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January 2nd, 2005 Charles Stitzer Giannini Grand Prix Dear Lombardi friends,
I'm searching for appropriate Giannini-emblems for an unusual Giannini on which I'm working. The original emblems have had the chrome and paint polished of them.
I need a horn button, a "hood" rondel (round piece with Giannini shield that fints inside of a separate wreath, just like the Fiat badge) and a script chrome "Giannini".
January 24th, 2003 Walter van Leeuwen Fiat 500 My Car Dear Lombardi friends,
I'm looking for the Lombardi badges on both front and rear for my 500 My Car. If someone comes across these, then I'm seriously interested.
Best regards,
Walter van Leeuwen
December 22nd, 2002 Robert Maselko OTAS 820 Grand Prix q00006I am seeking the "Euro-spec" license plate lamp units as depicted in the attached photo. The cars imported by John Rich Motors (such as mine), were fitted with a custom fiberglass rear bumper with integrated license plate light unit. Can you tell me what other make/model of Italian car used these license plate lights?
September 15 th, 2002 Juergen Hettich Lombardi Grand Prix Hallo Lombardi Fans suche Frontpartie von Lombardi Grand Prix oder Karosseri mein Auto hat Frontschaden Eilt Gruß Jürgen
July 10th, 2002 Robert Maselko OTAS 820 Grand Prix ot005I took the original (as fitted by the importer) wheels from my OTAS to a specialty shop to have them restored. They told me that one wheel was bent and because it is magnesium, could not be fixed. Attached is a photo of the wheel, size 13x6", made by M.A.G. Products, England. Any idea where I can get a single wheel in good condition? I would like to keep the car original.
August 8th, 2001 OTAS 820 Grand Prix I am currently looking for a hood badge, so if you know where one is please contact me.
July 31th, 2001 OTAS 820 Grand Prix Need OTAS, fiberglass, rear bumper. Need accelerator pedal. Could someone lend the above for pattern? Lombardi Grand Prix I'm looking for: doorlocks (left and right), revcounter and motor needed to popup the headlights

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