Abercorn, Duke Of Promoted From A Viceroyalty 1869 APE
  Abergavenny, The Earl Of The Tory Bloodhound 1875 APE
  Adam, The Rt. Hon. William Patrick, M.P. The Past 1874 APE
  Ailesbury, The Marquis of Three Dowagers 1880 T
Ainsworth, Mr. J. Stirling Johnnie 1910 WHO
Aird, Mr. John North Paddington 1891 SPY
  Akers-Douglas, Mr. Aretas, M.P. The Kent Gang  1885 APE
Albemarle, The Earl Of Arnold 1894 SPY
  Allan, Mr. W. The Gatehead Giant 1893 SPY
  Althorp, Lord An Expert in Ceremony 1907 SPY
  Andrassy, Count Gyula Hungary In Effigy 1877 UNK
  Anstruther, Mr. Henry Torrens, M.P. St. Andrews District  1897 SPY
  Ardilaun, Lord A Practical Patriot 1880 SPY
  Armitstead, Mr. George, M.P. Dundee 1882 SPY
Arnold-Forster, Rt. Hon. H.O. The Heritage of Woe 1905 SPY
  Ashley, The Hon. Anthony Evelyn Melbourne, M.P. Palmerston’s Secretary 1883 SPY
  Ashmead-Bartlett, Mr. Ellis, M.P. The Patriotic League 1882 SPY
Askwith, Sir George R., K.C. The Conciliator 1911 WH
Asquith, The Rt. Hon. H.H., K.C., M.P. A Great Orator 1910 XIT
Asquith, The Rt. Hon. Herbert Henry, M.P.  Brains 1904 SPY
  Athole, The Duke of K.T. The Seventh Duke 1879 SPY
  Ayrton, Mr. A.S., M.P. Mind and Morality 1869 APE
  Bailey, The Hon. Abe Rhodes the Second  1908 SPY
  Baker Pasha, Lieut.-General Valentine  Baker Pasha 1878 APE
  Balcarres, Lord, M.P. Bal 1899 SPY
Balfour, The Rt. Hon. A.J., M.P. Dialectics 1910 XIT
  Balfour, Mr. Gerald, M.P. A Chief Secretary 1896 SPY
  Balfour, Mr. Jabez Spencer Burnley 1892 SPY
  Balfour, Mr. John J.B. 1899 SPY
  Banbury, Sir Frederick The Blocker 1913 COCK
Baring, Mr. Godfrey, M.P. Isle of Wight 1910 SPY
Barkly, Sir Henry, K.C.B., G.C.M.G. The Cape of Good Hope 1887 SPY
Barnard, Lord Raby Castle 1898 GAF
  Barnato, Mr. Barnett I. Barney 1895 SPY
  Barrington, Lord, M.P. A Young Man 1875 APE
Bartlett, Mr. William Lehman Ashmead Burdett-Coutts The Baroness’s Husband 1881 SPY
  Barton, Mr. Dunbar Plunket, Q.C., M.P. Mid Armagh 1898 SPY
  Barton, Sir Edmund, P.C., K.C. Australia 1902 SPY
  Barttelot, Sir Walter Barttelot, Bart., M.P., C.B. One Of Those 1886 SPY
Bass, Mr. Michael Thomas, M.P. Beer 1871 APE
  Bateman, Lord  Reciprocity 1879 APE
Bateson, Sir Thomas, Bart., M.P. Landed Estates In 1882 SPY
  Bath, Marquis of Ancient Lineage 1874 APE
  Bath, Marquis Of Frome 1896 SPY
  Bathurst, Earl A Relic 1873 -
  Baxter, The Rt. Hon. William Edward, M.P. Montrose 1885 SPY
  Beach, Mr. William Wither Bramston, M.P. West Hampshire 1895 SPY
  Beauchamp, Earl New South Wales 1899 SPY
  Beckett, Mr. Ernest William, M.P. Whitby 1904 SPY
  Bedford, The Duke Of Rousseau 1896 SPY
  Bentinck, Mr. Cavendish-M.P. Little Ben 1871 -
  Bentinck. Mr. George, M.P. Big Ben 1871 -
Beresford, Lord Charles William De La Poer, R.N., M.P. The Little Rascal 1876 SPY
  Beresford, Mr. Marcus, M.P. Southwark 1876 SPY
  Beresford-Hope, Mr. Alexander J., M.P. Batavian Grace 1870 APE
  Bessborough, The Rt. Hon. The Earl Of Fred 1888 SPY
  Bebel, Ferdinand August None 1913 UNK
  Biggar, Mr. Joseph Gillis, M.P. Irish Obstruction 1877 SPY
