,- double-CD
Double-set from the Manchester electronica pioneer, best known for his early post-punk recordings for New Hormones and Crepuscule, and collaborations with Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks), Cabaret Voltaire and Nico. Features the first three singles on New Hormones and Les Disques do Crepuscule together with two rare compilation-only tracks for Touch and Plurex on disc 1, with the 1982 album Earthbound Ghost Need on disc 2.

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| Mark Reeder

Collaborator (fbn 111cd) £ 10,-
New collection of remixes by Berlin-based producer and musician Mark Reeder (Shark Vegas), featuring European acts such as Westbam, Koishii & Hush, Blank & Jones, Helen Marnie (Ladytron), Marsheaux, Bad Lieutenant (Bernard Sumner), Corvin Dalek, Anne Clark, John Taylor (Duran Duran) and Sam Taylor Wood with the Pet Shop Boys.

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| Blaine L. Reininger

Commissions (twi 1158cd) £ 12,- double-CD
Brand new anthology of instrumental soundtrack music by the Colorado-born composer and founder member of Tuxedomoon. Written and recorded between 2008 and 2012, the various theatre and dance productions scored include Electric Girl, New Electric Ballroom, Lithi and Danton's Death.

Broken Fingers (twi 068cd) £ 10,-
Reininger's first solo album for Crepuscule, recorded in February 1982 with assistance from fellow Moonies Peter Principle and Steven Brown. This digital remaster features the original artwork by Saskia Lupini and extensive sleevenotes, plus five bonus tracks.

Night Air (ltmcd 2339) £ 10,-
The classic 1984 Crepuscule solo set by the Tuxedomoon lynchpin, recorded with Michael Belfer and produced by Gareth Jones. Fully remastered and with a half dozen cracking extra tracks including the legendary 1980 Belfer/Reininger track Crash, never before released on CD.

Live In Brussels Bis (ltmcd 2358) £ 10,-
Originally released on chic Euro label Les Disques du Crepuscule. Recorded on stage with a four piece band in February 1986, this powerful set includes versions of several of Blaine's best known solo numbers, as well the Tuxedomoon classics What Use? and Volo Vivace. This new remastered edition also contains SIX bonus songs not included on the original issue.

Instrumentals (ltmcd 2341) £ 10,-
Reissue of this superb collection of instrumental and soundtrack material recorded between 1982 and 1987, with guests including Vini Reilly/Durutti Column, Steven Brown, Mikel Rouse and Wim Mertens.

Byzantium/Paris En Automne (ltmcd 2385) £ 10,-
Reininger's fourth solo album for Crepuscule, recorded in 1986/87. The original eight tracks have been increased to 16, and now include the whole of the 1985 mini album Paris En Automne, never before available on CD, plus the rare track Bizmillah and a remix of Blaine's wry Kraftwerk tribute Rolf & Florian Go Hawaiian. New artwork based on the Paris En Automne poster by Joel Van Audenhaege.

Book Of Hours bis (ltmcd 2417) £ 10,-
Book of Hours was first released by Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1989. Guest musicians on the album include Tuxedomoon members Steven Brown, Luc van Lieshout, Paul Zahl and Ivan Georgiev, as well as Ludus guitarist Ian Devine. The CD has now been remastered with five bonus tracks and comes with all new artwork.

Night Air 2 (ltmcd 2414) £ 10,-
Night Air 2 is intended as a sequel to his keynote 1984 album Night Air, a bittersweet meditation on life in exile in a hostile city. This sequel, carefully selected from several albums recorded between 1989 and 1999, captures many of the same moods, ranging from cinematic and expatriate angst to modern electronica.

Elektra/Radio Moscow (ltmcd 2482) £ 10,-
Elektra/Radio Moscow combines two haunting instrumental soundtracks. Elektra was commissioned for a version of the Sophocles play staged at the Athens Festival in Summer 2006. Radio Moscow is the score for the 1995 film of the same name.

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| Blaine L. Reininger & Steven Brown

100 Years Of Music: Live In Lisbon 1989 (ltmcd 2431) £ 10,-
As well as collaborating on several film and stage soundtracks, Reininger and Brown have also regularly performed live as a piano/sax/violin duo since 1984. This CD captures (with crystal clear sound) one of their best recitals, at the Teatro Sao Luis in Lisbon, Portugal, on 21 November 1989. Digitally remastered with two extra tracks.

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| Revenge

One True Passion V2.0 (ltmcd 2375) £ 10,- double-CD
2xCD reissue of the sole album by Revenge, the electro/hard rock hybrid fronted by New Order bass player Peter Hook, originally released by Factory Records in 1990. The album was extensively reconfigured and includes Hook's new recordings of the late period unreleased tracks The Wilding and Televive. The set comes with a full-length bonus disc with rare remixes and unreleased songs.

No Pain No Gain - Live 1991 (ltmcd 2413) £ 10,-
Live album that captures the band at their live peak in 1991. The first 8 tracks represent an entire performance at Manchester's celebrated Cities in the Park festival in August 1991, while the remainder of the CD is culled from a show in Kawasaki, Japan, several months later.

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| The Room

No Dream (Best Of) (ltmcd 2369) £ 10,-
Cult Liverpool band who released three albums and a slew of singles between 1980 and 1986. The Room reaped critical acclaim with singles such as In Sickness And In Health, as well as the album Indoor Fireworks (1982). No Dream is an unashamed Best Of compilation spanning the band's entire career, comprising singles, choice album cuts and unreleased demo tracks.

In Evil Hour/Clear! (ltmcd 2416) £ 10,-
2nd reissue by The Room, who had a shot a chart success with the excellent album In Evil Hour. The album was originally released on in November 1984 and produced by John Porter (Smiths) and Tom Verlaine. Also includes three previously unreleased outtakes and all six tracks from the band's transitional 1983 mini album Clear!.

Indoor Fireworks (ltmcd 2405) £ 10,-
3rd reissue by The Room. This album was originally released in April 1982 and has never before appeared on CD. The extended CD includes three rare b-side tracks from singles and also six live tracks recorded in Vancouver on the band's first American tour in July 1981, where they wer joined by guest keyboard player Eric Drew Feldman.

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| The Royal Family & The Poor

Temple Of The 13th Tribe (boucd 6608) £ 10,-
Digital remaster of the first album Mike Keane recorded for Factory Records in 1984, produced by Peter Hook of New Order. It also includes all tracks from A Factory Quartet (FACT 24), produced by Martin Hannett.

We Love The Moon (boucd 6611) £ 10,-
Digital remaster of Mike Keane's second album for Factory Records, released in 1986, produced by Keane with Ambrose Reynolds of Pink Industry. The bonus tracks include all tracks from the rare 1981 12" single Art On 45 (FAC 43), the rare 7" version of We Love the Moon and the only version of Someone Somewhere, recorded live in 1983.

