Pseudohinnites hemiradiatus

(de Folin & Périer, 1887)



Holotype                             © J. Knudsen (ZMUC)

Original name   Pecten hemiradiatus de Folin & Périer, 1887
Autoreference   De Folin & Périer, 1887: 210, pl. 4, figs 7-8.
Reference   Folin, A.G.L. de & L. Périer, 1881-1887. Les fonds de la mer, vol. 4. Savy, Paris. 240 pp.
Type data   Holotype (juv-pr: H 11.5 mm, L 10.5 mm) Centre d'Études et de Recherches Scientifiques, Biarritz, France (CERS, not registered). Type locality: Off NW Africa, 19*19'N, 18*02'W, 2320-2333 m, ?alive, 15.07.1883 ("Talisman" 1883 stn DR 96).

  Shell up to ca. 25 mm high, thin, semi-circular, slightly higher than long, left valve convex, right valve nearly flat, strongly inequivalve, somewhat inequilateral, anterior auricle larger than posterior, and continuous with disc, umbonal angle ca. 100 degrees, colour whitish, opaque.

  Left valve somewhat deformed by growth disturbances, sculptured with irregularly spaced fine commarginal lamellae and radial riblets, producing a somewhat reticulated sculpture in the central part of the disc. Laterial radial riblets spinose.

  Right valve quite smooth. Anterior auricle distinctly demarcated from disc flank with prominent radial riblets and serrated dorsally, posterior continuous with disc and commarginally sculptured. Byssal notch moderately deep, byssal fasciole nearly lacking, functional ctenolium very weak.



Off NW Africa (TL), Meteor Bank, Irving & Cruiser Banks, Madeira

Habitat   Probably living lower bathyally and upper abyssally on soft bottom assemblages.