Bigge, Colonel Sir Arthur John Her Majesty’s Private Secretary 1900 SPY
  Bird, Mr. Alfred F. A Midland Imperialist 1908 SPY
  Birkbeck, Mr. Edwvard, M.P. The Fisherman’s Friend 1885 APE
  Birrell, The Rt. Hon. Augtustine The Passive Resister’s 1906 SPY
  Blake, Mr. Edward South Longford 1894 SPY
  Blandford, The Marquis of B 1881 T
  Bolton, Mr. T.H. Buonparte B 1893 SPY
  Bourke, The Hon. Robert, M.P. Bobby 1877 SPY
  Bouverie, Rt. Hon. Edward Pleydell, M.P. He Did Not Dceline 1872 -
Boycott, Mr. Charles Cunningham Boycott 1881 SPY
  Bradlaugh, Mr. Charles, M.P. lconoelast 1880 SPY
Brand, The Hon. Arthur George North Cambridgeshire 1894 SPY
Brand, Rt. Hon. Henry Bouverie William M.P. Mr. Speaker 1872 -
Brand, The Hon. Henry Robert, M.P. Ordnance 1884 SPY
Bretton, Lord Monk Lord Monk Bretton 1894 SPY
  Bretton, Lord Monk The Private Secretary 1909 SPY
  Bright, Mr. Jacob, M.P. The Apostle To Women 1877 SPY
Bright, John John Bright 1889 APE
  Bright, Rt. Hon. John Will The Sentimental 1869 APE
Brinckman, Sir Theodore Theodore 1910 ELF
  Brodrick, Mr. Wm. St. John Fremantle War 1901 SPY
  Bromley-Davenport, Mr. William, M.P. Macclesfield 1888 SPY
Brookfield, Colonel, M.P. East Sussex 1898 SPY
  Brookfield, Mr. Charles H.E. He Never Attacks Morality 1913 RITCHIE
  Brooks, Mr. William Cunliffe, M.P. The Golden Pippin 1879 SPY
  Brownlow, The Earl Of The Earl of Brownlow  1913 WH
  Bruce, Rt. Hon. H.A. He Has Gained Credit 1869 APE
Bruce, The Hon. Thomas Charles, M.P. Portsmouth 1882 SPY
  Brydges-Willyams, Mr. Edward, M.P.  Cornwall  1885 SPY
  Buckingham, The Duke Of A Safe Duke 1875 APE
Bull, Sir William, M.P. Hammersmith 1907 SPY
Bulwer, Sir Henry L.E. A Superannuated  1870 APE
  Burghley Lord, M.P. North Northampshire 1887 APE
  Burleigh,The Lord Balfour Of, K.T. Secretary for Scotland 1902 SPY
  Butcher, Mr. John George, K.C. York City 1901 SPY
  Butt, Mr. Isaac, M.P. Home-Rule 1873 SPY



  Cairns, Lord When Birth Cannot Lead  1869 APE
  Cadogan, Earl Chelsea & The Colonies 1881 SPY
  Caillard, Sir Vincent Henry Penalver Ottoman Public Debt 1897 SPY
  Campbell, Sir George, K.C.S.I. Indian Authority 1878 SPY
  Campbell, The Rt. Hon. James H.M. The Rt. Hon. James 1909 SPY
  Campbell and Stratheden, Lord And Stratheden 1873 SPY
  Camperdown, The Earl Of The Earl Of Camperdown 1895 SPY
  Cardwell, Rt. Hon. Edward If The State Is Happy 1869 APE
  Carington, Col. The Hon. W.H.P. Bill 1893 SPY
Carlile, Colonel E. Hildred, M.P. Mid-Herts 1909 ELF
  Carnarvon, Lord  The Whole Life 1869 APE
  Carrington, Lord, K.G. Small Holdings 1907 SPY
Carson, The Rt. Hon. Sir E., KT.  I Never Ask Anyone 1912 WH
  Carson, Mr. E.H. Dublin University 1893 LIB
Carson, Sir Ed. H., K.C., M.P. Dublin University 1911 HESTER
  Cartwright, Mr. William Cornwallis, M.P. Oxfordshire 1884 SPY
  Castlereagh, Viscount, M.P. ‘C’ 1879 SPY
  Causton, The Rt. Hon. R.K., M.P. A Cheery Paymaster 1906 SPY
  Cave, The Rt. Hon. Stephen, M.P. Amends 1874 APE
  Cavendish, Lord Edward, M.P.A. Good Fellow 1886 SPY
