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Welcome at the Lombardi Grand Prix Page. On this page you will find everything about the Lombardi Grand Prix and related cars such as the OTAS 820 Grand Prix, the Giannini Grand Prix, the Abarth Grand Prix and the Abarth Scorpione. And you will find a comparison between the cars.

We would like to contact other owners of Lombardi Grand Prix in order to create a list of 'survivors' updated. Of course, owners of cars above mentioned are also invited to react. You can sign up here. Like so many things a Lombardi is not blessed with eternal life. Regarding the well known "quality" of Italian steel at the '60 and '70 it's not really a surprise to you that many have found their way to the scrapyard. You can have look at them here. If you know more about an ended carlife, would you give us the information?

Owners of other Lombardi's are also invited to react. The Lombardi factory has made more models than just the Grand Prix and the Fiat 500 Lombardi My Car. Of most cars we don't know more than just its existence. Please send us an e-mail if you know more about such a car. We also want to make an list of these cars. So if you own one, join the list!

Here's also the opportunity to sell updated your Lombardi Grand Prix, watch some 'sleeping beauties' or answer a question  of another visitor.

A small part of this site is dedicated to Francis Lombardi himself and some other things he has done.

Most pages do have some pictures, but there's room for more. So if you know more about the cars or have a picture we don't have and you want to share it with me, please send an e-mail. Any information will do.

In order to track the changes, I've added a history page. And there is a page with links updated.


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