In The Sea Of E (boucd 6605) £ 10,-
Digital remaster of Mike Keane's 3rd album, released on Gaia in 1987, and like the previous albums on Factory an intricate and diverse set. Simon Crab of Bourbonese Qualk co-wrote and produced the material. The bonus tracks include rare b-sides and demos of two unheard songs.

North-West Soul (boucd 6607) £ 10,-
The first album in five years from the cult avant-folk-electro collective overseen by reclusive Liverpudlian bard Michael Keane. More open and honest than previous outings, the tracks reflect the dreams and aspirations he has struggled to realize in Toxteth over the last few years. The new music touches on ballads, dark electronica and eerie, bittersweet electropop.

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| Erik Satie

Vexations (ltmcd 2389) £ 10,-
The extraordinary score for Vexations (1893) is just 3 lines long, yet a complete performance (840 repetitions) may last for anything between 14 and 28 hours. First performed under the supervision of John Cage in 1963, Vexations is now recognized as a significant milestone in avant-garde music. This 70 minute recording features 40 repetitions of the motif, by Alan Marks on piano.

Socrate + Melodies (ltmcd 2459) £ 10,-
New CD edition of the acclaimed recording of Erik Satie's symphonic drama Socrate (1918), performed by Music Projects London and previously available on the Factory Classical label. Socrate is joined on this CD by five short song cycles written by Satie between 1886 and 1923.

Musique De La Rose+Croix/Pages Mystiques/Uspud (ltmcd 2469) £ 12,- double-CD
A double disc set (94 minutes) of solo piano music comprising Satie's enigmatic Rosicrucian pieces (1891-1894), composed for the esoteric Ordre de la Rose-Croix Catholique du Temple et du Graal, in Paris. Together with an instrumental version of the ballet score Uspud (1892) and the meditative works collected as the Pages Mystiques (1893).

Dada Works & Entr'acts (ltmcd 2474) £ 10,-
All of Satie's principle Dada-related works, written between 1920 and 1924, are included on this unique CD: Trois Morceaux En Forme De Poire, Ragtime Dada, Entr'acte and Cinema, Satie's custom score for the celebrated intermission film by Rene Clair.

Cubist Works 1913-1924 (ltmcd 2406) £ 10,-
This CD offers four works composed by Satie between 1913 and 1924 for his collaborations with the artist Pablo Picasso. These include piano and orchestral versions of his scores for the celebrated 'Cubist' ballets Parade (1917) and Mercure (1924), as well as the seldom-heard organ 'diversion', The Statue Found (1923).

Avant-Dernières Pensées (ltmcd 2501) £ 10,-
Avant-Dernières Pensées features several of Satie's best known compositions, including the famously poised Trois Gymnopédies, all six haunting Gnossiennes and Je Te Veux, as well as more experimental pieces such as Sports Et Divertissements, an extraordinary collection of 21 miniatures from 1914.

Cocteau, Satie & Le Six (ltmcd 2402) £ 10,-
The L'Album Des Six of 1920 is now recognised as a landmark in 20th Century modern music. Similarly the artful relationship between the composers who formed 'Les Six' and their mentors Erik Satie and Jean Cocteau forms an important cornerstone of the inter-war avant garde. This 74 minute anthology also includes music composed by Satie and Les Six for spectacles staged by Cocteau between 1917 and 1920.

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| Savage Republic

Varvakios (ltmcd 2572) £ 10,-
6th studio album by the acclaimed LA postpunk group, Recorded in Greece in February 2012 over the course of three hectic days, the album is a sequel of sorts to their 1989 album Customs

Procession: An Aural History (ltmcd 2557) double-CD DELETED
Definitive best of CD, containing selected tracks from all albums, as well as rare singles, and a 45 minutes bonus live CD recorded at a festival concert in Spain on January 30 2010.

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| Section 25

Always Now (fbn 3-045cd) £ 13,- double-CD NEW!
The classic 1981 Factory debut album produced by Martin Hannett. With bonus singles, outtakes, Peel session and on disc 2 a complete 1980 concert. Housed in miniature version of the folding pochette wallet designed by Peter Saville, with inner sleeves and I Ching seal sticker

From The Hip (fbn 33cd) £ 12,- double-CD NEW!
30th anniversary double-CD edition. The bonus CD features a raft of previously unreleased material, including a 1984 BBC radio session, five tracks from the original From The Hip demo in 1983 and a brand new recording of Reflection by the current iteration of the group. In deluxe 6-panel digipak.

Reflection (Young Image) (7fbn 53) 7" SOLD OUT
RSD 2014 release in an edition of 500. Exclusive B-side: Change.

Dark Light (fbn 145cd) £ 10,-
New album, recorded in 2012. The first collection of new material since the tragic loss of founder Larry Cassidy marks a return to the smooth electro and synth-pop textures first explored on their seminal 1984 album From The Hip.

My Outrage (7fbn 62) 7" SOLD OUT
RSD 2013 release in an edition of 500. Exclusive B-side: Hinterland and Peter Saville Studios artwork.

Love And Hate (fbn 45cd) £ 10,-
Newly remastered edition of their 4th studio album, originally issued by Factory Records in 1988. Recorded in 1986 by Larry and Jenny Cassidy, the self-produced album explores electronic and acoustic terrain. The 7 bonus tracks include both remixes of Bad News Week, Crazy Wisdom and previously unreleased demo tracks.

From The Hip (fact 90) £ 15,- LP+12"
Brand new vinyl edition featuring the original LP from 1984 coupled with a 12" containing the seminal megamix of Looking From A Hilltop and a remix by Stephen Morris (New Order) from 2010.

Dirty Disco - Best Of 1978-2008 (ltmcd 2515) £ 10,-
Celebratings 30 years of Section 25 and featuring tracks from all line-ups and albums, as well as the singles Knew Noise, Dirty Disco, Haunted, Beating Heart, Looking From A Hilltop, Crazy Wisdom and Bad News Week, plus a new lounge version of Knew Noise.

So Far - An Audiovisual History 1980-85 (ltmdvd 2429) £ 12,- DVD
This 145 min. DVD gathers together rare live and studio footage from all stages of Section 25's career. The original post-punk trio are captured live at the ICA in London in June 1980, while the later five-piece electronic line-up at Minneapolis First Avenue in January 1985. In addition to these two complete shows, extracts from shows at Chicago Metro, Manchester Hacienda and London Riverside are also included, and the clip for Looking From A Hilltop.

The Key Of Dreams (ltmcd 2310) £ 10,-
70 minutes reissue of the second studio album, originally released by Factory Benelux (FBN 14) in 1982. 14 tracks in total, including the entire self-produced album, remastered from the original tapes, plus compilation tracks and the singles The Beast and Je Veux T'on Amour. Original artwork reproduced, and sleevenotes.