Cavendish, Mr. Victor, M.P. Heir Presumptive To 1895 SPY
  Cayzer, Sir Charles W. Chief of the Clans 1904 SPY
  Cecil, Lord Hugh Greenwich 1900 SPY
Chamberlain, Mr. Joseph, M.P. Our Joe 1877  SPY
  Chamberlain, Mr. Joseph The Colonies 1901 SPY
  Chamberlain, The Rt. Hon. Joseph, M.P. War-Worn 1908 WHO
  Chamberlain, Joseph The Great Imperialist 1914 AST
  Chambers, Sir Thomas, Q.C., M.P. The Deceased Wife’s Sister 1884 SPY
  Chelmsford, General Lord, G.C.B. Isandula 1881 SPY
Chelmsford, Lord It Is Hardly To Be 1870 -
  Chevalier, M. Michel French Free Trade 1875 APE
Churchill, The Rt. Hon. Lord Randolphi In A New Character 1889 LIB
  Churchill, The Viscount, G.C.V.O. Conservative Whip 1904 SPY
  Clarendon, The Earl Of The Lord Chamberlain  1901 SPY
  Clarendon, Earl Of To Say That He Is The Best 1869 APE
  Clarke, Mr. Edward, M.P. Southwark 1880 SPY
Clemenceau, M. Georges Benjamin The Little Great Premier 1908 VANITAS
Clifford, Sir Augustus William James, Bart.C.B. Black Rod 1873 SPY
  Cochrane, Mr. Alexander D.R.W. Baillie-M.P. Judicious Amelioration 1871 -
Cochrane, Hon. H.A.E., D.L., J.P. North Ayrshire 1911 SPY
  Colebrook, Sir Thomas Edward, Bart. Lanarkshire 1885 SPY
  Collings, Mr. Jesse, M.P. 3 Acres and A Cow 1888 SPY
  Collins, Mr. Thomas, M.P. Noisy Tom 1873 SPY
  Colville, of Culross, Lord A Good Fellow  1873 SPY
  Cooke, Mr. Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe The Constitutional 1892 SPY
  Cooper, Sir Daniel, Bart. Sydney 1882 SPY
Corry, Mr. Montagu William The Pattern Private Secretary 1877 SPY
Cotes, Mr. Charles Cecil, M.P. A Liberal Whip 1883 SPY
Cottesloe, Lord Customs 1876 SPY
Cotton, Mr, William James Richmond, M.P. The City 1885 SPY
  Courcel, The Baron Chaudron De The French Ambassador 1895 GUTH
  Courtney, Mr. Leonard Henry, M.P. Proper Self-Sufficieney 1880 T
  Cowen, Mr. Joseph, M.P. Joe 1878 SPY
  Cowen, Mr. Joseph, M.P. Newcastle on Tyne 1872 -
Cox, Mr. Harding De Fonblanque Cockie 1909 KITE
  Cross, The Rt. Hon. Richard Assheton, M.P. The New Man 1874 APE
  Crossley, Sir Savile Brinton, Bart., M.P. Lowestoft 1888 SPY
  Curzon, The Hon. George Nathaniel Persia and India 1892 SPY
D’Azeglio, The Marquis Il Marchese 1874 APE
  Dalglish, Mr. Robert, M.P. The Most Popular 1873 SPY
  Dalrymple, Sir Charles, Bart. Ipswich Senior 1892 SPY
  Daiiier, Mr. Lionel Seymour William Dawson, M.P. Hippy 1871 -
  Darnley, The Earl Of Ivo 1904 SPY
  Dartmouth, The Earl Of The Earl of Dartmouth 1895 STUFF
  Davenport, Mr. William Bromley, M.P. Clever 1877 SPY
  De Grey and Ripon, Earl Qualis Ab Inepto 1869  APE
  De Worms, Baron Henry Intelligent Toryism 1880 APE
  Deakin, The Hon. Alfred Australia 1908 SPY
Decrais, M. M. Cecrais 1893 GUTH
  Delahunty, Mr. James, M.P. Currency  1872 -
  Delcasse, M. Theophile French Foreign Affairs 1899 GUTH
  Denbigh, The Earl Of A Catholic 1878 APE
  Devonshire, The Duke Of, K.G. Education & Defense 1902 SPY
  Devonshire, The Duke Of, K.G. Position 1874 APE
  Dilke, Sir Charles Wentworth, M.P. A Far Advanced Radical 1871 -
