OPT 001

O P T 0 0 1

Release date: 14th May 1982
Tracks: Mata Hari / Anna Christie / Grand Hotel / Ninotschka / Conquest / Queen Christina / Camille
PM: Tuxedomoon were commissioned to write a soundtrack to Maurice Bejart's ballet 'Divine', a tribute to Garbo. First OT release: 14th May 1982. Notes: Dutch edition of the LP released on Phillips (6514 241).

OPT 002

O P T 0 0 2

ANTENA "The Boy From Ipanema" ~ 7"
Release date: June 1982
Tracks: The Boy From Ipanema / Spiral Staircase
PM: Two girls and a boy: French / Belgian trio, electro-samba, released 28th May 1982. Notes: Initial UK release date was 28th May. Also released on both 7" (TWI 073) and 12" (TWI 074) in Belgium by Les Disques du Crepuscule and on 7" (RAD 16) in France by Radical / Crepuscule Section Francaise.

OPT 003

O P T 0 0 3

PAUL HAIG "Running Away" / "Time" ~ 7"
Release date: 21st May 1982
Tracks: Running Away / Time
PM: First solo release by ex-Josef K lead singer and songwriter who exiled himself to Brussels, temporarily. Notes: Otherwise released in Belgium by Crepuscule on 7" (TWI 088) and 12" (TWI 089), on 7" (RAD 15) in France by Radical / Crepuscule Section Francaise and on 12" (TWA 82501) in the US via Crepuscule America.

OPT 004

O P T 0 0 4

Release date: scheduled for 5th July 1982.
Tracks: N / A
PM: A planned John Foxx production of the singer / songwriter from the Ravishing Beauties. Solo work, a collection of piano pieces backed by non-human voices, scheduled for releases on 5th July 1982. Later released as 'From Gardens Where We Feel Secure'. Notes: Initial drafts of contracts were drawn up between Operation Twilight and Why-Fi Records for a project provisionally titled "She Sat Down And Cried" (sometimes later referred to as "She Stood Up And Cried"), but these were never signed. Even so, the album regularly appeared on Crepuscule / Twilight release schedules, and although no Twilight-specific recordings ever took place, an LP featuring "non-human voices" -- "From Gardens Where We Feel Secure" -- eventually did emerge through Rough Trade (ROUGH 58).

OPT 005

O P T 0 0 5

Release date: scheduled for end of June 1982
Tracks: N / A
PM: Postcard Would-be's, then managed by the very persistent Charles Cosh. Notes: Release cancelled. "A Selection Of Songs" was released by Crepuscule in September 1982 on 12".

OPT 006

O P T 0 0 6

HOWARD DEVOTO "Heart Beats Up Love" ~ Book (UNPUBLISHED)
Release date: scheduled for publication on 17th June 1982
PM: Magazine lyrics from prototype egghead: design by Malcom Garrett, photos by Birrer, illustrations by Linder. Scheduled for publication on 17th June 1982, but sadly came to naught due to financial considerations. Notes: The publication of OPT 006 was still considered a possibility during the course of '82 but was eventually cancelled.

OPT 007

O P T 0 0 7

Release date: 1983
PM: Paul Haig, Antena, The Lost Jockey, Tuxedomoon, The Pale Fountains, and Matisse. Distributed and sold by Better Badges. Artfully manufactured in Bethnal Green, designed by Dave Baker and the groups. Notes: Six specially designed button badges in clear plastic with printed card insert. A Better Badges 'public service anouncement' stated: "Very exciting and extremely new. The Twilight Set -- Six badges: Send 1 (inc P+P) with Magic Password which is Crepuscule".


O P T 0 0 8   to   O P T 0 1 1

OPT 008

O P T 0 0 8

PAUL HAIG "Justice" ~ 7" / 12" (UNRELEASED)
Release date: scheduled for early August 1982
Tracks: Justice / Chance
PM: Recorded: reached test pressing stage, but got no further. Notes: Release cancelled due to the Island deal. Reviewing from vinyl for NME: "If there's any left in the world, 'Justice' will be the word on everybody's lips...".

OPT 009

O P T 0 0 9

THE PALE FOUNTAINS "(There's Always) Something On My Mind" ~ 7"
Release date: July 1982
Tracks: There Is Always Something On My Mind / Just A Girl
PM: Resonant, if primitive recording of the essential post-Postcard group. Should've been huge. What went wrong? Notes: Three, slightly different sleeves were produced, featuring the (original) Operation Twilight logo in black, embossed, or without star graphic. A Crepuscule 12" version (TWI 118) was released in Belgium in a totally different sleeve and with an extra track, "Lavinia's Dream".

O P T 0 1 0

Release date: N / A
Tracks: N / A
Notes: "Achilles"?

OPT 011

O P T 0 1 1

THE LOST JOCKEY "Professor Slack" ~ 10"
Release date: July 1982
Tracks: Professor Slack / Rise & Fall / Animal Behaviour & Crude Din
PM: Systems music collective, including Andrew Poppy, who Operation Twilight 'lent' to Genesis P. for the first Psychic TV Some Bizzare album. Notes: Produced by John Leckie. Re-released in 1983 by Battersea Records as a 12" mini-LP on vinyl and cassette with two-colour sleeve based on the original 10" design. Andrew Poppy later signed to ZTT.