From The Hip (ltmcd 2314) £ 10,-
Digital remaster of classic 1984 vintage electronica produced by Bernard Sumner of New Order, including both 12" remixes of the durable US club hit Looking From a Hilltop (FAC 108), together with previously unreleased 12" mixes of Beating Heart and Back To Wonder (FAC 68). 15 tracks.

Part-Primitiv (ltmcd 2500) £ 10,-
Fifth studio album from the cult post-punk group, joined by guitarist Ian Butterworth (ex Tunnelvision) and multi-instrumentalist and engineer Roger Wikeley. While work on the new album was set back by the death of Jenny Cassidy in 2004, Part-Primitiv was produced by the band at West Orange Studio, Preston, in 2007.

Nature + Degree (ltmcd 2536) £ 10,-
New studio album from the cult Factory Records group was self-produced in April 2009 and features new members Stuart Hill and Steven Stringer. Larry and Vin Cassidy are also joined by Beth Cassidy whose vocal style recalls that of her late mother Jenny.

Retrofit (ltmcd 2548) £ 10,-
Recorded before the untimely death of Larry Cassidy in February 2010, Retrofit sees the group revisit 10 key tracks from their estimable back catalogue, remade and remodelled using new technology, and closing with a compelling remix of Looking From A Hilltop by New Order member Stephen Morris.

Live In America & Europe 1982 (ltmcd 2312) £ 10,-
Digitally remastered from the tapes originally intended for album release on Factory US in 1982. Cherry-picked 72 minutes set featuring God's Playground, Babies in the Bardo, Trident, Dirty Disco, Sakura, Inside Out, One True Path, Floating, The Beast, You Leave Me No Choice, Warhead and Haunted, the latter a jam with Crispy Ambulance. Full sleevenotes in booklet.

Deus Ex Machina (ltmcd 2316) £ 10,-
70 minutes CD comprising studio demos and live material recorded in February 1985 on the second North American tour, and at The Hacienda (2/1983) and Preston Guildhall (10/1985). All superb mix-desk quality recordings. Full sleevenotes. Artwork by Julien Potter.

Illuminus Illumina (ltmcd 2322)
Full-length 72 minutes archive CD of early material plus 1980-1981 jams by the original three-piece group. Free with The Night Watch compilation (ltmcd 2326). NOT available separately.

From The Hip In The Flesh - Live In America 1985 (ltmcd 2325) £ 10,-
At long last, a full length live CD from their legendary 1985 tour of North America, which indisputably established the band as the pioneers of techno. Eleven tracks over 72 minutes, this CD has been carefully mastered from the original soundboard tapes located in 2001. Full sleevenotes and housed in a striking variation of the original Fact 90 cover design by Peter Saville.

Communicants (ltmcd 2496) £ 12,- DVD
Live DVD offering a professional multi-camera shoot of their triumphant homecoming show at Blackpool Empress Ballroom in October 2006 (as guests of New Order), the full 8 tracks, as well as bonus performances from Brussels, Dublin, Athens, Paris, London and Poulton.

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| Severed Heads

ComMerz (ltmcd 2493) £ 12,- double-CD
Definitive overview of the Heads' work between 1982 and 2006. Compiled and mastered by head Head Tom Ellard, the 30 tracks double disc set runs for 140 minutes and includes all the dance hits, as well as earlier singles and selected album tracks.

Viva! Heads! (ltmcd 2464) £ 10,-
Digitally recorded at various live performances between 1998 and 2005, chiefly in Europe and Australia and seamlessly edited by head Head Tom Ellard. All are new arrangements and unusually for a live album crowd noise had been entirely removed, so that Viva! Heads! works just as well as a mix CD.

Rotund For Success (ltmcd 2404) DELETED
Rotund For Success was originally released via the Nettwerk and Volition labels in 1989, and saw Severed Heads flirt outrageously with mainstream success. Although all material was written by chief Head Tom Ellard, it were Robert Racic's seamless mixes of slinky dance tracks Greater Reward and All Saint's Day which set the album apart. The new CD contains 17 digitally remastered tracks.

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| Sex Pistols

The Heyday (boucd 6603) £ 10,-
Unavailable for more than 20 years, this is a fascinating yet undervalued aural documents from the punk era. In August 1977, Fred and Judy Vermorel conducted candid interviews with the then-current line-up of the Sex Pistols, for their book The Inside Story. The interveiws were originally released by Factory Records as a limited edition cassette (FACT 30) in 1980. This version contains 3 additional interviews. With detailed historical notes. On the Boutique sublabel.

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| Spherical Objects

Past & Parcel/Elliptical Optimism (boucd 6614) £ 10,-
First ever CD re-issue of their first album Past & Parcel, from August 1978, together with their second album, Elliptical Optimism, from October 1979, both originally released on Object Music.

Further Ellipses/No Man's Land (boucd 6616) £ 10,-
First ever CD re-issue of their third album Further Ellipses, from 1980, together with their fourth and final album, No Man's Land, from October 1981, both originally released on Object Music.

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| Alison Statton & Spike

Tidal Blues/Weekend In Wales (ltmcd 2393) £ 10,-
Reissue of the 1st album by vocalist Alison Statton (Young Marble Giants, Weekend) and guitarist Spike (Weekend, Reptile Ranch). Recorded in 1994, it is essentially an acoustic set, recorded with a six piece band including Phil Moxham (YMG). Digitally remastered with 5 bonus tracks from the more jazzy 1991 ep Weekend In Wales.

The Shady Tree (ltmcd 2395) £ 10,-
Reissue of the 2nd album by vocalist Alison Statton (Young Marble Giants, Weekend) and guitarist Spike (Weekend, Reptile Ranch). Recorded in 1996/97 the album explores the complex relationship between music and mathematics. Alison sings over highly atmospheric music filled with echoes, loops, gentle harp trills and sweetly ringing guitar.

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| Stockholm Monsters

Alma Mater Plus (ltmcd 2330) £ 10,-
Long-awaited reissue on CD of the Monsters only album, Alma Mater, released on Factory in 1984, produced by Peter Hook of New Order. With 7 bonus tracks. Digitally remastered from the original album session tapes. Full sleevenotes, and original Trevor Johnson artwork faithfully reproduced.

All At Once - Singles 1981-1987 (ltmcd 2337) £ 10,-
Compact remastered collection of all the Monsters' single A- and B-sides for Factory, Factory Benelux and Materiali Sonori. Full sleevenotes, and adaptation of Trevor Johnson artwork for the FAC 107 single sleeve.

The Last One Back - Archive 1980-1987 (ltmcd 2335) £ 10,-
Comprehensive and fascinating 20 tracks collection from the band's own tape archive, mostly of songs never before heard, including the last, superb five song studio demo from 1987. Full sleevenotes.