  Dillon, Dr. E.J. The Semi-Official Ambassador 1913 OWL
Dillon, Mr. John, M.P. The Plan of Campaign 1887 APE
Dodson, Mr. John George, M.P. Ways and Means 1871 -
Donoughmore, The Earl Of A Most Discreet Under 1905 SPY
  Donoughmore, The Earl Of, K.C.M.G. Eastern Roumelia  1879 SPY
Douglas-Scott-Montagu, The Hon. John Walter Edward, M.P. A Southern Scot 1896 SPY
  Dowse, Mr. Richard, M.P. An Irish Wit 1871 APE
Dreyfus, Captain Alfred At Rennes 1899 SPY
Dudley, The Earl Of Property 1870 APE
  Duff, Mr. Robert William, M.P, Fetteresso 1883 -
Dufferin, Lord An Exceptional Irishman 1870 ATN
  Duncan, Colonel Francis, R.A., M.P., C.B., LL.D., D.C.L., M.A. Finsbury 1887 APE
  Duncannon, Lord  Duncannon  1904 SPY
  Dungarvan, Lord Sol 1897 SPY
  Dyke, Mr. William Hart, M.P. A Whipper 1875 APE



Eardley-Wilmot, Sir John Eardley, Bart., M.P. South Warwickshire 1885 SPY
  Eaton, Mr. Henry William, M.P. Silk 1871 -
  Ebrington, The Viscount, M.P. The Devon and Somerset 1887 APE
Eckardstein, Baron Hermann Von The German Attache 1898 SPY
  Edmonstone, Admiral Sir William, Bart., C.B., M.P. Chorus 1879 SPY
  Edwards, Mr. H., M.P. Weymouth 1882 SPY
  Egerton of Tatton, Lord Tatton 1886 APE
Elcho, Lord Derby Day 1892 SPY
Elcho, Lord His Course Has Been 1870 APE
  Elliot, Sir George, Bart., M.P. Geordie  1879 SPY
  Ellison, Hon. Price British Columbia 1911 HESTER
  Ellison-Macartney, Mr. W.G. Fighting Ulster 1893 SPY
Emmott, The Rt. Hon. A., M.P. The Deputy Speaker 1910 WHO
  Enfield, Viscount Answers Questions 1872 -
  Erskine, Mr. Henry David  Serjeant-At-Arms 1894 SPY
Errington, Mr. George, M.P. The Vatican 1882 T
  Eslington, Lord, M.P. Shipping 1876 SPY
  Esmond, Henry V. Uncle Sandy 1913 HESTER
  Eustace-Jameson, Major, M.P. The Major From Clare 1904 SPY
  Evans, Sir Samuel Thomas Sam 1908 SPY
Evans-Gordon, Major, M.P. The Alien Immigrant 1905 SPY
Fawcett, Mr. Henry, M,P. A Radical Leader 1872 -
  Fellowes, The Hon. Allwyn, M.P. North Huntingdonshire 1896 SPY
Fergusson, Sir James, Bart. A Postmaster General 1892 SPY
  Feversham, The Earl Of A Conservative 1878 SPY
Fielding, The Hon. W.S., M.P. Canadian Finance 1909 WHO
  Fife, The Earl Of A Princess’s Husband 1889 SPY
  Fisher, Mr. William Hayes Fulham  1900 SPY
  Fitzgerald, Sir Maurice Knight of Kerry 1909 SPY
Fitzgerald, The Rt. Hon. Lord Otho Augustus, M.P. A Message From the Queen 1873 SPY
Fitzgerald, The Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. Robert Robert Seymour Vesey, C.S.I. Bombay 1874 APE
  Fitzmaurice, Lord None 1906 UNK
  Fitzmaurice, Lord Edmond George, M.P. Calne 1878 SPY
  Fitzpatrick, The Hon. Bernard Edward Barnaby, M.P. Barnie 1882 SPY
  Fitzwilliam, Earl, K.G. Property and Principle 1878 APE
  Fletcher, Sir Henry, Bart., M.P. East Sussex 1898 SPY
  Floquet, M. Charles Vive La Polgne! 1888 APE
  Flower, Mr. Cyril, M.P. The Senator 1882 T
  Foley, General The Hon. St. George Gerald, C.B. The Friend of Pelissier 1883 SPY
  Folkestone, The Viscount, M.P. South Wilts 1980 APE
  Forbes, of Newe, Sir Charles John, Bart. Of Newe 1880 APE