OPT 012

O P T 0 1 2

R.O.L. "Blue For You" ~ 12" (UNRELEASED)
Release date: "Masterbag" Issue 13: July 8th-July 21st 1982
Tracks: Blue For You / Blue
PM: Saw light as a 'Masterbag' fexi-disc (Rough Trade / independent labels and distributors mag). Notes: Test pressings of OPT 012 exist. Same recordings released in Belgium by Crepuscule sub-label Interference as INT-01 / TWI 106.

OPT 013

O P T 0 1 3

ROBOTS: Robots with projectile heads; in four colours
PM: A very limited edition, in fact a box of 1950s style toys bought in Broadway Market, E8 (later famous as the original Albert Square). Notes: Readymade promotional 'device', given away to parties unknown. By pulling a small lever at the base of the toy, the robot's head would detach and fire off at great speed. Four colours: Red (OPT 013A); Yellow (OPT 013B); Green (OPT 013C) and Blue (OPT 013D).

OPT 014

O P T 0 1 4

PAUL HAIG Unititled ~ Album (UNRELEASED)
Release date: N / A
Tracks: N / A
PM: TBC Notes: Allocated a catalogue number early on, but by this stage, Haig was recording the album for Island which would later become "Rhythm Of Life".

OPT 015

O P T 0 1 5

Release date: N / A
Tracks: N / A
PM: Written by Michael Head, arranged by Nick Ingrams and produced by Robin Millar at Power Plant, September 1982. Later released by Virgin. Notes: "Longshot" was initially considered as the second single.

OPT 016

O P T 0 1 6

MIKADO "Romance" ~ 7"
Release date: January 1983
Tracks: Romance / Ce Garcon-La
PM: Electro-bubble-gum-pop: the cover was a hommage to 'Station To Station'. Reviewing it for Sounds, the entirely impartial Genesis P. Orridge called it "an exceptionally pretty and perfect single". Notes: French language 12" released the previous October via Crepuscule in a different sleeve (TWI 104).

OPT 017

O P T 0 1 7

PM: Silver and black, compared by some to NATO's insignia. Notes: TBA.

OPT 018

O P T 0 1 8

RALPH DORPER "Erazerhead" ~ 12"
Release date: February 1983
Tracks: Assault / Erazerhead / Lorelei / Im Himmel
PM: Teutonic versions of Lynch's soundtrack; plus a tribute to John Carpenter's 'Assault On Precinct 13'. Notes: "Perfect music for the gothic horror of everyday life", noted Sounds.

O P T 0 1 9

Release date: N / A
Tracks: N / A
PM: Cover version of the Throbbing Gristle ditty. Rough Trade opposed its release; Propaganda went on to sign to ZTT. Notes: TBC.

OPT 020

O P T 0 2 0

Release date: December 1982
Tracks: Santa Baby / Jingle Bell Rock (Plus uncredited track)
PM: Christmas card stuff; a lavish whimsey. Released Xmas 1982. Notes: Split single in leather-effect textured wraparound sleeve with gold printing.

O P T 0 2 1

ANDY WARHOL Interview ~ Cassette (UNRELEASED)
Release date: N / A
PM: Operation Twilight sought Factory US' Michael Shamberg's help in releasing this essential piece of popism. Copyrights intervened.. Notes: Interview by Edward Lucie-Smith.

O P T 0 2 2

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Antelopes And Alligators" ~ 2 x 12" (UNRELEASED)
Release date: N / A
Tracks: N / A
PM: Vazz / Map Of Africa / Shiny Two Shiny / Approaching Footsteps. OT received a lot of good demos, and many bad ones. This was to gather up a handful of the best. Notes: TBC.

OPT 023

O P T 0 2 3

23 SKIDOO "The Culling Is Coming" ~ LP
Release date: February 1983
Tracks: Banishing / Invocation / Flashing / Stifling / Healing (For The Headstrong) / G-2 Contemplation / S-Matrix / G-3 Insemination / Shrine / Mahakala
PM: Partly recorded at WOMAD, summer 1982. Gamelan crazy. The grooves were inscribed "Command As Fuck", a (deliberate) misquote from 'Apocalypse Now'. The cover image was a much magnified photo of the head of a penis, printed in colour on silver, a ruinously expensive indulgence. Like the rest of Operation Twilight. Notes: With lock groove. Also released in black and white artwork through Crepuscule (TWI 123).

OPT 024

O P T 0 2 4

APRIL SHOWERS "While The City Sleeps" ~ 7" (UNRELEASED)
Release date: N / A (1983)
Tracks: While The City Sleeps / Wasn't That A Rainbow
PM: Can't remember much about this, except that I liked it alot. Another groovy Scottish combo. Managed by Charles Cosh. Notes: Written by Jonathan Bernstein; published by Fishersongs. Recorded* but never cut. Base artwork for sleeve and labels delivered to OT.

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