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| Surprize

In Movimento (fbn 26cd) £ 10,-
First CD edition of the mini-album by Italian ambient funk group Surprize, originally released by Factory Benelux in April 1984. Also includes all six tracks from their early Italian singles.

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| Swamp Children

So Hot (ltmcd 2364) £ 10,-
The rare 1982 album by Factory avant-funk band Swamp Children, who later mutated into the acclaimed latin jazz outfit Kalima. Swamp Children formed in Manchester in 1980, and pursued a latin, bossa nova and jazz tinged agenda. The six bonus tracks include both their earlier 12" eps: Little Voices and the Taste What's Rhythm ep.

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| Bernard Szajner

Superficial Music (boucd 6618) £ 10,-
Originally released in 1981, Superficial Music incorporates elements of Szajner's album Visions Of Dune played backwards at half speed and treated digitally, as well as the three part suite Oswiecim, an imagining of the Holocaust informed by the experience of his own family. With 2 bonus tracks.

Some Deaths Take Forever (boucd 6620) £ 10,-
Originally released in 1980, Some Deaths Take Forever is a disturbing musical account of the feelings of a prisoner on death row, conceived as the soundtrack to a short film by Amnesty International. Guest musicians include Bernard Paganotti of Magma. With 3 bonus tracks.

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| T-Coy

Carino + Singles (ltmcd 2576) £ 10,-
Singles and remixes compilation 1987-89 by the Deconstruction/Hacienda House act formed by Simon Topping (A Certain Ratio) and Mike Pickering (Quando Quango/pre-M People). Features Carino, I Like To Listen and Night Train and T-Coy's remix of Dream 17 by Annette.

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| Thick Pigeon

Too Crazy Cowboys (ltmcd 2342) £ 10,-
Thick Pigeon was the duo of composer/singer Stanton Miranda and instrumentalist Carter Burwell (who later became famous for his numerous Coen brothers film scores). After singles for Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1982-83, the pair linked up with New Order duo Steven Morris and Gillian Gilbert for their first full album. Originally released in 1984 on Factory Records (FACT 85). With three bonus tracks. Digitally remastered from the original master tapes.

Miranda Dali + Singles (ltmcd 2381) £ 10,-
The second album from the New York avant-pop duopoly, originally released by Les Disques du Crepuscule in 1991. Again a collaboration between Stanton Miranda and Carter Burwell. The ten bonus cuts include the pair of cult, minimalist Thick Pigeon singles released on Crepuscule between 1982 and 1983, Subway and Dog, as well as the unreleased remix single Jess + Bart. Remastered from the original tapes.

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| Winston Tong

In A Manner Of Speaking (Best Of) (ltmcd 2520) £ 10,-
Collection of outstanding tracks recorded between 1982 and 1990, including 5 tracks from Tong's 1985 album Theoretically Chinese (2 in the form of dance remixes), plus representative tracks from Tong's other albums, as well as rare compilation tracks Prelude To A Kiss, The Twelve Days Of Christmas and Late Night.

Like The Others (ltmcd 2440) £ 10,-
Reissue of the classic 1983 tone poem album, originally released by Crepuscule as a deluxe cassette and book package. Guest musicians include Tuxedomoon cohorts Steven Brown, Peter Principle and Blaine L. Reininger. The CD was remastered from the original master tapes and also includes the ultra-rare 1978 film soundtrack recording Wild Boys.

Theoretically Chinese (ltmcd 2382) £ 10,-
Re-release of the classic 1985 electro album by Winston Tong. Produced by former Associate Alan Rankine, it features a stellar supporting cast of post-punk royalty including Jah Wobble, Steve Morris, Dave Formula and Simon Topping. Bonus tracks include the 16 minute piece The Hunger, and the previously unreleased Dream Assassins.

Miserere (ltmcd 2368) £ 10,-
Miserere ("Mercy") is a long-lost soundtrack album by the cult performance artist who made his name as a member of the group Tuxedomoon. It was composed in 1985 for a modern ballet by Belgian choreographer Pierre Droulers, based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The lyrics were written by Tong, and the music a collaboration with celebrated Persian-born dancer and vocalist Sussan Deyhim. The booklet features Winston's poetic text for Miserere, and still shots from the performance.

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| Trembling Blue Stars

Her Handwriting (ltmcd 2460) DELETED
Extended re-issue of the 1st album, originally released in 1996 on Shinkansen. TBS were formed in 1995, initially as a solo vehicle for singer and songwriter Bobby Wratten (Field Mice, Northern Picture Library), assisted by long-term studio collaborator Ian Catt (St Etienne). 74 minutes of music and three bonus tracks.

Lips That Taste Of Tears (ltmcd 2462) DELETED
Re-issue of the 2nd album, originally released in 1998 on Shinkansen. TBS were formed in 1995, initially as a solo vehicle for singer and songwriter Bobby Wratten (Field Mice, Northern Picture Library), assisted by long-term studio collaborator Ian Catt (St Etienne). 74 minutes of music and one bonus track.

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| Tunnelvision

Watching The Hydroplanes (ltmcd 2409) £ 10,-
This CD combines both sides of the Fac 39 single with all eight studio demo tracks recorded by the band in 1980-81, carefully remastered from original analogue mastertapes that for many years were thought to have been lost. The artwork features a faithful adaption of the Martyn Atkins Fac 39 7" sleeve.

Guessing The Way V2.0 (ltmcd 2313) £ 10,-
2005 remaster of this fine live collection from the cult creators of Watching The Hydroplanes. This new version of the CD features two complete live sets by the band (both New Order support slots), taped direct from the mixing desk at Bristol Trinity Hall on 27 March 1981 (tracks 1 to 10) and Blackpool Scamps on 5 September 1980.

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| Tuxedomoon

At Twilight (twi 054cd) £ 10,-
Includes all tracks from the three vintage Crepuscule 12" singles Ninotchka, Time To Lose and The Cage, as well as rare compilation tracks including Shelved Dreams, Weihnachtsrap and the final three song demo with Blaine L. Reininger before his (temporary) departure in 1983. In deluxe 6-panel digipak.

Soundtracks/Urban Leisure (ltmcd 2331) £ 10,-
Instrumental set collecting together two film soundtracks (including the unreleased Plan Delta from 1986), the very rare Urban Leisure Suite from 1981, and remasters of the beautiful Ghost Sonata orchestrations produced for radio by Wim Mertens.

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| Ultramarine

Every Man And Woman Is A Star (ltmcd 2345) £ 10,-
The electronic duo's landmark laid-back album recorded in 1991, originally released in this form by Rough Trade in 1992. As well as the sublime single cuts Stella and Saratoga, the album offers a mesh of acoustic textures underpinned by a sometimes dubby, sometimes upfront beat. Also features lyric snatches from Kevin Ayers and Robert Wyatt.

