Emerald Jungle Village is a tropical nature center in French Guiana along the RN2 (eastern Panamerican highway to Amapa State, Brazil).

 Is located at an intersection called Carrefour du Gallion.  The location is 15 km from the International Airport and 25 kilometers from Cayenne, the capital of this French Department.

EJV has guestrooms. Behind the lodge there is rainforest with a trail. Around the buildings there are many exotic plants, especially arums and bromeliads.
Visited by insects, dendrobate-frogs and many bir

The owners, Joep and Marijke Moonen live more than 30 years in the Guiana Trail region. Apart of French they speak English, Dutch, German and Sranang Tongo (Surinamese). They know the region well.

EJV is especially visited by naturalists that come to enjoy the Amazonian rain forest of eastern French Guiana.

Key words are botany, zoölogy, aquariophily and ecosystems.

Excursions to different interesting areas like Kaw, Cacao and Regina can be organized. Excursions by minibus, motorboat, canoe, bike, hike.


French Guiana has a daily flight connections with Paris, Martinique,

(Air France), Macapa and Belém (PENTA).

Three days/week flight connections with Miami (Air France)

and Paramaribo (Surinam airways).

Land transport from Albina/St Laurent (Surinam border) and

St Georges/Oyapoque (Brazil border) can be arranged.

For more info please contact Emerald Jungle Village direct:

e-mail: emeraldjunglevillage@wanadoo.fr

tel.: (international 00 or 011) 594 594 280 089

mail adres: Emerald Jungle Village

97356 Montsinéry (Guyane)


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