Nodipecten magnificus

(Sowerby I, 1835)





Original name   Pecten magnificus Sowerby I, 1835
Autoreference   Sowerby, 1835: 109.
Reference   Sowerby, G.B. 1st, 1835. Characters of and observations on new genera and species of Mollusca and Conchifera collected by Mr. Cuming. - Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 3: 4-7, 49-51, 93-96, 109-110.
Type data   Lectotype (H 138 mm, L 140.3 mm, D 45.5 mm) The Natural History Museum, London (BMNH 1950.11.14.43), designated by J.T. Smith (1991: 59). Type locality: Galapagos Islands.

  Shell up to ca. 200 mm high, solid, weakly inflated, circular, nearly equivalve and equilateral, anterior auricles larger than posterior ones, colour brightly to deeply reddish or purplish, rarely yellowish. Left valve with 12-14 primary rounded radial ribs with 3-5 with hollow nodes, right valve with 12-13 more flattened ribs, lacking nodes. Secondary radial riblets on both valves. Byssal notch deep, byssal fasciole broad. Functional ctenolium well-developed.




Galapagos Islands (TL)

Habitat   Living littorally (ca. 10-30 m) on sandy bottoms in protected bays. Probably an endemic species.