Companion (Every Man And Woman Is A Star Versions) (ltmcd 2352) £ 10,-
A cracking 66 minutes set of remixes, alternate takes and lost tracks that produced the parent album as well as the 1992 spin-off ep Nightfall In Sweetleaf. The star remixers include Spooky, Sweet Exorcist (Richard H. Kirk), Coco Steel & Lovebomb and Ultramarine themselves. 15 tracks.

A User's Guide (ltmcd 2430) £ 10,-
Reissue of their 5th and final album, originally issued in 1998, and produced by the band at their own studio in London. Largely electronic, the album marks a return to a sound more akin to the understated ambient-techno of Every Man And Woman Is A Star.

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| The Wake

Here Comes Everybody + Singles (fbn 35cd) £ 12,- double-CD NEW!
Special 30th anniversary edition double disc in 6-panel digipak. The album is joined on Disc 1 by companion singles Talk About The Past and Of The Matter, a radio session, and a previously unreleased dub take of Torn Calendar. Disc 2 combines their final Factory EP Something That No-One Else Could Bring with 7 seven previously unreleased demos.

Testament (Best Of) (fbn 95) £ 18,- LP+CD (incl. UK postage) NEW!
Comprehensive collection by the influential Scottish group, including tracks recorded for cult labels Factory and Sarah Records. Combines key album tracks with popular singles including On Our Honeymoon, Something Outside, Talk About The Past, Of The Matter and Crush The Flowers, plus an unreleased 7” edit of Pale Spectre. Comes with a 54 minute bonus CD featuring 21 early live and demo recordings from 1981/82.

Testament (Best Of) (fbn 95cd) £ 10,-NEW!
Comprehensive collection by the influential Scottish group, including tracks recorded for cult labels Factory and Sarah Records. Combines key album tracks with popular singles including On Our Honeymoon, Something Outside, Talk About The Past, Of The Matter and Crush The Flowers, plus an unreleased 7” edit of Pale Spectre and 2012 outtake Clouds Disco.

Harmony (fbn 29) £ 20,- double-LP (incl. UK postage)
New double vinyl edition of the debut album by the influential Scottish group, originally released by Factory Records in December 1982. Bonus tracks include the dub-informed second single, Something Outside/Host, and their John Peel session from July 1983.

A Light Far Out (fbn 64) LP SOLD OUT
Deluxe RSD 2013 release, with lyrics inner bag, in an edition of 500. Vinyl version of The Wake's latest studio album, released on CD by LTM in 2012.

Harmony (fbn 29cd) £ 10,-
New Factory Benelux CD edition of the debut album by the influential Scottish group, originally released by Factory Records in December 1982. Bonus tracks include the dub-informed second single, Something Outside, and their John Peel session from July 1983.

Live At The Hacienda 1983/84 (ltmdvd 2422) £ 12,- DVD
This DVD features two complete sets at the legendary Manchester venue from July 1983 and from January 1984. Extra bonus: the promtional clip for Talk About The Past. All footage has been carefully restored. Running time 70 minutes.

Harmony + Singles (ltmcd 2323) £ 10,-
All eight tracks from the Harmony mini album from 1982 (including the outtake Chance, only previously released on the Factory Benelux pressing), as well as the first two singles on Scan 45 and Factory Benelux, plus the legendary John Peel session from July 1983.

Assembly (ltmcd 2334) £ 10,-
Compilation including the January 1984 BBC session for the David Jensen show, 8 live tracks desk-recorded at Ayr Pavilion on 15 April 1983, and the two non-album singles recorded for Sarah: Crush the Flowers and Major John.

Holy Heads (ltmcd 2336) £ 10,-
Value for money. Both albums released on Sarah Records, Make It Loud (1991) and Tidal Wave of Hype (1994) on one disc. 72 minutes running time, new artwork.

A Light Far Out (ltmcd 2550) £ 10,-
Brand new (2012) studio album. Their first since reforming in 2009, after a hiatus of 15 years. By the core duo of Caesar and Carolyn Allen with producers Ian Catt (St. Etienne) and Duncan Cameron (Teenage Fanclub).

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| X-O-Dus

English Black Boys (ltmcd 2568) £ 10,-
Their Dennis Bovell produced Factory Records 12" from 1980, together with seven demos recorded for an unreleased Factory album that same year.

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| Various Artists

Sampler (Et Sans Reproche) (fbn 113/twi 1174) Free NEW!
A New and rare tracks from current releases in 2014/2015, together with a few exclusives, and tracks from selected label friends. Available free when ordering two or more CDs, vinyls, t-shirts or card sets via mailorder. Not available in the shops.

Of Factory New York (fbn 55) £ 25,- double-LP (incl. UK postage)
Factory Benelux and New Order present a unique benefit album for Michael Shamberg, who ran the NYC office of Factory Records during the celebrated label's Eighties heyday. Of Factory New York gathers a selection of classic OFNY tracks by Cabaret Voltaire, A Certain Ratio, 52nd Street, Quando Quango, Section 25, Ike Yard, Thick Pigeon, Konk, Anna Domino and an exclusive version of Your Silent Face by New Order.

Of Factory New York (fbn 55cd) £ 12,-
Factory Benelux and New Order present a unique benefit album for Michael Shamberg, who ran the NYC office of Factory Records during the celebrated label's Eighties heyday. Of Factory New York gathers a selection of classic OFNY tracks by Cabaret Voltaire, A Certain Ratio, 52nd Street, Quando Quango, Section 25, Ike Yard, Thick Pigeon, Konk, Anna Domino and an exclusive version of Your Silent Face by New Order.

Shadowplayers: Factory Records & Manchester Post-Punk (ltmdvd 2391) £ 12,- DVD
2 hours documentary tracing the early history of iconic Manchester record label Factory Records between 1978 and 1981. Facts and fictions are explored through interviews with 22 key participants, including Anthony H. Wilson and Peter Saville, as well as musicians including Peter Hook, Vini Reilly, Simon Topping and Howard Devoto. Other interviews include members of Section 25, Crispy Ambulance and The Names, as well as other eyewitnesses and insiders.

A Factory Night (Once Again) 15.12.2007 (ltmdvd 2519) £ 12,- DVD
Souvenir of the memorable live event staged at Plan K in Brussels on 15 December 2007 featuring live performances by Section 25, Crispy Ambulance, The Names, Kevin Hewick and Peter Hook. Shot in HD with five cameras and a digital stereo soundtrack.

From Brussels With Love (ltmcd 2479) £ 10,-
First CD release of the original, classic 1980 compilation, the debut release from chic Belgian indie label Les Disques du Crepuscule, with exclusive tracks from the international avant garde and new wave, as well as the celebrated Factory Records roster including Gavin Bryars, Harold Budd, Dome, The Durutti Column, John Foxx, Martin Hannett, Richard Jobson, Bill Nelson, New Order and Michael Nyman. The 20-pages facsimile booklet features original artwork by Benoît Hennebert and Jean-François Octave, as well as archive images and liner notes.