  Forester, Lord The Ex-Father of the House 1875 APE
  Forrest, The Rt. Hon. Sir John, K.C.M.G. W.A. 1897 IMP
  Forster, Rt. Hon. W.E. If He Is Not An Advanced 1869 APE
Forster, Sir Charles, Bart., M.P. An Amateur Whip 1874 APE
  Fortescue, Rt. Hon. C.S.P. He Married Lady 1869 APE
Fortescue, The Earl Sanitas 1881 T
  Forwood, Mr. Arthur Bower Mr. A.B. Forwood 1890 LIB
Foster, Mr. H.S. The Fisherman’s Friend 1907 SPY
  Fountayne-Wilson-Montagu, Mr. Andrew The Squire 1886 SPY
  Fowler, Alderman Robert Nicholas, M.P. The City  1881 T
  Fraser, Sir William Augustus, of Morar, Bart., M,P. The Sanitary 1875 APE
  Frere, Sir Henry Bartle Edward, K.C.B. The Slave Trade 1873 SPY
  Gallowav, The Earl Of Army Reorganization 1873 -
Gambetta, Leon He Devoured France 1872 -
Gennadius, M. John (H.E. The Greek Minister) Greece 1888 SPY
  Gerard, Lord A New Peer 1878 SPY
  Giers, Monsieur De The Russian Foreign Office 1884 NEMO
  Gilpin, Mr. Charles, M.P. Capital Punishment 1873 -
  Goldsmid, Sir Julian, Bart., M.P. St. Pancras 1887 APE
  Gladstone, Mr. William Henry, M.P. His Father’s Son 1882 SPY
Gladstone The Gladstone Memorial 1881 -
Gladstone & Group Babble, Birth &  1880 T
Glantawe, Lord Swansea 1910 WHO
  Goldney, Mr. Gabriel, M.P. Practical 1872 -
Gordon-Lennox, Lord Henry C.C. A Man of Fashion and Politics 1870 APE
  Cordon-Lennox, Lord Walter Charles Treasurer of The 1892 SPY
  Gorst, Mr. John Eldon, M.P. Tory Organization 1880 SPY
  Graham, Mr. H.R. West St. Pancras 1893 SPY
Grant, Mr. Albert, M.P. Leicester Square 1874 APE
  Grant-Duff, Mr. M.E. M.P. A Philosophic Liberal 1869 APE
  Granville, Earl The Ablest Professor 1869 APE
  Greenwell, Mr. Walpole Walpole 1898 SPY
  Gregory, Mr. George Burrow, M.P. East Sussex 1880 SPY
Greville, The Hon. Sidney Robert A Private Secretary 1900 SPY
  Grey, Earl A Chartered Administrator 1898 SPY
  Grey, Earl A Privileged Person 1869 APE
  Grey, Sir Edward, Bart., M.P. A Liberal Imperialist 1903  SPY
Grey, Sir Edward The General Colour of The Sec’ty 1913 OWL
  Group Mixed Political Wares 1892 SPY
Group The Fourth Party 1880 SPY
Group The Cabinet Council, 1883 1883 T
Group Collapse of The Conference 1913 MOUSE
Group At Rennes (Dreyfus) 1899 GUTH
Group Empire Makers & Breakers 1897 STUFF
Group Lobby of the House of Commons 1886 LIB
Group On the Terrace 1893 SPY
Group The Lord Protect Us 1898 FURNISS
  Guest, Mr. Montague John, M.P. Monty 1880 SPY
  Gully, The Speaker Mr. Speaker 1896 SPY
  Curney, The Rt. Hon. Russell, M.P. A Commissioner 1871 -
  Haldane, Lord Government Marked 1913 OWL
  Haldane, Mr. R. Burdon, Q.C., M.P. A Hegelian Politician 1896 SPY
  Haldon, Lord A Legislator 1884 SPY
Haldon, Lord Torquay 1882 SPY
Halifax, Lord He Fell Off His Horse Into 1870 APE 
  Hall, Mr. Edward Marshall, K.C., M.P. Southport Division 1903 SPY
  Hamilton, The Rt. Hon. Lord Claud The Dowager 1877 SPY
  Hamilton, Lord Claud John, M.P. Bridgegroom 1878 SPY
  Hamilton, The Rt. Hon. Lord George Francis, M.P. Georgie 1879 SPY
Hamilton, William Alexander Louis Stephen Hamilton-Douglas Premier Peer of Scotland 1873 -