The Fruit Of The Original Sin (ltmcd 2497) £ 12,- double-CD
First double CD release of the classic 1981 compilation 2xLP, originally released on chic Belgian indie label Les Disques du Crepuscule, with 24 exclusive tracks from the international avant garde and new wave, as well as the celebrated Factory Records roster, incl. William S. Burroughs, Durutti Column, Paul Haig, Tuxedomoon, Wim Mertens, DNA, Richard Jobson, French Impressionists and Peter Gordon. Features 8 bonus tracks!

Ghosts Of Christmas Past (ltmcd 2426) £ 10,-
New CD release of the classic compilation album released on Crepuscule in 1981, featuring exclusive festive tracks from the international avant garde and new wave, as well as the celebrated Factory Records and Postcard rosters. The album now features nine bonus tracks drawn from later editions of the album released between 1982 and 1986.

Moving Soundtracks (ltmcd 2514) £ 10,-
Reissue of the classic compilation recorded for Crepuscule, originally commissioned in 1983. Gathers together cover versions of movie music by various Crepuscule artists and associates, incl. Paul Haig, Antena, Blaine L. Reininger, Steven Brown, Be Music and The Pale Fountains. This 2008 edition adds a handful of new bonus tracks.

Les Filles Du Crepuscule (ltmcd 2556) £ 10,-
Compilation celebrating female artists who recorded for cult European indie Les Disques du Crepuscule in the 1980s and 1990s. Classic tracks by well-known names such as Antena, Anna Domino and Ludus are joined by buried treasures, with several not previously available on CD.

After Twilight (ltmcd 2562) £ 10,-
Compilation album of new recordings by artists who recorded for stylish European indie Les Disques du Crepuscule. Featuring contributions from Antena, Anna Domino, Paul Haig, Blaine L. Reininger, Cathy Claret and The Names.

Some Of The Interesting Things You'll See On A Long-Distance Flight (ltmcd 2467) £ 10,-
Re-issue of the classic Crepuscule 1982 Dialogue North-South tour souvenir. Features exclusive live recordings by several key participants, including the Durutti Column, Paul Haig, Antena, The Names, Richard Jobson and emcee Wally Von Middendorp (of Minny Pops).

Umbrellas In The Sun - Crepuscule/Factory Benelux (ltmdvd 2400) £ 12,- DVD
23 rare clips from early Crepuscule and Factory videos including New Order, A Certain Ratio, Josef K, Section 25, Cabaret Voltaire, The Durutti Column, Crispy Ambulance, The Names, Marine, Berntholer and Antena. The definitive genre snapshot 1979-1987! 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Cool As Ice: The Be Music Productions (ltmcd 2377) £ 10,-
74 min. compilation of stone classic old school 80's electro and dance cuts produced by Be Music (the tag used by all four members of New Order) between 1983 and 1984 for Factory Records and Factory Benelux. Tracks such as Quando Quango's Love Tempo, Section 25's Looking From A Hilltop and 52nd Street's Cool As Ice remain influential club classics, and have been extensively sampled and bootlegged.

Cool As Ice: The Be Music Productions (ltmlp 23777) £ 12,- double-LP
74 min. compilation of stone classic old school 80's electro and dance cuts produced by Be Music (the tag used by all four members of New Order) between 1983 and 1984 for Factory Records and Factory Benelux. This 2xLP edition is limited to 1000 copies.

Twice As Nice: The Be Music/DoJo/Kamins Productions (ltmcd 2398) £ 10,-
Second compilation of stone classic old school 80's electro and dance cuts produced between 1982 and 1986 by Be Music, the tag used by New Order, as well as Donald Johnson, Mark Kamins and Arthur Baker, and origianlly released on Factory Records, Factory Benelux and Les Disques du Crepuscule. Features 52nd Street, New Order, Quando Quango, Section 25, Marcel King, Shark Vegas, Cheyne and Anna Domino.

A Young Person's Guide To Compact (ltmcd 2488) £ 10,-
Remastered CD edition of the highly collectible label compilation originally released by The Compact Organisation in 1982. Compact's stylish and stylized roster included Swedish model agent Virna Lindt, Neasden soul queen Mari Wilson, funk contenders Shake/Shake and American retro diva Miss Cynthia Scott. Includes 2 non-album singles by Virna Lindt.

B9/ Belgian Cold Wave 1979-1983 (ltmlp 2486) £ 25,- double-LP (incl. UK postage)
Limited (500) double vinyl gatefold edition of the definitive collection of cold wave and minimal electronics from Belgium. 10 exclusive tracks by luminaries such as Digital Dance, Polyphonic Size, Kid Montana, Pseudo Code and Prothese. With 10 additional tracks on the second LP featuring Front 242, The Names, Marine, Siglo XX, Berntholer, Allez Allez, Isolation Ward, Neon Judgement, Nausea and Jung. Cover op-art by Victor Vasarely.

B9/ Belgian Cold Wave 1979-1983 (ltmcd 2486) £ 10,-
New and revised CD edition of the definitive collection of cold wave and minimal electronics from Belgium. 10 exclusive tracks by luminaries such as Digital Dance, Polyphonic Size, Kid Montana, Pseudo Code and Prothese. With 8 additional tracks on the second disc featuring Front 242, The Names, Marine, Siglo XX, Berntholer, Allez Allez, Neon Judgement and Isolation Ward. Cover op-art by Victor Vasarely.

B9/ Belgian Cold Wave 1979-1983 (ltmcd 2486) £ 10,-
Definitive compilation tracing the development of post-punk and new wave music in Belgium between 1979 and 1982. Originally released on Sandwich Records in May 1981, the compilation album featured 10 exclusive tracks by a range of diverse Belgian new wave, electronic and underground artists, including Digital Dance, Polyphonic Size and Prothese (Daniel B./F242). With 8 bonus tracks.

The Night Watch (ltmcd 2326) £ 10,- double-CD
Classic LTM label compilation CD of catalogue, rare and unreleased tracks from Section 25, The Names, Tuxedomoon, Ultramarine, Berntholer, Crispy Ambulance, Josef K, William S Burroughs, Steven Brown and Blaine Reininger, Paul Haig, Jazz, Jacques Derrida, Minny Pops, Jean Cocteau etc. Includes free CD Section 25 Illuminus Illumina.

Black Music (ltmcd 2347) £ 10,- double-CD
LTM's 2nd label compilation gathers choice tracks released in 2002 and 2003, as well as several juicy rarities. Includes material from forthcoming releases by Paul Haig, The Wake and Biting Tongues. The exclusive tracks include contributions from Ludus, Ultramarine, Section 25, Royal Family & The Poor and Crispy Ambulance. Includes free CD Crispy Ambulance Atlantic Crossing.

Tobacco Perfecto (ltmcd 2578) Free
Rare, unreleased and forthcoming tracks 2012/2013 by LTM artists. issued free to mailorder customers who order three or more items in one purchase. Not available in the shops.

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| Auteur Labels Series

Auteur Labels: New Hormones 1977-1982 (ltmcd 2492) £ 10,-
New Hormones was founded in 1977 by Buzzcocks and their manager Richard Boon to release the epochal Spiral Scratch ep. The label released approximately 25 records, the catalogue combining post-punk, pop and avant-garde by Ludus, Diagram Brothers, Biting Tongues, Dislocation Dance and Eric Random.

Auteur Labels: Les Diques Du Crepuscule 1980-1985 (ltmcd 2517) £ 10,-
Profile of Crepuscule's 1st phase. The label was founded by Michel Duval and Annik Honoré with the release the epochal cassette From Brussels With Love (TWI 007). The chic, cosmopolitan label went on to assemble an extensive cross-genre catalogue, much of it dressed by celebrated designer Benoit Hennebert.

Auteur Labels: Factory Benelux 1980-1985 (ltmcd 2521) £ 10,-
Factory Benelux was a collaboration between Factory Records and Les Disques du Crepuscule. Early releases were 'spare' recordings by A Certain Ratio, Durutti Column and Section 25, after which Factory Benelux released a mixture of all-new recordings by Factory artists and licensed repertoire.

Auteur Labels: Object Music 1978-1981 (ltmcd 2527) £ 10,-
Active between 1978 and 1981, Object Music was founded by Steve Solamar, to release records by his own group, Spherical Objects. The label soon began releasing records by other artists, many of them active in the Manchester Musicians' Collective, such as The Passage, Steve Miro and Grow Up.

Auteur Labels: Factory Records 1984 (ltmcd 2534) £ 10,-
By 1984 producer Martin Hannett had departed Factory and many singles and albums were produced by all 4 members of New Order under the name Be Music. These reflected in particul the influence of New York dance and electro music. This 72 minute remastered CD features several rare edits and tracks.

Auteur Labels: Factory Records 1987 (ltmcd 2555) £ 10,-
In 1987 Factory Records was riding high, scoring a huge international hit with True Faith by New Order, and with House music filling the Hacienda dancefloor - though not the label's own release schedule. Meanwhile the Happy Mondays and the Madchester movement had yet to break through.

Auteur Labels: Robs Records 1990-1999 (ltmcd 2542) £ 10,-
Founded by Joy Division/New Order manager Rob Gretton, Robs Records was effectively the 'Factory Dance' label that Tony Wilson refused to back. Active for a decade before Rob's untimely death in 1999, Robs released a raft of excellent underground dance music, much of it by Manchester artists such as Sub Sub and Strangebrew, as well as Factory veterans ACR.

Auteur Labels: Independent Project 1980-2010 (ltmcd 2544) £ 10,-
Founded by Bruce Licher in LA in 1980, IPR has released a raft of records by groups as diverse as Camper Van Beethoven, For Against and Savage Republic themselves. Licher's distinctive letterpress artwork has been utilized by everyone from REM to Hank Williams, and he has twice been nominated for Grammy awards. 23 tracks.

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| 20th Century Art Movements

Par Hasard: Chance Composition 1913-1951 (ltmcd 2583) £ 10,-
unique collection of avant-garde music by Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes and John Cage, all composed during the first half of the 20th century using chance techniques and operations. All selections are performed on piano.

A Young Person's Guide To The Avant-Garde (ltmcd 2569) £ 12,- double-CD
Commencing with pioneers Debussy and Satie, this chronological collection moves forward to absurdist and dreamlike Dada and Surrealist compositions (Duchamp, Picabia, Desnos, Ribemont-Dessaignes), as well as the more conventional work of 'Group des Six', and onwards to postwar electronics and musique concrète by Schaeffer, Henry and Varèse, plus modern composers Messiaen, Boulez, Greif, Catoire and Hersant.

The French Avant-Garde In The 20th Century (ltmcd 2571) £ 12,- double-CD NEW!
Commencing with pioneers Debussy and Satie, this chronological collection moves forward to absurdist and dreamlike Dada and Surrealist compositions (Duchamp, Picabia, Desnos, Ribemont-Dessaignes), as well as the more conventional work of 'Group des Six', and onwards to postwar electronics and musique concrète by Schaeffer, Henry and Varèse. Works by a modern composers (Messiaen, Boulez, Greif, Catoire, Hersant) are also featured.

The American Avant-Garde In The 20th Century (ltmcd 2579) £ 12,- double-CD NEW!
Commencing with early pioneers Ives and Antheil this chronological collection also includes pieces by émigré arrivals in the New World such as Ornstein and Varése, as well homegrown composers including Cowell and Sessions. There are further works by a number of even more modern modernists, notably Feldman, Partch and the immortal John Cage, whose groundbreaking Sonatas And Interludes for prepared piano is presented in its entirety.

Futurism & Dada Reviewed 1912-1959 (ltmcd 2301) £ 10,-
62 minutes CD collection of original sound recordings made by key figures from both 20th Century avant garde art movements. The CD features sound collages, tone poems, interviews and music made between 1912 and 1959 by luminaries such as: Antonio & Luigi Russolo, F.T. Marinetti, Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Janco, Luigi Grandi, Tristan Tzara, Wyndham Lewis, Guillaume Apollinaire and Jean Cocteau. Artwork by Joel Van Audenhaege.

Surealism Reviewed 1929-1963 (ltmcd 2343) £ 10,-
For the very first time, original recordings by key artists, writers, poets and theorists of this 20th Century art movement are now gathered together on a single volume. The various recordings, made between 1929 and 1963, include poetry, interviews, lectures and manifestos, by people such as Andre Breton, Robert Desnos, Louis Aragon, Max Ernst, Philippe Soupali, Herbert Read and Man Ray. Some have not been heard since they were first recorded onto acetate discs. 15 tracks, running for 74 minutes.

Musica Futurista: The Art Of Noises (ltmcd 2401) £ 10,-
First release on LTM's new sub-label Salon, whose catalogue will reflect the contribution of music to 20th Century avant-garde art. Musica Futurista is a 74 minute collection of music and spoken word from the Italian Futurist movement 1909-1935, including original recordings by Marinetti, Russolo and Balilla Pratella.

Futurpiano (ltmcd 2541) £ 10,-
CD showcasing three influential avant-garde composers associated with Futurism, featuring piano music composed between 1913 and 1933: Arthur-Vincent Lourié, Leo Ornstein and George Antheil. All selections performed by noted Italian pianist Daniele Lombardi, and recorded in 1995.