  Hamilton, The Marquis of Hamlie 1881 SPY
  Hammond, Lord Foreign Policy 1875 APE
Hamond, Mr. C.F. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 1893 SPY
  Hanbury, The Rt. Hon. Robert William, M.P. A Financial Seeretary 1896 SPY
  Hanbury-Tracy, The Hon. Frederick Stephen Archibald Gentle and Liberal 1884 SPY
  Hanotaux, M. Gabriel Affaires Etrangeres 1896 GUTH
  Hansard, Mr. Henry Hansard 1884 APE
  Hanson, Sir Reginald The Lord Mayor 1886 APE
  Harcourt, Mr. Lewis Vernon Lulu 1895 SPY
  Hardie, Mr. J. Keir, M.P. Queer Hardie 1906 SPY
  Hardwicke, Lord High Political Office 1874 APE
  Hardy, Rt. Hon. Gathorne, M.P., D.C.L. Conservative 1872 -
  Harmsworth, Mr. Alfred Charles He Is Conservative 1895 SPY
Harris, Mr. Frederick Leverton, M.P. Leverton 1909 SPY
Harrowby, The Earl Of The Sugar of Toryism  1885 APE
  Harrowby, The Earl Of, K.G. The Last Generation 1871 APE
  Hartington, The Marquis of His Ability and Industry 1869 APE
Hartington, The Rt. Hon. The Marquis Of The Right Hon. Marq. 1888 SPY
  Hawarden, Viscount Hereditary Whip 1881 T
  Headfort, The Marquess of An Irish Property 1877 SPY
  Headlam, The Rt. Hon. Thomas Emerson He Has Kept His 1873 SPY
  Headley, Lord A Loyal Irishman 1880 APE
Heaton, Mr. John Henniker, M.P. International Penny Postage 1887 SPY
Helps, Sir Arthur, K.C.B. Council 1874 SPY
  Hely-Hutchinson, The Hon. Sir Walter Francis, G.C.M.G. Natal 1898 SPY
Heneage, The Rt. Hon. Edward, P.C., M.P. Grimsby 1887 SPY
  Henley, The Rt. Hon. Joseph Warner, M.P. Common Sense 1874 APE
  Hennessy, His Excellency Covernor Pope, C.M.G. Colonial Government 1875 APE
  Henry, Mr. Mitchell, M.P. Home Rule 1879 SPY
  Herbert, The Hon. Sidney, M.P. Croydon 1886 APE
  Herbert of Muckross, Mr. Henry Arthur, M.P. Of Muckross 1876 SPY
Hermon-Hodge, Mr. Robert Trotter Acerington 1892 SPY
Herschell, Lord A Lord-In-Waiting 1910 WHO
  Hertford, The Marquess Of The Lord Chamberlain 1877 SPY
Hill, Lord Arthur William, P.C., M.P. Orangeman 1886 SPY
  Hoare, Sir Henry Ainslie A Reformed Radical 1883 SPY
  Hogg, Colonel James MacNaghten, M.P. Board of Works 1873 SPY
Holford, Captain George Lindsay An Equerry 1899 SPY
  Holland, The Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Thurstan, Bart., M.P. The Colonies 1887 APE
  Holms, John Military Changes 1882 SPY
Hood, Hon. A. Nelson The Princess’s Private 1905 SPY
  Hood, Sir Alexander Fuller-Acland, Bart., M.P. First Conservative Whip 1903 SPY
Hopetown, The Earl Of The Lord Chamberlain 1900 SPY
  Horsman, Rt. Hon. Edward, M.P. The Eccentric Liberal 1872 -
  Houghton, Lord The Cool of the Evening 1870 APE
  Houghton, The Rt. Hon. Lord A Young Viceroy 1892 SPY
  Houldsworth, Mr. William Henry, M.P. Manchester 1885 APE
Houston, Mr. R.P., M.P. The Britisher’s Best Friend 1911 SPY
Howard, The Hon. Kenneth Dear Boy 1892 SPY
  Howard, Mr. Morgan, Q.C. Energetic Toryism 1881 SPY
  Howorth, Sir Henry Hoyle, K.C.I.E., D.C.L., F.R.S. A Lancashire Lad 1895 SPY
  Hughes-Hallett, Colonel Francis, M.P. Ronchester 1886 APE