Cocteau, Satie & Les Six (ltmcd 2402) £ 10,-
The celebrated L'Album Des Six of 1920 is now recognised as a landmark in 20th Century modern music. Similarly the artful relationship between the composers who formed 'Les Six' and their mentors Erik Satie and Jean Cocteau forms an important cornerstone of the inter-war avant garde. This 74 minute anthology also includes music composed by Satie and Les Six for spectacles staged by Cocteau between 1917 and 1920.

Voices Of Dada (ltmcd 2424) £ 10,-
Voices Of Dada is another in LTM's acclaimed series of archive audio CDs exploring 20th Century avantgarde and modernist art. The 76 min. CD features interviews and phonetic poetry by six key figures of the celebrated Dada movement (1916-1923): Duchamp, Tzara, Schwitters, Heulsenbeck, Hausmann and Arp.

Soirée Du Coeur A Barbe: Festival Paris Dada (ltmcd 2513) £ 10,-
Groundbreaking anthology of piano music directly linked to the Dada movement, based on the piano repertoire performed at 2 landmark Dada events in Paris: the Festival Dada on 26 May 1920, and the infamous Soiree Du Coeur A Barbe on 6 July 1923. Always described in detail in texts on the history of Dada, the music performed at these events is rarely heard.

Bauhaus Reviewed 1919-1933 (ltmcd 2472) £ 10,-
Audiobook CD to explore the German school of art and architecture, which operated between 1919 and 1933. The spoken word element centres on a revealing talk by Walter Gropius, the architect and theoretician who founded the Bauhaus in 1919. The music content of the CD features piano pieces by composers associated with the Bauhaus, including Arnold Schoenberg and Stefan Wolpe.

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| T-Shirts, Postcards & Posters

Les Disques Du Crepuscule (twi 1153) £ 15,- T-Shirt
First official Les Disques Du Crepuscule t-shirt with the classic 'spirograph' logo in off-white on blue dusk. Limited!

Factory Benelux (fbn 57) £ 15,- T-Shirt
First official Factory Benelux t-shirt with the classic logo in white/black on charcoal grey. Limited!

Harmony (fbn 29) £ 15,- T-Shirt
Official Factory Benelux t-shirt with the iconic cover design of The Wake's debut album Harmony. Limited!

From The Hip (fbn 33) £ 15,- T-Shirt
Official Factory Benelux t-shirt featuring Peter Saville's Section 25/From The Hip '25 90' color coding on safety orange. Limited!

Live On A Hot August Night (fbn 4) £ 15,- T-Shirt
Official Factory Benelux t-shirt featuring Benoit Hennebert's classic design for the 1981 Crispy Ambulance 12". Limited!

The Only Fun In Town (twi 052) £ 16,- T-Shirt
Official Les Disques Du Crepuscule t-shirt featuring gold design on front and back. Limited!

Les Disques Du Crepuscule (twi 1150) £ 25,- Postcard Boxset
Deluxe box including 25 postcards featuring posters, sleeve designs, graphics and photography of Les Disques du Crepuscule and Factory Benelux between 1979 and 2013.

Five A4 Poster Prints/Cinq Imprimes A4 (fbn 58) £ 20,- Posterset NEW!
Set of five A4 art prints on 350 gsm silk paper featuring classic poster designs by artists associated with Factory Benelux: Jean-François Octave, Claude Stassart, Marc Borgers, Lawrence Weiner and Joel Van Audenhaege. Delivered in a rigid press-stud wallet with business card.

ICA Rock Week 1980/81 (ltm ica) £ 15,- Poster NEW!
A2 size reproduction of this classic poster design. Groups featured include Orange Juice, Josef K, Blue Orchids, Cabaret Voltaire, This Heat, Altered Images, Mass, Crispy Ambulance, Biting Tongues, Dislocation Dance, Basement 5 and The Sound.

Plan K Brussels, October 19 1979 (ltm plank) £ 12,- Poster
A2 size reproduction of the classic poster for the historic opening night of the Raffinerie Plan K venue in Brussels, Belgium, on 16 October 1979, with William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Joy Division and Cabaret Voltaire.

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Customers in Europe can also order by credit card on-line from UK based Sister Ray and Amazon UK.

Factory Benelux, Les Disques Du Crepuscule, LTM en Boutique titels kunnen ook in Nederland worden besteld.

CD's & DVD's: Prijs per CD is 13,00. Prijs per dubbel-CD en per DVD is € 15,50. EXCLUSIEF verzendkosten.

De volgende dubbel-CD's kosten slechts € 13,00 per stuk, EXCLUSIEF verzendkosten: Antena - Easy Does It, Field Mice - Skywriting, Eric Random - Subliminal, Revenge - One True Passion, Various Artists - The Night Watch en Various Artists - Black Music.

Alle Factory Benelux standaard CD's besteld via mailorder komen in een Factory Benelux slipcase en de standaard Crepuscule CD's komen in een Les Disques Du Crepuscule slipcase. Koel toch?

VINYL: Een aantal meer recente vinyl titels is verkrijgbaar via het Nederlandse adres. Neem a.u.b. contact op voor verkrijgbaarheid en prijzen.

De Minny Pops - Sparks In A Dark Room DLP is verkrijgbaar via Blowpipe (

T-SHIRTS: Op voorraad Factory Benelux T-Shirt's (FBN 57) in de maten M en L, Les Disques Du Crepuscule T-Shirt (TWI 1153) in de maat XL, The Plateau Phase T-Shirt (FBN 4) in de maat XL en From The Hip T-Shirt (FBN 33) in de maat XL. Prijs is € 16,50 per shirt, EXCLUSIEF € 4,00 verzendkosten.

POSTCARDSET: De Les Disques Du Crepuscule Postcard Box (TWI 1150) kost € 23,00, EXCLUSIEF € 2,80 verzendkosten.

POSTERS: De Plan K, Brussels replica poster is leverbaar à € 12,50, maar houd rekening met € 7,00 verzendkosten!

Bij bestelling van twee of meer Factory Benelux en/of Les Disques Du Crepuscule titels (CD, vinyl, DVD, T-shirt, Postcardset) wordt een gratis exemplaar van de 2014/2015 verzamel CD Sampler (Et Sans Reproche (FBN 113/TWI 1174) meegestuurd. De gratis Tobacco Perfecto verzamel CD is helaas niet meer verkrijgbaar.

VERZENDKOSTEN: 1 of 2 CD's/DVD's € 2,80; 3 tot 6 CD's/DVD's € 4,00. Aangetekende verzending (geen maximum aantal) € 8,00. Standaard verzendkosten voor 12" vinyl is € 7,00 (ongeacht aantal platen).

BELANGRIJK: als je in Nederland wilt bestellen, stuur dan een email met je bestelling naar Je ontvangt zo snel mogelijk een orderbevestiging.

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